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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The photo was staged

Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon's photograph of a "mother and two children fleeing tear gas" will likely win a Pulitzer but it deserves an Oscar or a Tony because it was staged.

You don't have to be a sleuth like Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit to figure this out.

Notice where the wall is. Notice where the crowd is. Notice where the fleeing mom and kids are.

Why would the border patrol throw a tear-gas canister at a mom and two kids far, far, away from the crowd when it is firing pepper spray balls at the people who breached the barrier?

But the media knows this is BS stagecraft that mirrors the Gaza border clashes. Rocks. Children. Lights. Action. Camera. Roll them.

The media is on the side of the invaders. Ever since CNN sat at a hotel in Baghdad when we launched a war, we have known that. CNN effectively protected that hotel, its guests, and whatever else was in there, because the United States would not dare bomb CNN.

In exchange for protecting the hotel, CNN got the only western bureau in Baghdad provided it made Saddam Hussein look good. Time-Warner was cool with that. And here is the proof that CNN was in cahoots with Hussein.

CNN did not have a news bureau; it ran a PR shop for Hussein.

The whole media is a PR shop for this caravan. The media hailed the Reuters photographer as a hero.

He told NBC News, "When the tear gas started, some people were screaming and everybody started running away. I saw the woman and two children running away. One girl was barefoot from the beginning. The other was wearing beach sandals and lost them in the chaos."

She lost her sandal!

Oh no.

Orange Man Bad.

But again I reiterate a point I made earlier: What sort of mother puts her kids in danger like this?

Meet "Maria Mesa, a 39-year-old mother of five from Honduras."

NBC reported, "Mesa said her 3-year-old son James, who does not appear in the picture, was also with them and fainted after getting a lung-full of gas."

He is not in the picture.

She said she had five kids but the story accounted for only three of them. The story also said the father lives in Louisiana.

We are getting maybe half the story. The story is like a pair of crocs with big gaping holes.

About the only thing I believed in that story was this, "Kim, who is a 44-year-old South Korean based in Tokyo, is no stranger to tragedy. In the 16 years he’s worked for Reuters, he has covered everything from plane crashes to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan."

This raises the question of why Reuters brought someone in from Tokyo to cover this PR stunt. He does not know the language, the territory, or the politics.

Usually they hire a stringer.

But Reuters did not want to run the risk of having someone objective cover this event.

The photo was mind-numbingly bad stagecraft.

Word to the . Next time you want to stage a fake photo-up of an Hispanic mother and her kids running from tear gas, don't put her in a Disney "Frozen" shirt and don't put the 5 year old's in diapers.

We have the worst media in the world.


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  1. Wictor noticed a little something too. Imagine that

    1. Should have read the link to Wictor before my post. Pallywood indeed.

    2. Glad to see Thomas Wictor is back, and in fine form. Many of us saw through the propaganda from the start, but he has a succint way of explaining it. - Elric

  2. I am surprised Reuter’s did not bring in some of the producers and directors from Pali-wood. They are the masters of staging.

  3. OK, batguy, riddle me this. 2 of her boys are blond and 2 of the girls have reddish hair. Who's the father, an aircraft carrier?

    And another thing. What's a woman looking for the father (not husband, just father) who's in Loosiana doing in San Deego?

    For those who flunked geography, let's compare:

    San Pedro Sula (which Reuters says is her home) to SD
    2730 miles

    San Pedro Sula to Laredo (head of navigation on the Rio Grande)
    1670 miles

    San Pedro Sula to Brownsville (easternmost port on the Rio Grande)
    1410 miles

    Now somebody 'splain to me why you'd go 660 miles out of your way with 5 kids in tow to get to the nearest port of entry to the US.

    Then I want you to 'splain (Loosey, you listenin'?) why you wouldn't want to cut another 250 miles off the hike by going to the place closest to A) Honduras and B) Loosiana?

    Somebody got a lot of 'splainin' to do.

  4. Question, those kids seem to be at least 4 years old? Aren't they a little old to be in diapers? And how did she manage to get 2 "babies in diapers" all the way up from Honduras? Or at least through the whole country of Mexico without the kids being stolen?

  5. A hand grenade can be thrown about 20-30 meters (around a hundred feet).

    The tear agent canister looks a lot more than 100 feet from the border fence. Plus it's on the near side of the canal or drainage ditch or whatever. How did it get there?

    1. Simple, it wasn't a tear gas canister.

    2. Don't forget, it also had to pass over a 20+ foot wall. (Some say 40 feet.)

  6. There is another version of that photo taken just a bit eatlier or later. In that one the background is in focus also and there are clearly two different photographers, one on the left still photo and one to the right of that group shooting video, clearly engaged in setting up their shot. The still photo group and their photographer can be seen in this photo on the concrete slope just below the guy in yellow shorts.
    All of it staged. All FAKE NEWS.

  7. Well a bit of zoom on the cannister and it appears to have no markings. Just an aluminum hull typical of hand thrown munitions. CS is the most common riot agent and would have a blue band:CN red, and OC orange. The cannister is clearly and boldly marked all the way around the cannister so you can read it in a gas mask as the grenadiere. White smoke, marked HC, will have a yellow band. Wanna bet this is just smoke and the markings were photoshopped out?

  8. Sure doesn't look like starving immigrants wearing tattered rags and looking for a better life. Mike A.