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Friday, November 02, 2018

Thanks for the Trumpenfreude, Mister Baldwin

His portrayal of President Trump on TV may be lame, but Alec Baldwin still gets two scoops of Trumpenfreude. Sure, Baldwin made the Trumpenfreude List early, but he also is on there often because he never learns.

You would think that after leaving that "rude, thoughtless little pig'" voicemail on his 10-year-old daughter's phone, he would have learned.

But no. He's hurled homophobic insults at a photographer in the streets of New York, among other things.

Basically, he's a jerk but Hollywood puts up with jerks as long as they make money. There is a long timeline of Baldwin being a jerk, including the time he punched a photographer and sprayed shaving cream on him.

Today, police arrested Baldwin for punching a man in the face. Allegedly. It could be that the man hit Baldwin in the fist with his face.

A TV station reported, "The NYPD said the actor will be charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and harassment. The assault charge is punishable by up to a year in jail."

That actually may help him because it would mean he would not have to do his ratings-challenged show on ABC. Fox News reported, "Alec Baldwin's ABC talk show tanks in ratings, ranks below CW on Sunday night."


There is still a CW. Who knew?

Plus he could stop playing Donald Trump on "SNL." In March, Baldwin said, "Every time I do it now, it’s like agony. Agony. I can’t."

At least one viewer agreed that it is agony -- to view.

"Baldwin deserves some credit for advancing a more menacing depiction of Trump, but his take is still slap-dash and perfunctory. He sleepwalks through all of the now familiar Trump tics, without offering much in the way of jokes, let alone insight. Anthony Atamanuik, who does a much better Trump, grasped Trump’s thuggishness and insecurity long before Baldwin did, and Baldwin has paid tribute to Atamanuik’s superior impression by insecurely badmouthing the less successful comedian and actor on late night TV. Also, Baldwin gets the voice wrong," Alex Shephard of the New Republic wrote.

"What’s really amazing is that Baldwin is whining about portraying Trump even as he’s spent the last two years cashing in on his Trump portrayal. To give you a small sense of the discrepancy between Baldwin’s actual contribution to our understanding of Trump and the financial windfall he has reaped, Baldwin and Kurt Anderson’s forgettable 'You Can’t Spell America Without Me' had a significantly larger initial print run than Michael Wolff’s mammoth bestseller 'Fire and Fury.'"

So instead of making President Trump mad by mocking him, Baldwin has made himself miserable. So miserable that his only escape may be a year in jail.

Thanks for the Trumpenfreude, Mister Baldwin.


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  1. Four so far for Baldwin -one more and he's an As.., er, Ace..

  2. "Anthony Atamanuik, who does a much better Trump, grasped Trump’s thuggishness and insecurity long before Baldwin did."

    Don't know who Anthony is, but he's certainly not a good judge of men. The Dems always project: so little Tony must be an insecure little thug himself, as we already know Alec Baldwin is.

    It's no wonder Baldwin reckons it's agony to portray Trump, since he can't do it well. He'd have to get inside Trump's head & figure him out to be successful, but instead Trump's living rent-free in Baldwin's!

  3. Perhaps it's time for the local woke-als at Google to join the list too?

    "Thousands of Google employees around the world staged a series of walkouts Thursday to protest a workplace culture that they say promotes and protects perpetrators of sexual harassment at the tech giant.

    The organizers of the walkout published a letter demanding the company change its policies to make it safer for women to report instances of sexual harassment and to bolster the transparency of those reports."

  4. I think this is an illustration of why so many libs are anti-gun. They can't restrain their emotions and they project their own lack of restraint onto others. They know that they shouldn't be trusted with firearms, and assume that no one else should, either.

    On the other hand, many of them are rich enough to afford armed guards, but it seems none of them want to project some of their wealth on the rest of us, so we can afford them, too.

    1. I would love to see President Trump by executive order say that any entertainers whether in movies or sports could not make more than $30,000 a year. Tickets to movies or sporting events could not be more the $0.25 a piece. Let's see what they think about capitalism verses socialism then.

  5. Perhaps the most prominent Trumpenfreude repeat offender. What a maroon.

  6. If Alec has to spend a year in jail, will Trump portray Alec doing Trump on SNL?

  7. Until I saw the pic (at Breitbart?) I was sure this was fake news.
    Baldwin throwing a punch at someone big enough to punch back... I mean, come on!