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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Sessions was the worst

The attorney generalship of Jeff Sessions was over before it began when he foolishly recused himself from the Russian probe. This allowed Deep Stater Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel.

Sessions got played. He traded two small dimes for that big nickel. His mistake was colossal because it allowed Democrats to strong arm the new administration with a special counsel.

Bully Boy Mueller's mission was threefold.
  1. Mueller had to cover up Obama spying on political opponents.
  2. Mueller had to spy on President Trump using the investigation as an excuse to seize the records of Trump's lawyer.
  3. Mueller had to fish for some evidence on the president to facilitate an impeachment.
This is what a Deep State does.

When a reformer comes in, Deep Staters cover their tracks and indict or impeach the reformer. They have done this in Argentina, Brazil and Italy over the years.

Firing Mueller is futile. Maxine Waters or Adam Schiff will simply hire him. Plus, they already have whatever goods Mueller has. We do not know what he has.

Sessions is a fool. President Trump could not fire him because of McCain -- a corrupt (Keating Five) back-stabbing man -- Jeff Flake and others. They would have sat on the nomination for his replacement.

But Mitch McConnell gave President Trump the all-clear signal. He has the 50 votes needed to appoint Lindsey Graham or whomever the president trusts.

I like Sessions. He got a bum deal from Democrats on his confirmation hearing. But he also kneecapped this administration bigly.

His departure is welcome, as is Rosenstein's who may be as creepy as John Dean. We shall see.

Many good people were ruined by the arm-twisting of Mueller. I am beginning to see the point defense lawyers make about bullying by federal prosecutors.

I would appoint Mitt Romney just to keep him out of the Senate.


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  1. It's a real shame that Sessions had to be fired. Things started well, but then he gave in on the special counsel thing. At that point, he couldn't be retained any longer.

    People have expressed the thought that Sessions was working in the background with Huber out in Utah, and he may have done so, but the appearances were not good and he did not serve the president well at all as a result. The next Ag must be willing to go after the corruption in in the DOJ in the DC offices and terminate the guilty with extreme prejudice. Hopefully, some of those 60K+ sealed indictments will be broken open soon.

    1. Over at Conservative Treehouse, the folks there claim Sessions and USA Huber have never been working together behind the scenes to indict and prosecute numerous DoJ members of the Deep State. They say that's pure fantasy, that at most Huber has been working on the case against Andrew McCabe. In other words, Sessions has been doing nothing in the way of cleaning out the swamp at the DoJ. The appointment of Whittaker is to fix the problem by getting those investigations started.

      Whittaker's appointment solves another of Trump's problems in that he can take control of Mueller's investigation away from Rosenstein. Trump wanted to declassify the FISA documents surrounding the Carter Page warrant, but Mueller threatened to charge Trump with obstruction if he did that. Ah ha! Whittaker can declassify and release those documents himself, accomplishing what Trump wants while denying Mueller grounds for charging Trump with obstruction. Is that checkmate?

      One more thing. They also see the DoJ IG Horowitz as someone who will be very happy to release a watered down version of his report to the newly Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee in the next Congress. Everyone who thought the exalted IG would be the one to reveal the nefarious activities of the Deep State, as Trump wanted, got it wrong. He was there to slow walk the investigation of the Deep State and to assist in the cover up. Another widely held fantasy shattered.

    2. Sessionzzz held himself out as a "law and order" AG, but his actions belie his words as not a single, solitary indictment of the corrupt actors who were part of the cabal seeking to overturn a duly elected president has been issued. There is a slam dunk indictment waiting to be issued to McCabe, who lied multiple times UNDER OATH to IG investigators, yet we're still waiting. Sessionzzz failed, and badly.

  2. Romney would be an ok choice, but another wimp. I'd rather see Cruz there, trying to be tough enough to get the 2024 nod over Pence (or any of the many others). Altho that might mean Texas would need another special election for Senate?

    1. I've got $50, Tom, that says Nikki Haley gets the nod.

    2. I thought of her, but she needs a few months to decompress. Plus she knows little about the inner workings of the DOJ.

      I keep thinking Rudy. Since he served before he may not need to be confirmed.

      Trump attorney Jay Sekulow might also be a possibility.

    3. Perhaps Whitaker will permanent.

    4. TheLastRefuge

      9. Matthew G Whitaker is essentially a mirror, a protege', of Senator Chuck Grassley (who is retiring), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Whitaker and Grassley hold almost identical views, tone, disposition and perspective on DOJ issues.

      This man is tough.

      The SENATE confirms the AG.

      Whitaker will remain Acting AG until the new Senate with the expanded R majority is sworn in. At that point he will be nominated and go through a confirmation process.

      MAGA people will love him.

      Great day today!

  3. Trump needs to appoint a brawler, one who will clean house at Justice. Romney is the wrong guy for this job.

    1. You want a brawler? That's Chris Christie, who wanted the job, actually begged Trump for the job. Instead, Trump chose....poorly. He picked Rip Van Sessions.

      And yes, over at InstaPundit, the posts have been filled for months with suggestions that Sessions, the Alabama Assassin, was hard at work out of sight to build a case for indictment of a whole lot of corrupt Deep State administrative holdovers. But that's just a sort of Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect in play, where you assume the opposite of what your eyes and your brain tell you is true.

  4. President Trump should appoint Korbach. Since he lost in the Governor race, and has good valuable experience working with President Trump, he would be a good pick. The plus side is it would have Nancy P. Lousy eating the gavel about twice a day.

    1. Great point. But he may be a bit light in understanding how the DC bureaucracy works.

      Korbach, John James and others that lost will be coming into the administration. Darrell Issa retired rather then run. A self-made businessperson from the Cleveland suburbs that became wealthy selling security systems to be installed in Toyota vehicles, he moved to San Diego. Trump announced months ago that Issa will be working on trade deals for his administration.

      President Trump signaled the day after the mid-terms that the gloves are off. He's surrounding himself with fighters. The man has no intention of being cornered and bludgeoned by the Dems and their MSM partners. (The gloves were off at today's Presser.) He has been heading this way for months. Looking back, the turning point was the firing of Rex Tillerson and the appointment of Mike Pompeo, which was 1st gear. Calling up the military to protect the border was accelerating for the move into 2nd. He has now officially shifted into 2nd, as he looks for a Pompeo type to clean up the DOJ.

    2. To continue with the DOJ. From this afternoon:

      Paul Sperry
      4 hours ago

      BREAKING: Docs filed in federal court in NY reveal the FBI agent working the Cesar Sayoc case cannot describe the so-called "energetic material" the FBI director claimed was inside Sayoc's 13 IEDs,meaning there is still no evidence any of the "bombs" actually contained explosives.

      Not only is Rothstein going to be neutered if he does not resign (rumors are that he will by the end of the week), but the new DOJ head should be putting a case together to fire FBI Director Wray.

    3. Cesar Sayoc's "bombs" reek of some sort of Deep State operation.

      Too much to write here.

  5. I like Sessions and held out until the end that he was going to bring the hammer down while working in the background.

    I have been busy pulling my foot out of my mouth, and will move forward.

    1. Don't feel bad, I'm with you brother. I've been arguing with my dad forever (he's been calling for Sessions to be fired) that he and Trump must be doing a long-play, and that Trump getting on his ass was part of the play. Joke's on me.

    2. OR:

      This IS part of the long game.

      Think about it.

      So much kept, wisely, unseen and unknown to the fake news numbnutted nincombpoopers, thus, the circus of retarded clowns being played daily by our Master MAGA President continues to perform like the trained buffoons they naturally are.

      This "deep state" has it's slimy, slippery, slick and sick spewings, and MAGA has MAGA.

      Slime, however voluminous, is still just slime.

      MAGA is MAGA.

      They be slipping and sliding on their own natures of slime.

      As MAGA stands firmly on the solid bedrock of our Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States thus United.

      Just enjoy the show, while the slime dwindles day by day, their fake news lackies babbling and bubbling and bumbling just precisely as they are induced to do.

  6. You need someone who is willing to go after Hillary, Obama and the rest of the deep state. When they get scared they will have the dems back off. Someone who is will to trade punches for punches until the Dems buckle. Trump needs a General Grant at the DOJ.

  7. Replies
    1. Trump needs Rudy Giuliani as his personal lawyer to deal with the Mueller investigation. The rest of Trump's lawyers are either poor choices he's made, in the mould of Michael Cohen, or people who stay for a short time until they lose patience with him because he is such a difficult client. Giuliani is the only lawyer Trump appears to view with enough respect to follow his advice. The others are people Trump tolerates on alternate Fridays but whose advice he doesn't readily accept, so the relationship sours very quickly and they depart.

  8. Sessions knew his recusal was screwing the MAGA Agenda of American voters. If he was truly honorable, he would have resigned. That makes me think he was blackmailed and told not to quit. In any event, he’s gone and the Holder/Lynch/Rosenstein regime is finally ending. Good riddance.

    Rudy is the best candidate mentioned here, but it needs a young man.

    1. Fully agree. Rudy is an old man who is aging fast. A sharp old tool but losing his edge unless of course its a ploy which I tend to doubt.

    2. The Republicans in the Senate told Trump that no new AG would be consented to. That's why he stayed.

  9. Nadler wanted him gone.

    Another good reason why he should have stayed. Trump kept him out of the line of political fire while he did the job Trump wanted him to do.

    Read his resignation. That's what Trump wanted out of him. The rest is politics.

  10. Replies
    1. And the democrats, being all Fredo's and less than Fredo, wimper, "But, but, we Smaaaart, not stoooooopid, like they say.....", while they row themselves out onto the middle of their lake of woes......

      Too. Much. Winning........?

  11. Keep mueller right in the hot seat.

    Like the frog, he is beginning to suspect that the nice, warm water is getting a bit too warm. Slam the cover on the pot and crank up the heat.

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  13. Wow! Now I know why my stock in aluminum and tin foil just went berserk. Thanks Surbots.

    1. You post this as the authentic two face schmuck you are.

      Kudos for your hubris.

  14. Don Surber: "Jeff Sessions is doing the job the way people in the vast majority of states want the job done."

    There you have it. Straight from Surber.

    1. Yep.

      And this next step, in his resigning, IS him doing just that.

      Wait for what comes next.

      Have a fresh case of Depends on hand, you'll be running through quite more than a few.

      And remember, do not flush them, they are not designed to make the trip from your ass to the sewer.

  15. The only real job of the attorney general is to protect the president from political attack disguised as alleged legal transgression while in office. Sessions is the only one in probably 100 years who didn't. He deserved to be fired and worse. The damage he caused is incalculable.

    1. Oh, please.

      What damage?

      To your grafting interests, via political chicaneries?

      Rotten rino or disgusting democrat? Or is there really no difference between the two?

      The swampies are dragging their sweaty, empty, sagging moldy nutsacks and the louder their wailings get, the closer we MAGA Americans know we are making steady progress to MAGA long overdue goals.

      As the parasites all roil and rant, the cleaner continues the dirty job of exterminating these pesky mucks from the nation.

    2. I can't help you if you done get it, you poor fool. But MAGA on.

    3. Incalcuable damage.

      Thus, being incapable of being calculated, can be from slightly more than nil to whatever your fecal imagination produces.

      Your obamanation panties need changing.

      Get 'er done, before that scent of ammonia seeps permanently into your pubes.

  16. What has and is happening to Trump is the stuff of dictatorships, communist regimes, and banana republics.

    1. The living, breathing, contemporeneous examples of precisely why our Founding Fathers composed our Constitution and established our Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States is what is happening.

      Our MAGA President not only knows this, and knew this well before Schlonging those baker's dozen republican pro polticians in the primary, but relishes this as the effective means neccessary to restore our citizen's understanding and appreciation for just this.

      To truly appreciate, and not, as the democrats and rinos do, depreciate, the unique and exceptional nature of our Republic, citizens all must know just how fortunate being here is.

      Freedom, let alone prosperity, has never been a function of governments.


  17. How about Joe Digenova?

  18. The plan is to have it all drawn out to get past the 5 year statute of limitations. Clapper's already passed his first case for lying to congress back in 2013. We're 2 months away for 2019. Everything occurring in 2014 will be null and void. By 2022 everything done in 2017 will be null and void. See how this works?

    1. Sorry ...

      *We're 2 months away for 2019
      We're 2 months away from 2019

  19. Thank you for reminding everyone that McCain was one of the Keating Five. That can't be said enough.

    And with respect to Huber and his investigation: Either he is running the world's most tightly-lipped investigation ever, or, he doesn't exist. I know which way I'm leaning.