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Friday, November 09, 2018

Russian Navy is the CNN of navies

Franz-Stefan Gady of the Diplomat reported the Russian Navy's lone aircraft carrier is down and it can't get up.

Named the Admiral Kuznetsov, the carrier needed repair but Russia lacked a drydock large enough to repair it.

To fix the carrier, Russia brought in a floating drydock from Sweden, and promptly sank it.

"The Swedish-made PD-50 drydock reportedly sank when the Admiral Kuznetsov was being pulled out after the failure of a pump system on the night of October 29. As a result of the sinking, a crane fell on the carrier’s deck leaving a hole above the waterline that measures 4 by 5 meters. The accident also injured four workers," Gady reported.

So instead of fixing the carrier, skilled Russian shipbuilders are damaging it further.

How competent are they? Well, this next paragraph explained that.

"The Admiral Kuznetsov was commissioned in 1990 and last underwent a two-year refit between 1996 and 1998. The Russian Navy’s 55,000-ton flagship has never been deployed for longer than six months and famously had to be followed by an oceangoing tugboat during all of its sea voyages due to the carrier’s poor reliability and questionable performance during a recent deployment to Syria in 2016," Gady reported.

(Note to self, if you ever engage the Russian aircraft carrier in battle, take out the little tugboat first.)

I haven't seen such incompetence since the Sissonville Fire Department burned down.

Russians are trying to decide whether they should try to raise the sunken floating drydock.

The Jerusalem Post reported, "While touted by Russia as a symbol of power, the ship is considered relatively outdated compared to modern aircraft carriers in other navies. It also lost two of its aircraft to crashes during its deployment to the Mediterranean.

"Russia intervened in the Syrian war in 2015, turning the tide of the conflict in favor of President Bashar Assad.

"In September, a Russian military reconnaissance plane was shot down by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile, killing 15 servicemen."

The biggest threat to the Russian military seems to be the Russian military and its allies.

This is... Russian Navy.


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  1. That is what happens when your equipment is powered by vodka.

    1. Gives a whole new meaning to the Captain calling the shots.

  2. I don't think Russia has much of a naval tradition. Might have something to do with the relative lack of warm-water ports with access to the world's oceans.

    I do know Russia fought a naval war against Japan in 1905 and got seriously shellacked.

    On the plus side, however, Russian composer Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov was a Naval officer right around the time of our Civil War, as I recall. Therefore the Russian Navy has a great tradition of fine arts. :)

    1. The Russian dictionary defines a navy as an army entirely surrounded by water.

    2. The Russians do Submarine pretty well,
      Army good. Airforce was always competitive.Carriers are an Art as well as a Science. Tradition is important. The Chinese are similar..
      If they were doing steam catapult,
      they'd be heading in the right direction...

    3. Russia has a naval tradition. Ushakov was one of the great, successful admirals of the Napoleonic Wars, and as late as the 19th century, the British were worried about them as a potential enemy, either alone or allied with the French. The problem with them is that they couldn't keep up with naval technology as well as other naval powers could.

      After the Russian Civil War, the Soviets slashed the navy for reasons both financial (they couldn't afford to maintain so many ships as they inherited from the Imperial Navy, and the war had damaged a lot of them) and political (the navy had rebelled against the government and the Red Army put it down). World War II then wrecked Stalin's plans to rebuild the fleet, and it wasn't until the Cold War that the Soviet Navy became a major force again.

  3. Replies
    1. Too true.

    2. It's China (and the Stans) that Russia has to worry about, more than pretending that they're afraid of Western Europe or us. I wonder if they are really that stupid, or whether it is all deception on their part to point to the West, arm against the West, but prepare to swivel 180.