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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Peace breaks out in the Middle East

I have been telling readers for some time that Israel and Saudi Arabia are partners. The dynamics have changed because the alliance of Iran, Turkey, Russia, and Syria threatens everyone. Besides, war interferes with business.

The time has come for the peace-mongers to come out of the closet.

The Times of Israel reported, "US President Donald Trump’s top assistant for international affairs Jason Greenblatt said Wednesday that he will be back in Israel later this week and noted approvingly that ties between the Jewish state and some Arab nations in the region were warming up, following a series of high profile visits by Israeli ministers to Gulf cities."

Trump's Middle East policy is the same as his Korean policy: Let them do what's best for them.

By the way, Fox News reported, "North Korea leader Kim Jong Un will soon visit Seoul, South Korea, President Moon-Jae in said Thursday."

This is great news. Moon and Kim deserve the Nobel Peace Prize if they pull off a normalization of relations between the two Koreas.

Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, peace rears its beautiful head.

Greenblatt wrote, "In the last few days we have seen our regional partners Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE make statements and/or gestures signaling warmer ties with Israel. A more stable region leads to a stronger and more prosperous region. It is good for all."

And the Jerusalem Post reported, "In an unusual move, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar have all made official statements on Sunday condemning Saturday's mass shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The Palestinian Authority and Turkey also spoke out, calling it an act of terrorism."

Bear in mind that the gunman cited as his reason for the slaughter President Trump's moving of our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

President Trump's first foreign visit was not to a safe place like Canada or Mexico.

No, he made a splash. He's effing Donald John Trump! He took his wife, his Jewish daughter, and her Jewish husband to Riyadh where he was treated like a king. He didn't bow or kiss anyone's ring.

They had a great time. They had a sword dance!

Then Air Force One became the first plane to make a direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel, where he was again hailed as a conquering hero.

The American press missed the significance of this because we have the worst press in the world.

But these developments are not about President Trump. They stem from nationalism.

The New World Order is vanishing.

Differences in religion or ideology no longer matter. It's nothing personal. It's business. It's how we plan to get peace and prosperity.

Things are happening while the American corporate media spins its wheels and reports on the tricks it can do with its navel.


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  1. Just throwing this out there. Has anyone ever suggested making the Palestinian territories protectorates of a regional nation like Lebanon or Jordan? They aren't too good at self-rule, and having a system like some of the Italian republics did in the middle ages and renaissance of having a podesta run things might give them a rule of law and solve succession issues for them.

    1. Jordan definitely doesn't want the Palestinians (it didn't do much for them during 1948-67 either, when the West Bank was part of Jordan). They remember Black September 1970 all too well.

    2. Politicians and diplomats who profess to want a "two-state solution" to the Palestine issue are ignorant of history. The original partitioning of Palestine in 1948, creating the State of Israel, was a "two-state solution," in that a Jewish state (Israel) and a Moslem/Arab state (Jordan) were created as a result of the partition. Those who now advocate for an alleged "two state solution" actually are demanding a "three state solution," with Israel, Jordan and some sort of Palestine. And when that fails, they will demand a "four state solution," and so on and so on and so on. Yet they will keep calling it a "two state solution" as they demand to keep winnowing away at Israeli territory.

  2. Wait a second, Mr. Surber. Are you telling me that North Korea was once a problem? It’s NEVER been a problem! It’s the Merry Old Land of Oz! Signed, a LibCommie

  3. This can’t be so. Must be mistaken reports. Great diplomats like Madeleine Notsobright, Lurch Kerry, Hillary Rodham and Barry Sotero said that PDJT’s policies would bring about war and be divisive.

  4. Trump is changing the dynamics using our oil and our booming economy. If Hillary/the left would have been in power we would have had the opposite out come. She/they would have bowed to he environmentalist, EU, Iran and the OPEC countries and destroyed our energy and economy to gain power through them. I think ultimately leading to a 3rd world war.

    Trump made a pyridine shift, he is a great leader.

  5. I think you meant to write "piece" breaks out, as in "we chopped the reporter into pieces with our bone saw".

    1. He was a reporter like you have a clue.

    2. How many 100s of thousands have been killed by war in the ME in the past few decades? If we throw away a chance for peace in the ME, how many more 100s of thousands will die unnecessarilly? Do you really care about the so called "reporter" any more than the myriads who you ignore? Probably not.

      The only Lives that Matter are those the Left think they can use for political gain.

  6. SA is the key to peace in the ME. They will lead the others in the take down of Iran and Syria. The Presidents plan is for SA/Israel and their problems with our support. Sanctions on Iran are key on helping that happen just like it did on the Korean Peninsula. All the major players are hedging their bets until after the November midterm elections. If the President keeps the House and Senate, look out. China and the EU will come to terms on tariffs and then the other dominoes will fall. We are going to see stuff happen that we never dreamed was possible two years ago. Buy the dip or you are going to be playing catch up for six years....