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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Once again, Republicans thank Obama

I don't know how much Mike Braun, Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, or Rick Scott paid Obama to campaign for their opponents, but whatever the amount was, they got their money's worth.

Obama elected more Republicans than any other Democrat president. His streak continues in his post-presidential years.

The testimonials for having Obama campaign for your opponent write themselves.

Braun was down in the polls by an average of 1.3 points for the Senate in Indiana. Obama campaigned for his opponent. Voila! Braun won -- by 9.7 points.

DeSantis was down in the polls by an average of 3.6 points for governor of Florida. Obama campaigned for his opponent. Voila! DeSantis won by 0.7 points.

Scott was down in the polls by an average of 2.4 points for the Senate in Florida. Obama campaigned for his opponent. Voila! Scott won by 0.2 points.

Only Kemp was ahead in the polls. But Obama offset the Oprah Effect because she is a goddess who saves Democrats. Heck, she even got Obama elected.

Obama went 0-for-4 in major campaigns.

President Trump put it all on the line and went 11 for 14, losing only Senate races against Democratic incumbents in Montana, Ohio (my native state) and West Virginia (my home state).

However, in the last nine midterms, only four incumbent senators from the party not in power at the White House lost.

President Trump knocked off four yesterday.

This was the most victories for a president over incumbents in 84 years.

In retrospect, the House was never in play for Republicans because Obama campaigned for so few congressmen -- and none in races that were close.

Come on Republican House candidates. Don't be cheap. Hire him to campaign for your opponents.


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  1. "Once again, Democrats thank Surber"--because obviously, Mr. Surber, you are the common agent in the loss of those two states!

  2. Honest question about Obama: Is the luster off because people now know what a POS (can I say that in the genteel company of this board?) he is or is it just because he's yesterday's news?

  3. There is no way to spin this......

    R's should have kept the House, and picked up at least 6 Senate seats.

    It doesn't have to do with Trump, Obama, or Polosi.

    Americans want their government to do things for them, and cater to them while doing it. They believe the media narratives.

    They thought the tax cuts would only benefit the rich. They thought businesses would keep any tax savings; and few, if any jobs would be created. Even a month after the bill passed.

    They think that illegals deserve free health care, and have no clue that it will bankrupt Medicare and bleed into other social programs as politicians play with the money. As usual, the ones that will be hurt are the ones that play by the rules.

    The Puerto Ricans that left the bankrupt island after the hurricane joined others in Florida to nearly elect a Governor and Senator that would work to impose Socialism.

    Trump is trying to turn it, but America is lost. Most don't know our history and don't want to be preached to. Everyone either wants stuff, or in the case of suburban voters - wants stuff to be given to others. Everyone thinks this is a rich country, ignoring $21 trillion of debt, and thinks the money will be paid by others.

    Maybe Trump can slow things down for a bit, but this country remains on the road to total Socialism and government rule.

    1. Bull.

      The loss of the House had much to do with the crooked PA judge who demanded redistricting that handed the state to the Demos.

      Also 100 Whigs bailed out of the House and Senate rather than work with Trump.

      Those are the reasons the Democrats came as close as they did. And their majority is razor-thin.

      This is no mandate for the Demos.

      I don't know if this Anon is a troll or one of the Conservatives' weak sisters that populate some comment boards, but the Demos have little to celebrate.

    2. Congress could have blocked the courts their unconstitutional usurpation of power but did nothing. The Justice Department didn't make a peep either.

    3. The issue is, We Americans, white, black, brown, yellow or red have allowed a wave of ignorant people to infest our country from south of the border, I am very sorry to say as a brown American. I'm sorry because it has also affected my life and the stereotype that I fight now but I did take steps to fight it and in an intelligent fashion.

      I've been trying to forewarn for a long long time, the browning of America is not a good thing. I guess you can call me a conspiracy theorist as I knew of this plan by the 'powers that be' for many years. Maybe even in 1982 with the allowance of anchor babies, this was deliberate. I was but a kid back then but it makes sense now. I didn't really start to see it until I moved away from Texas and now live next to California.

      People think that Juan and Maria from south of the border are here to just make a better life, NO THEY ARE NOT! The majority of them think this land was stolen from them which breeds their ignorance ever further. This land was not stolen from them, it was left behind by the Spaniards who took it from the Native American, whether it was stolen or not is a moot point, lands were conquered all over the world. So by default Mexico inherited the land for about 20-30 years. They lost Texas and SOLD the SW to the US after they lost yet again and surrendered. But that was the turning point right there, since then these Mexicans have been plotting and planning their 'revenge' to take back their land. You know "The Reconquista". And these same dirty Mexicans have in effect made a deal with the devil, the democrats and the minions who control them.

      Americans are to blame for being to hung up on greed, cheap labor, open borders but hey have to watch football on Sunday getting fatter and fatter.

      This country is LOST, these evil powers have succeeded. Make no mistake, the browning of America was their whole plan so the democrats could win elections forever. The ONLY way this can be defeated is that WE AMERICANS, of white, brown, black yellow and red unite to defeat the agenda. Black are starting to wake up but that is a slow process to break the generational curse of ignorance and selfishness that has been passed down to blacks and browns on the plantation to keep them chained. It's horrifying!

      And let's not forget, Muslims also, they have their own twisted agenda, they follow a Satanic religion. It's fact, it's Satanic based on their very own verses of their 'holy book' and the narrative from their pedophile schizo prophet.

  4. .....

    And the House controls the spending. You think much more of the Wall will be built in the next 2 years? You think Homeland Security will be given the funds to successfully police the border?

    You think the RINO's are gone? Sorry, Romney is the new leader.

    You think Trump is a lock in 2020?

    1. Pretty much.

      And Romney's at the bottom of the barrel. The Senate goes by seniority.

      You think much more of the Wall will be built in the next 2 years? You think Homeland Security will be given the funds to successfully police the border?

      Looks like we'll have more shutdowns.

      And, yeah, troll.

    2. Where to start.....

      PA gerrymandering had nothing at all to do with the close Florida races, to a point that a recount is being held. The R's have had to dispatch lawyers to Arizona, as even though they have counted aver 99% of the ballots with McSally leading, the counting is now stopped as officials await lost boxes from car trunks containing overwhelmingly Democrat votes....which will be filled out as soon as the perps find out how many votes they need. To elect A far left radical in a deep red state. What does a Judge in PA have to do with this?

      As for Romney being bottom of the barrel, sorry, he's going to replace McCain, Flake, and Corker as Chuck Schumer's envoy to Collins, Murserski, and McSally (be careful about her - especially on dealing with illegal aliens) every time the President says something politically incorrect. In addition to being Schumer's go between in R caucuses, Romney will be tilling the land for more RINO's.

      And please don't dismiss me as a troll. How did Socialist Senators get re-elected in Ohio and Michigan, states that went to Trump? Based on the economy alone most races should have gone R easily. Limbaugh knows it. Hannity knows it. R internal pollsters know it. Thousands that stood watching on screens outside of Trump rallies know it.

  5. Is Patrick Morrissey thanking Trump today? Jeff Sessions isn't either.

  6. Mkelley, what the hell happened in MT? To sendale appeared to have it, and then the count gets stuck on 93%, and then a bunch of votes are “found” in Yellowstone County, about as urban as Big Sky gets, and immediately AP declares Testes the winner. Stinks like scheise, if you ask me...

  7. Mr. Obama has been a major aid to the RNC for the last decade. The only one that would have been a greater aid is "San Fran" Nancy and "Pervert" Bill anyone they endorsed would have been buried.

  8. The wall can and should be handled by Mexico. Trump simply needs to find an emergency (child trafficking, drugs, terrorism, and the like) to completely close the Mexican border to everything except returning US citizens and emergency medical care, and Mexico will quickly solve the whole illegal immigrant border problem. It is currently a problem of Central American immigrants, not Mexicans.