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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Obama judge takes over Georgia's election

Federal Judge Amy Totenberg stopped the certification of Georgia's election results, effectively taking over as secretary of state of Georgia. She's an Obama appointee and her sister is Nina Totenberg, the NPR reporter who tried to derail Justice Clarence Thomas's confirmation.

The Associated Press reported, "Totenberg ordered the secretary of state's office to establish and publicize a hotline or website where voters can check whether their provisional ballots were counted and, if not, the reason why. And, for counties with 100 or more provisional ballots, she ordered the secretary of state's office to review, or have county election officials review, the eligibility of voters who had to cast a provisional ballot because of registration issues.

"Totenberg also ruled that Georgia must not certify the election results before Friday at 5 p.m., which falls before the Nov. 20 deadline set by state law."

Democrats want to push Republican Brian Kemp's vote totals below 50 percent, which would mean a runoff election.

The Associated Press reported, "Unofficial returns show Kemp with a lead just shy of 60,000 votes out of more than 3.9 million cast; Abrams would need a net gain of about 21,000 votes to force a December 4 runoff."

This is why I keep touting judicial appointments. The last half century has seen activists like Totenberg take over the judiciary.

The Senate needs to rev up the Confirmation Express. We have too many Totenbergs, not enough Thomases.


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  1. Obama's just the gift that keeps on giving. Hopefully with a larger majority in the Senate, the judicial appointments will go a little more smoothly.

    If she does manage to get a runoff, I wonder if more Republican voters will get up off their thumbs and go vote. I'm doing everything I can legally. I've already watched Karen Handel give up without a fight, even with all the shenanigans that are coming to light.

    1. This is the crux of it all.

      Not merely the rino prostitutes.

      Not merely the ever predictable democrats sludge.


      Fight for MAGA.

      Fight for America.

      Fight or be shit on.

  2. Definitely.

    This is a co-ordinated effort and Trump needs to start investigating and prosecuting.

    This is all a runup to '20.

  3. She's the sister of NPR's Needa Totebag.

  4. This may be necessary, but it may also merely amount to a rear guard action by a dying Republican party. In its dying days the Federalist party thought it could preserve itself to fight another day by packing the judiciary and at the same time proceeded to commit suicide with ridiculous infighting. It is pretty obvious that many Republicans retired from public office to sabotage Trump, when they really ended up hurting their own party over petty differences.

    This is not to say that the party won't be better off in the long run without them. Or that perhaps the American people might be better off deciding on a different political vehicle to represent their interests in the future.

    If our leaders decide to roll over and play dead, we should just let them lay there.

    1. The GOP NeverTrumpers would prefer to hang separately. The Dems will gladly accommodate them.


  5. I see the GA and FL elections going the same was as the FL 2000 election, with SCOTUS having to make the final decisions.


  6. You know this election fraud stuff is serious when you have reliable squishes like Jeb and Lil Marco crying foul. Like teapartydoc alluded to above they must be concerned that in the end there might not be a political party from which to capitulate.

  7. I guess a federal judge has the power to take control of a state's election system?

  8. In Florida the Speaker of the House must certify the election (at least for President). In 2000 he said he would not follow a court order to certify gore. I can't remember his name but he ended up in Congress a couple of terms.

  9. Oh look, another Jew comes in to assist in an election theft. Must be one of those cohencidences I've heard about.

    Is Georgia even in the Judge's jurisdiction?

    1. Save the jew baiting for when you and your commie butt buddies are fellating each other.

      MAGA does not Not See you.

      In other words, fuck off.

  10. Stealing elections is serious. There were laws about procedures to follow, many gov't agents failed to follow the laws.
    There needs to be stronger punishment against the incompetent/ criminal gov't agents.

  11. Leftists want what they want and they will use "any means necessary" to get it. If the Constitution becomes an obstacle they will demand the Constitution be changed. Failing that, they will advocate revolution.

    When the "will of the people" stands in their way they will attack the people.

  12. There are too many people who are related to each other and have major positions in our politics, government, academia, and media.

    It's like the European crown heads prior to the initiation of hostilities in WWI. Everyone's related to Queen Victoria.