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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Obama got the caravan wrong. Trump nailed it

A week before Thanksgiving, Brian Stelter: "The 'caravan' faded from the news. Obama predicted this would happen."


We now know that Brainiac Obama was absolutely, positively, resolutely wrong.


He always is because he is the affirmative action student who showed up for class drunk or stoned (by his own admission) and collected A's.

Obama is a slow learner still. After mocking Trump with his at-least-I'll-go-down-as-a-president taunt (as well as his earlier magic wand taunt), Obama continues to try to taunt President Trump.

With the same result of beclowning himself.

The Independent reported before the election, "Branding the move a 'political stunt,' the former president mocked the suggestion 'the biggest threat to America — the biggest threat! — is some impoverished refugees a thousand miles away.'"

This weekend thousands of militant invaders showed up at our door and attacked our guards.

They hid behind women and children.

Their enablers in Obama's Party tried to call the border patrol's use of pepper spray to ward the invaders off "banned chemical warfare."

Just as with the Fake News about separated families, Obama did the same thing.

Never Trumper Rich Lowry wrote that "Trump's critics" (without daring to call Obama out by name) were wrong.

Naturally, Lowry blamed President Trump, writing, "Trump has been wrong to portray the migrants as inherently threatening; the overwhelming majority just want a better life."

The two are not mutually exclusive. MS-13 gang members want a better life here committing rape, murder, and mayhem.

The press markets itself as holding the president accountable but once again Obama outright lied and no one is calling him on it.


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  1. National Review works for the other team. Liberals and leftists view their job as boiling conservative frogs. National Review's job is to persuade the frogs not jump out of the hot water.

    Who are you gonna believe? Rich Lowry? Or your lying skin?

    1. "Your own lying akin"! Awesome repurposing of two formerly tired-out cliches.

  2. The trolls out there are still trying to make his nonsense work.

  3. It is easier to chronicle the few things Sotero is right about than the hundreds he gets wrong. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting Don.

  4. American Thinker reports that people are turning for home.
    Nevertheless they did roll right up to the fenceline, and a few got across. And others provided well-choreographed photo ops.
    But Trump stood his ground and the 'refugees' backed off. And that's what really counts.

  5. "Trump has been wrong to portray the migrants as inherently threatening; the overwhelming majority just want a better life." They want that better life at our expense. You don't have to be violent to be a threat.