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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nazi till proven innocent

Pete Gust took a picture of his son and about 60 other high school senior boys on the steps outside the Sauk County Courthouse in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He told them to wave to their parents.

Then he posted the photo online.

Nazi Salute! Jules Suzdaltsev of Vice Media declared.

If anybody from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin can clue me in on why it appears the entire male class of 2018 is throwing up a Sig Heil during their prom photos - that would be great.

And now the police are investigating, the high school is investigating, and the father who took the photo is apologizing.

There's your white privilege.

There's your male privilege.

The boys have joined the Duke lacrosse team and Brett Kavanaugh's boofing brothers in being unfairly maligned.

The new rule is if you are a white male, do not raise your arm.

Kevin Vodak, the president of the Baraboo school board, said, "The photo has shaken to the core my personal belief of the process that we as a community and as a school district have made to be tolerant, inclusive, accepting and admitting of all of those who are different from ourselves."

Literally shaking, eh?

In 21st century America, race relations have deteriorated to the point where we assume all white people are Nazis, until proven otherwise. Especially males.


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  1. It appears that the photographer is something of a nutbag, and although not widely-known, he was a Member of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Teachers' Union (WEAC) for about 10 years.

    His tenure as a teacher in a Wisconsin high-school is rumored to have been less-than-idyllic.

    The boys, of course, were doing Stupid Adolescent Tricks at the behest of the photographer (!)

  2. The day that it is unacceptable to persecute conservatives will come soon after conservatives decide that it is not okay to persecute Nazis.

    As long as it is okay to run Nazis out of town no one outside of the liberal plantation is safe.

    Remember when the ACLU defended Nazis? Conservatives were as snug as bugs in a rug. When the ACLU teamed up with the SPLC we all had targets attached to our backs.

    If your greatest fear is being compared to the guy on Laugh-In peeking through the bushes saying,"Very interesting" you are a bigger snowflake that a triggered college girl.

    1. Doc, if it were Okay to run nazis out of town we would have no democrats in America. The correct line is that it is okay for real nazis to run accused nazis out of town. The dems have at the helm one George Soros a real unrepentant nazi. Lets not forget it, and make the socialists wear it on their collars in the place Barry refused to attach a flag pin.
      The nazis were nationalist socialists loyal to Germany whereas the communists of that period were loyal to Russia. Never mind that communism was injected into Russia from Germany as a secret weapon to disrupt them in their waging of war.

  3. I’m white and I’m in...

    The German officers crossed the Rhein, taboo, taboo
    The German officers crossed the Rhein, taboo, taboo
    The German officers crossed the Rhein
    They ate the women and drank the wine
    And it’s all heil, Sieg heil, tickle my ass, taboo

    Sung to When Johnny Comes Marching underground fave marching song from the AF Academy.

  4. Your point being what in the current discussion?


  5. The school district has gotten the local police involved in the investigation. What crime is being committed here that entitles the police to get involved? The police need to make very clear why they are participating in what looks to be a possible violation of the civil rights of those students.


  6. Actually not all have their arms raised so the initial observation is incorrect.Indeed , it appears that most do not. Also , the Boy scouts used to do the same salute prior to WW II.Appears that the little red hen and the sky falling is in effect here.

    1. My mother recalled that in grade school in the 1930s, you would put your hand on your heart for the words "I pledge allegiance," and then extend your hand to the flag, palm up, for the remainder of the pledge. Later in the 30s, this appeared too similar to Hitler's salute, and was revised.

  7. Before the Nazis came along it was known as the Roman salute. They didn't invent the Iron (Maltese) cross or the swastika either.

    What we call a peace sign was originally called the "V" for victory. Holding up one finger in America means "We're #1" but in parts of the Muslim world it means you support ISIS.

  8. Looks to me like a few had a closed fist in the old black power salute.

  9. The sooner the educational system teaches the real history of the two World Wars, the better.

    The lies surrounding the World Wars, particularly WWII,have beaten any smidgen of nationalism into submission. The result has been the destruction of nations through 3rd world mass immigration, and the cult of diversity. Diversity is not strength, it is a weakness. As Lenin said, a lie told often enough becomes truth.

    1. Ummm... If diversity is such a weakness, then how come America -- perhaps the most diverse western nation -- is also the most powerful?

    2. We have lost most of our strength as diversity has grown.

      If "diversity" is so great, give us a few concrete benefits. No you cannot use "Food!" or "different ways of thinking!"

      America was at it's strongest when it was much less diverse.

    3. Maybe you should read Mein Kampf. It might help you figure out a little bit of what the truth is. It is Hitler's own words.

  10. It should be legal to be a communist, or a fascist, or a Nazi, or a Dem, or a Rep.
    What should not be legal are actions, those that illegally harm others or are fraudulent.
    Who you are and what you say should be ok -- but what you do should subject you to punishment if what you do is wrong.

    70 years ago, Dems hated Blacks because they were black, and demonized them. This racism is a subset of tribalism. Today, the similar tribalist Dems hate Reps because they are Republicans, and the Dems think it's OK to demonize them.

  11. Fair is fair! Try to be open about this. They didn't vote for Hillary, did they? And don't whine that they're too young to vote. They are, by definition, Nazis. Try to keep up.

  12. The POLICE are investigating?? WTF is there for the police to investigate? Even if they really were doing a Nazi salute, it's not against the law and therefore none of the cops' business.

    1. Hey, pulverized, when you getting walked to the gate?

  13. In 1955 I taught Civics in a small HS in Tennessee when a few of North Korea's prisoners balked at coming back to the US. I told my students that I would hope tat none of them would turn their backs on the US. I weep now when I see that college students in America are so brainwashed that they would deny other students the right to have thoughts different from theirs. My father was gassed in France during WWI and my older brother worked in the Army's weapons program as a GI during WWII and I served during the Korean War. I feel our time was wasted.

    1. Aw, c'mon now.

      You been there.

      You know it's all an unending struggle to resist the natural human impulse to be assholes.

      We, MAGA all, past, present and future, are the exceptions to the rule of humanity's propensity to be as shitty as possible.

      Were perfection or purity of humans to be the Design, would there be such a thing as death, let alone pain, misery and suffering?

      This world is not the world of Eternity. Not unless the Designer & Creator is the ulitmate asshole.

  14. You miss the elephant in the room. They are waving and laughing. This is not a Nazi salute. Get over yourself.

  15. Actually, this whole thing shows up the weakness of public education and the local School Board. “Nazi” is not a synonym for “something i don’t like.” It was a very real political and cultural phenomenon with particular beliefs, habits and expressions.

    Perhaps the SJW snowflakes could bone up on the historical and ideological background of Nazism to make an informed report.

    Naw, sounds like work, and they would get triggered from any boning.

    1. Hey parents of teenaged kids - About time y’all waked the fuk up and stopped shelling out $50k a year for your kids to get indoctrinated. Online, Hillsdale or a trade school, especially for boys. A mind is a terrible thing to brainwash.

  16. I'm sure thy would have been infinitely more comfortable had the boys had Che shirts or Black Panther shirts on and throwing up the black-power fist.

    "I'm so shocked that a 17-18 year-old boy is doing stupid shit!"

    -Nobody Ever

  17. If only there was a video......not merely a single fraction of a second captured image.....

    Waving vs stiff armed salute.

    Big difference. Huge difference.

    Those prone to seeing "nazi" in every place they can imagine, are the true Not See of the new millenium.

    Hail the willfully ignorant!!!!!!

  18. J.B.O. knows well what it posted.

    The junior league obamanation.

  19. Several of them need remedial salute training. Such wimpy wave salutes might have landed them in a political camp in 1940.

  20. I think I made a couple of "seig heils" today. First, I reached to get my cap off the shelf and secondly I waved to my neighbor across the street. Where do I report for remedial education?


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