Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mueller bungles his case

Bungling Bobby Mueller just blew whatever case he has by convicting his main witness of lying.

I repeatedly told readers Mueller is incompetent. He is what passes in Washington for competence because he has had his ticket punched despite a lack of success.

He is the Hillary of prosecutors.

Today's story by ABC News -- "Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress in new deal with Mueller in Trump-Russia probe" -- confirms the idiocy of the special counsel.

Any cross examination would boil down to one question, "Mister Cohen, have you ever lied under oath?"

Juries can (and should) ignore anything a man who lies under oath says under oath.

But journalists are ecstatic. They think someone has nailed the target of their hate these past two years.

The ABC News list of bylines on its story was headed by Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos, who is the biggest Bigfoot at ABC.

ABC News reported, "Cohen’s earlier plea deal with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York implicated President Trump in campaign finance felonies. Since then, Cohen has spent more than 70 hours in interviews with Mueller's team. The questioning has focused on contacts with Russians by Trump associates during the campaign, Trump’s business ties to Russia, obstruction of justice and talk of possible pardons, sources familiar with the discussions have told ABC News."

Identifying former Clinton appointee Kendall Coffey only as a former federal prosecutor, ABC News quoted him as saying, "The potential significance of Cohen’s cooperation is immense."

His potential insignificance is equally immense.

Mueller looks like Efrem Zimbalist Jr. but performs like Pee Wee Herman.

Let me go over this again. As FBI director, Mueller personally headed the investigation of the post-9/11 anthrax attack, which killed five people. For 5 1/2 years, he pursued the wrong man. The FBI harassed the man. The case was never solved. Taxpayers paid $5.8 million to settle a lawsuit by the victim.

It is sad that we give men like Mueller so much power.

Bush 43 failed to fire Mueller.

President Trump sized Mueller up and realized he is a fool, which is why he never hired him and has never fired him.


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  1. "President Trump sized Mueller up and realized he is a fool, which is why he never hired him and has never fired him."

    I must admit, your Barney Fife bravado of ridiculing Mueller continues to be steadfast. I would almost be prone to be a least be a bit swayed if it wasn't for one obvious certainty: Trump is completely obsessed with anything and everything about Mueller. I can't determine which obsession is more pronounced: Trump with Mueller or you with Hillary and Obama.

    Trump's day of reckoning approaches no matter how much you try to (loudly) "nip it in the bud."

    1. Please, as if you have a clue! Your pretention at overview, is confirmed by the fact that you can "feel" exactly what another persons thoughts and motives truly are. If there is an obsession here, it is yours. Who are we to believe then, you, or our lying eyes, ears, and cerebellum? Save your insults for the mirror, and actually attempt rational thought.

    2. You have the most common trait among Leftist - self love.

      Oh, and if they come after Trump that hard, he declassifies everything, and your people hang. Good luck with that.


    4. cohen admitting to lying is not for prosecution but to further investigate ... a new avenue ...and so on . nothing ever is for criminal trial but public opinion and political destruction

    5. Anonymous - you are SO wise. Can you answer for me why all leftists are such petulant children?

    6. The any mouse, or, if more fitting, the enema mouse, finds it puzzling, does it?

      Never would have hired a duplicitous, asslicking, incompetent, ball sucker. Yep.

      Not gonna fire said nincompooper, gonna use it to expose the balls nincompooper sucks, asses nimcompooper licks and utilize said exposings to further MAGA.

      As the "devil's advocate", playing or not, the any mouse serves it's intended or unintended purpose.

      Kudos to this any mouse.

    7. Calling Mueller a horse's ass is too kind ; and an insult to horses.. Trump ever hiring the likes of the Cohen guy reflects on HIM. He was always a sleaze (Cohen)..A cross section of a Cohen yields an oblate spheroid, bubblehead

    8. Trump is completely obsessed with anything and everything about Mueller.

  2. Didn't Mueller's anthrax investigation result in the target killing himself?

    Pssst ... Mueller shook hands and met with one of Paul Manafort's clients, Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.

    Mueller praised him for helping to combat terrorism.

  3. Mueller also visited Moscow. Mueller tried to link Viktor Yanukovych to Trump by pressuring Manafort.

  4. Molly Hemmingway has an interesting article on all the incompetence and downright criminality of the FBI under Mueller and Comey for more than 15 years

    1. Unfortunately that link goes nowhere, but here is the link I think you meant to post, and it definitely is an interesting article. It sheds a lot of light on this discussion!

  5. Hmmm...and Mueller delivering the uranium sample for Hillary, the biggest question is why, not anywhere near the prevue of what his office was for. Or we could talk his getting four "fellows" imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit, Any moron no matter their party affiliation should be forever grateful that Trump got elected, as it is impossible to not see the corruption that is our government, and the contempt they hold for us the people who pay their salaries.

  6. I went to LSU. The anthrax was an LSU professor. The university fired him in disgrace because of that investigation. I was told the Feds threatened LSU’s federal funding if they didn’t terminate him. A rare academic firing that was.

  7. Just in case anyone wants a concise history of the sainted Robert Mueller, go here. You too, Anonymous.

  8. Only n D. C., being in the lower quadrant of competence is one considered a top performer.

  9. Mueller was also head of the FBI during the Uranium One deal and presided there during the lavish donations from grateful Russians to Hillary's Foundation. Was he also paid off? I think he forgot to tell Congress that Russian bribery was being investigated in the deal.

  10. The only way to control the FBI director is to have a term of office longer than his. Comey thought HC would be the one to placate, not Trump. Don has always had contempt for Mueller because of the anthrax case but anyone in Mueller's position would have made the same error. The evidence gathering was not his doing. The case was complex and involved multiple experts as does everything biological. It was more in the class of government bungling rather than some stupidity to hang on one person. Finally a single big error or success by someone does predict future competence. Look at the predictions in the last election.
    Prosecution especially that of a political nature, is altogether different. Evidence is not as important as implication and "credible"allegation to obstruct the target's will, to damage his allies, and ruin their combined effectiveness, which is why so many convictions are overturned on evidence or procedural grounds later. If the objective of damage was achieved, the prosecution is considered a success. Trump has enormous resilience, but Mueller is in fact damaging him and and will continue to do so even after he has turned in his badge as his "evidence" is recycled endlessly by the media scum. Trump would have been better off to have hired Muller as FBI director, as Comey recommended. He would have thus kept Comey under obligation to him, satisfied Rosenstein,had Muller as a "friend" in the old Roman sense, and disarmed the entire deep state legal apparatus, then crazed for blood by the weakness of Sessions a man Trump had hired out of what he thought was reciprocal loyalty, his modus operand of success in the business world, but alien to politics.

    1. I assert BS, long winded.

      The ONLY reason may be damaging Trump is due to the media.

      At what point after 5 years does a prosecutor and/or detective decide the case is unsolvable.

      From what I gather, Mueller uses techniques that ONLY work on the guilty, but ruin the innocent.

    2. As a former criminal defense attorney it has been my experience that the criminal justice system works pretty damn good for the guilty.

      OTOH, innocent people who find themselves involuntarily participating in the criminal justice system feel like a chicken that got caught in a tractor's nuts.

    3. Then neither of you understand why Mueller was empowered. Justice is not the goal and hatred is not the motive.


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