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Friday, November 09, 2018

Media isn't worthy of America

Meanwhile, the press is silent about the mob intimidating a Fox News family.

We need a media that is as great as our country.


  1. Police were called to Tucker Carlson's house. They estimated the mob at around 20 people, but made no arrests. No arrests?

    1. Yet if a group of Proud Boys showed up at Acosta's hose the swat team would be called out to deal with them.


  2. C'mon, Don, you can do it.

    Enumerate the qualities most lacking. In the form of those qualities most undesirable.

    A checklist.

    No, not the qualities most desirable. That would be so less amusing.

    Plus, the checklist can be spread throughout the bloglands, with each checklist applied to many, many, many fake news individuals, fake news enterprises, empires and the like.

    Absurdity acosta? Boy, what assinine qualities would not be checked on this goofball's assessment?

    It'll be fun, Don.

    Checklist Says........

  3. the Lewandowski tape analyzed as much as the Zapruder film to show he didn’t do what he was accused of.

    Accoster Acosta clearly touched the intern but liberal media does not see it.

    1. Sean Hannity had video of those fat old battle axes on The View saying that that big tough intern gal"attacked" the CNN Democrat shill.

    2. Was Hannity's video played before or after he kissed Trump on stage at a taxpayer-funded rally for hate?

  4. Don, I give your "press silent about mob ..." click-bait headline as your best LOL post of the week. And there are always plenty of nominations.

    "USA Today reported ..." begins your post. LOL!!! USA Today was, may still be, the largest circulation newspaper in America. That is your source for proof that the "press is silent"? It will take you Surbots a few minutes to process my point but once it does, let that LOL headline sink in for a moment.

    Can anyone cite a major news organization that has not posted a story about Carlson's situation? Anyone?

    1. But did any of them tell the truth for a change?

    2. Ah, so pathetic.

      The fake news IS silent, as their lies are ignored by all but those of your feeble mind.

      The democrat hogs communicate via their fartings. Their lackies have been trained to respond in democrat fartish.

      All other than democrat ilk merely catch the stench and move upwind.

      Savor the magical gift you have, of natively understanding the democrat language of fart.

    3. Big difference between reporting and reporting the TRUTH.