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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Left dumps Clinton for Paula Jones

Forget sex is private.

Forget everyone lies about sex.

America's left is purging itself of the House of Clinton, and embracing Paula Jones 20 years after the fact.

There are several reasons for the left turning its back on Bill and Hill, not the least of which is they lost which makes them losers. I would argue they were the biggest losers in presidential history given their advantages in money and media. 

The 20th anniversary of the impeachment of him is as good an excuse as any to dump the American Ceaușescus.

A and E have a six-part series on the scandal, which is the best we can do as David Frost, alas, is not here to give a Nixon Interview to Wee Willie Clinton.

The series and the publicity surrounding it teach a new generation that Clinton deserved impeachment. The New York Times had Amanda Hess, a 20-something writer, review the series. Much of her review reads like the conservative version of the story (aka, the truth).

Hess is woke.

"Much of the buzz around the A and E series has focused on the participation of Monica Lewinsky. Though the filmmakers — the director Blair Foster and the producer Alex Gibney — interviewed more than 50 subjects, including James Carville and David Brock, the one boldfaced name in the network’s news release is hers. This prime-time appearance caps her comeback. After spending a decade and a half out of the public eye, she has returned with a perch at Vanity Fair, a TED Talk and an anti-bullying cause. She has called herself  Patient Zero of online shaming. She has emerged from years of media torture as an unexpected darling of the press," Hess wrote.

"The same cannot be said for Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. In the ’90s, they were dismissed as “bimbos” deployed in service of what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and with few exceptions, their stories have remained relegated to the margins of respectable conversation. They have been featured not in glossy fashion magazines but in self-published memoirs and political smear campaigns. They have been used as right-wing pawns and left-wing punching bags," Hess wrote.

Right-wing pawns? Oh well, at least she admitted to their treatment as left-wing punching bags.

She also seemed surprised to learn that liberal men abused Jones, Willey and Broaddrick.

Hess wrote, "Clinton’s advisers trashed her on television. Carville said this: 'If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.' George Stephanopoulos compared Jones to Tonya Harding: just another woman seeking cash for telling a tabloid tale."

The Harding reference was completely botched. Harding was accused of having men kneecap a rival. Stephanopoulos meant Jones was trying to kneecap Bill.

Hess ended her piece, "Paula Jones spoke out against the most powerful man in the world, and when his lawyers argued that a sitting president couldn’t be subject to a civil suit, she took them all the way to the Supreme Court and won. In another world, she would be hailed as a feminist icon. But not in this world — not yet."

Not yet.

Recall that the Flying Toasters (remember those?) millionaires and others in the cabal spent oodles on a publicity campaign to sell this as being about sex, sex, sex.

20 years later, the real bimbo is Lewinsky and the real victim is Paula Jones. That latter part is a fact. She won her case and received every penny she sought. A new generation now learns the dark liberal family secret: Bill Clinton was Harvey Weinstein.

The Clintons are expendable. They are old and white and powerless. Yesterday's news.

I cannot blame the left, after all, she blew $1.2 billion — the most fat cats ever spent on an election.

The Clintons present a problem marketing the party to single white women.

But they also are moderates, or at least his presidency was.

Democrats preferred Obama not just because his race allowed them to paint any criticism as racist, but also because he was socialist.

Frankly, the Clintons bore me. Once she lost, we all laughed, and then laughed again at the tears of the clowns who worshiped her.

Bill and Hill stayed on the stage too long. Other presidents usually serve and go home. Jimmy Carter busied himself with a worthy charity building houses for the poor.

But for 16 years, Hillary stayed on stage in DC.

The penalty for not going away is severe.

Let that be a warning to the House of Obama.


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  1. The penalty for not going away may be severe, but with the Clintons and Obama, it's not swift.

    1. True but I sure hope that Sotero is penalized much faster than the Clintons. Hopefully after the democrat schlonging in 2020.

  2. they also are moderates, or at least his presidency was

    They were anything but. They were presented that way and when they were in trouble and Morris could get them to listen to him, occasionally did moderate-looking things, but they never stopped being Reds.

    Elian Gonzalez, tax hikes, stimulus, HillaryCare, etc.

  3. Don, don't call them 'the American Ceaușescus' until they've been put against the wall. Or was that a moment of wishful thinking?

    1. I have used that exact comparison about them for years. Mr Surber is the only other person I know to use it. Fits them perfectly, and yes, lining up against the wall would fit them perfectly.

    2. FTA "Frankly, the Clintons bore me. Once she lost, we all laughed, and then laughed again at the tears of the clowns who worshiped her."

      I could not express my sentiments and better

  4. The last two words are the NYT mimicking St Augustine, who didn't want to give up his life of sin to follow Christ; "Oh lord,Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet”. The NYT is not giving up on the Clinton penchant for political prostitution just yet. She may be their only hope on 20. Trump is the devil for one reason only:He is not a whore to the global mafia oligarchy in whose temple of mammon the NYT has found God. So, not yet.

  5. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not impressed with Hess' navel-gazing. Of course the left can trash the Clintons now, they no longer have any power or anything to offer in hopes of power. I know none of us are naïve enough to think that the left really, truly, is contrite after all these years, and think Bill and Hills systemic abuse of women is anything other than virtue-signaling in the age of #metoo. And no late apology is enough to compensate all these women for being dragged through the mud all these years; what an effing insult.

  6. Jimmy Carter spent his years as the spokesman for the HAMAS terrorists.

    1. He has stuck his nose where it didn't belong quite a bit over the years. Lefty presidents never go away...even failed Lefty candidates persist. It seems the consolation prize is Sec. of State.

  7. There have been 4 attempts to win the white house fom the Clinton crowd - - Gore, Kerry, Hillary1 and Hillary2. They all lost. That says something of Bill's "legacy".

  8. Shouldn't George S. be made to pay for his crass (and untrue) comments about Paula Jones?

  9. It would truly be good if Trump's new AG would take the exact same Comey information and seek an indictment of HR Clinton for her email crimes.

    I'd so much want to see a trial... And since virtually everybody knows she's guilty, it will be very very interesting to see if she gets punished as she deserves, or not.

  10. Perhaps Hills HAS and IS being punished as she deserves. Don't we celebrate Hillary Clinton is Not My President Day every day? That may be the only punishment meted out.