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Friday, November 30, 2018

I stand with Marc Lamont Hill

I stand with Marc Lamont Hill.

Media-ite reported, "CNN severed ties with contributor Marc Lamont Hill on Thursday, following comments the university professor made about Israel and Palestine in a speech at the United Nations."

I stand with Marc Lamont Hill.

Hill said in his speech, "We have an opportunity to not just offer solidarity in words but to commit to political action, grass-roots action, local action and international action that will give us what justice requires and that is a free Palestine from the river to the sea."

The Anti-Defamation League and the National Council of Young Israel complained. CNN cut ties with him.

I stand with Marc Lamont Hill.

On Twitter, he explained what he meant.

I normally would ignore the current drama, but it’s actually important to me that I’m clear and understood. As a matter of principle.
I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination. I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice. I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things.
My reference to “river to the sea” was not a call to destroy anything or anyone. It was a call for justice, both in Israel and in the West Bank/Gaza. The speech very clearly and specifically said those things. No amount of debate will change what I actually said or what I meant.
This isn’t a case of throwing rocks and hiding hands. I genuinely believe in the arguments and principles that I shared in the speech. I also genuinely want peace, freedom, and security for everyone. These are not competing ideals and values.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but it really does not matter because what he said is unimportant. The only issue is his right to express himself.

Firing a man over something he said is repugnant. Oh, it is legal, but it is wrong.

I stand with Marc Lamont Hill out of self-preservation.

CNN works hard to get competing views silenced on Facebook and Twitter. The Fake News channel is willing to throw an occasional minor star under the bus if that is what it takes to preserve its power to silence others.

Conservatives enjoying Marc Lamont Hill's demise only set themselves up to be censored later. CNN can now claim to be centrist. After all, it cashiered Marc Lamont Hill.

You see, supporting free speech isn't idealistic. It is practical.

That is why I stand with Marc Lamont Hill.


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  1. Conservatives enjoying Marc Lamont Hill's demise only set themselves up to be censored later.

    Not really. Censorship of conservative viewpoints has been running wild for decades.

    Seeing the MSM "marketplace of ideas" destroyed is far preferable to continuing the status quo.

    Burn it to the ground.

  2. CNN is particularly gutless. They haven't even said why they fired him. Maybe it's because he's black.

    I don't have a problem with it. They hired him for his Leftist views. Everyone at CNN is hired for their politics. Now they've fired him for his Leftist views--we assume. I DO have a problem with them hunting down the gif-maker who created the Trump wrestling gif and threatening to dox him unless he ceases to make fun of a giant corporation. That was totalitarian of them. They should be held to the standards they impose on conservatives.

    Hill just got caught. He gave the game away. They don't disagree with him--he just made them look bad so they cut him.

    I take your point about free speech for all. But I'm not sure this is the case for it.


  3. I don’t make a living out of opining, so I understand your point. However, if CNN kept him, they should have under his name “Anti-Semite” and “lover of terrorists”.

    For more on his comments, see this -

    His explanation is BS. From the river to the sea isnanphrase used by the leader of Hamas and by the PLO beginning in 1964. It implies that Palestine exists from the river to the sea - no Israel. Other comments by Hill included “At one point, Hill poured himself some water and told participants that he just got off a flight from “Palestine” and that “I was boycotting the Israeli water so I was unable to quench my thirst.””

    So keep him, but label him what he is. CNN, MSNBC, etc. have no problem labeling conservatives as Alt-right, far right, racists, etc. while usually not true, they create an impression on their stupid viewers. Create the same labels (but true) for the Hill’s they put on.

  4. I quit watchin CNN when they resorted to shouting down conservatives on "Crossfire". Libs don't want debate, they want control. Power. When you have goals like this a system of checks and balances and separations of powers is not something to be worked within, it is something to destroy.

    And the last kind of voter they want is someone who can figure these things out on their own. So they decide to replace them with voters who just want gibs.

    That's how we end up with grifter politicians like the Clintons. You remember them. The impotent pedophie and his incontinent wife.

  5. Bad call, you every day, and I love your perspective, but you got this one wrong. It's war....we didn't ask for these terms of engagement, but it is what it is. I'm with Kurt Schlicter and Ace of Spades on this point...make it hurt until the enemy backs down.

  6. Marc Lamont Hill:

    "I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination. I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice.

    I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things."

    I am in favor of freedom of speech, and there are many worse things said every day. I may not agree but, hey, Freedom of Speech. That being said, the only problem I have is with Mr. Hill's lack of comprehension (or willful blindness) that if the "Palestinians" are given self-determination they will kill all of the Jews. It is their idee fixe. - Elric

    1. "I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people, or any of the other things attributed to my speech. I have spent my life fighting these things."

      So the destruction of Israel, he supports then? Because he did not mention 'Israel" in those quotes. To me, he is stating that it is alright to have Palestine as long as there is no Israel.

  7. This is a tricky one, since the whole "from the river to the sea" thing is commonly known to mean the annihilation of Israel, the country and the people. Yes of course he has the right to free speech... on any street corner. Personally, I think of this sort of speech as incitement to attempted genocide, so rather than stand WITH the purveyor of that, I stand against him... irrespective of CNN.

  8. This was a business decision first, free speech action about ninety-ninth. Hill was just another diversity hire for clicks and viewers and whose politics happened to align with his broadcast employer. The attraction with diversity hires is that you check the special employment box plus the outlet gets to have them throw grenades while hiding behind their race, sex, sexuality or whatever shield. In Hill's case the shield broke down, in part, with the weapon that the left usually employs on the right.

    Like most naughty liberals, he'll be back after some obligatory rehabilitation, aka a slap on the wrist. On the other hand, in the case of banished conservatives they will usually carry that scarlet letter forever. So, as I see it there really is no change in the calculus because of the Hill incident.

  9. Let's back up. Why was Marc Lamont Hill speaking at the notoriously Jew-hating UN in the first place? an Surely he was not invited by Nikki Haley!

  10. CNN, Communist News Network... All their news fit Stalin's views.

  11. Hill is trying to weasel, but palling around with Louie Farrakhan is tough to dismiss. Anti-Semitism has been a thing among radical blacks since Fat Albert Sharpton.

    Your point is not without merit since the Left has been destroying people's lives for what they meant and what they didn't mean for 50 years, but this may not be the best Hill to make that fight (see what I did there?)

    CNN can now claim to be centrist.

    In their dreams.

  12. I'll stand with Jeffrey Lord, though. He was mocking Media Matters for suppressing free speech in a tweet. he sarcastically said "Seig Heil!" and CNN pretended he was praising facism, not protesting fascism. But they are Professional Liars. Pros. That's how they helped Eric Holder incite the murders of dozens of cops.

  13. Marc Lamont Hill is a moron, but not egregiously more stupid than your average CNN opinionator-newsclown. I wouldn't watch CNN on a bet, so it doesn't affect me much either way.

    But it was interesting to me that of all the profoundly stupid things Hill has said over his long career of idiocy, it was an anti-Israel comment that did him in. CNN is laying down a marker here.

  14. whereas free speech is one thing the call for annihilation is quite the other. Your stance of moral equivalency is MOST immoral. Shame on YOU!

  15. With respect. New rules...
    In theory, I agree wholeheartedly with you, Mr. Surber. However, until witch hunts such as this cease they must hit left ant right equally lest they only continue to hit the right. These are the new rules.

  16. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but we don't have it in this country. Maybe we once did, but today anyone who honestly speaks their mind can lose everything: their job, family, good name and reputation can all be destroyed in a moment.

    Usually this is done to someone on, or appearing to be on, the right; but innocent nobodies also get caught in the machine and destroyed, like that young woman who made a joke on Twitter before flying to South Africa. When the plane landed, she discovered that she was no longer welcome on the planet because her joke was seen by some as "racist." It doesn't even matter if it was, her life was destroyed without asking her what she meant, and it didn't matter, except to her.

    Or there was the world-famous, highly respected rocket scientist who accomplished the incredible feat of landing a craft on a comet: but his shirt was seen as being non-PC, so he's gone now too.

    Yeah, I'd sure like to have free speech. Since we don't have it, I don't mind seeing a far-Left anti-Semitic propagandist like Hill get chewed up by the same machine of Leftists that has hurt & damaged so many on the Right and so many innocent people.

    We're in a war for our civilization, and we're losing it because we're not willing to fight; we even sponsor the barbarian savages who want to kill us & bring them into our country to make it easier for them.

    So I don't care what happens to Hill: he isn't on my side and never was. He's the enemy, even more than those barbarian savages; he wields his poison pen to good effect, to further destroy this country and our civilization.

  17. He can say what he wants, but that doesn't mean he has to be paid to say it or given even a limited platform like CNN.
    "From the river to the sea" does imply the absence of Israel; its destruction. He should be denounced.

  18. Every so often, the urge to be the devil's advocate becomes too urgent to resist.

    Like the dedicated to purity of principles warriors know, an occasional opportunity fo indulge in this urge, whilst seeming to be retaining purity of principle, cannot be resisted.

    Thus, this nonsense posting, ending with the expected contradiction of all of the preceeding pontifications.

    They devour their own when it suits their schemings.

    Then they vomit them back out and give them a hug.

    Don, being a thoughtful fellow, will refrain from doubling down on this occasional indulgence.

    After all, he would not want to be mistaken for a democrat, would he?

  19. Don, just curious -- have you read Daniel Greenfield's piece at FrontPage Mag? "How many times can you justify the murder of Jews before CNN fires you?"

  20. Commendable and all Don but Marc Lamont Hill would happily silence conservatives and cheer on the state as they throw us into the slammer for "wrong think". The left is too insane to see where this is all heading and it gives me cheer to see them eat their own. They don't have me fooled what they are all about.