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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Girl Scouts oppose choice

Last year, the Boy Scouts decided to drop the "Boy" from their name and admit girls, ending a hundred years of misogyny, right?

The Girl Scouts oppose this change.

At first, they thought they could capitalize on it.

In May, the Chicago Tribune reported, "Cate Readling leads an Oak Park Cub Scout den of four girls who are among the first in the Chicago area to join the Boy Scout organization. She said the name change is nothing new to her.

"With girls having participated for years in certain Boy Scouts programs, Readling said she and others already called boys and girls alike the non-gender specific 'scouts.'

"'I’ve encountered girls who wanted to do Cub Scouts, and girls who wanted to do Girl Scouts,' she said. 'All girls should have more choice.'"

Apparently, girls are making the wrong choices. They want to be just Scouts, so the Girl Scouts (GSUSA) went to court demanding that the Boy Scouts call themselves the Boy Scouts instead of Scouts BSA.

They filed a federal trademark case.

Bloomberg News reported the suit said, "Since BSA’s announcement that it would admit girls to its core programs, GSUSA’s fears about the damage that would be caused to its trademarks and the mission those trademarks symbolize have been realized.

"Throughout the country, families, schools and communities have been told that GSUSA and BSA have merged, or even that GSUSA no longer exists. Parents interested in signing up for Girl Scouts programs have instead mistakenly signed up for the new girls’ programs offered by BSA."

So much for allowing girls to choose how to live their lives.

In the story, Bloomberg News inserted a bizarre paragraph, "The case was filed as Americans went to the polls to vote in midterm elections in which the gender divide is stark and expected to influence the outcome. A record number of women are seeking office in the election, and the #MeToo exposure of workplace sexual harassment in the last year have crystallized voter opinion on candidates and social issues."


The two organizations really should consider a merger.

Until then, I side with the Boy Scouts because even at 65, I am still a boy at heart.


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  1. Sue the girl scouts for having usurped the "scouts" name in the first place.

    1. Both were founded under the direction of Robert Baden Powell the founder of Scouting. Both owe their existence and success to his fore site and creativity. They are brother sister organizations, or were.

  2. The world was better with boy scouts for young XY guys, and girl scouts for young XX ladies.

    They really are, biologically, different. Two specialized orgs would be better than just one mushy.

    1. Damn right. They can have the ze scouts for the mushers.

    2. There are only two genders, the rest are mental illnesses.

  3. Don't merge. We don't need the challenge of the politically and "socially"-aware GSUSA executive leadership.

  4. Donny boy, c'mon......

    Admit it.

    You "...side with the Boy Scouts...." because you like the idea that, though quite late for you, puberty blossomng girls mingling with puberty charged up boys brings back memories of wishful longings from long ago......

    It's okay.

    We all were once swinging dicks without a clue as to what to do if we actually made contact......

  5. Time to combine both organizations as The Gender-Non-specific Scouts.


  6. The liberal and feminist have to have something to whine about, are they offering cheese with it.

  7. With the new "feminist" emphasis of the GSA, girls who are actually interested in boys have to have someplace to go! The BSA are already handing out condoms, so things will work out, I'm sure.

  8. Just put them all naked in the same tents. Let the libs film it for their entertainment. Libs screw up everything they touch.

  9. Just call the boy scouts what it is since they allowed homosexual scout "masters" - NAMBLA scouts.