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Sunday, November 04, 2018

ABC anchor: Why am I not 50 points ahead?


His voice isn't quite as screechy as hers, but George Stephanopoulos's co-anchor channeled Hillary during the Sunday edition of ABC’s "Good Morning America" when he asked, "Why is this not a blowout?"

This close to the election, the Democrat network is calling for all hands on deck, which is why Stephanopoulos worked this weekend.

News Busters provided the transcript. Harris is Dan Harris, his co-anchor.

HARRIS: If President Trump is so unpopular, 40 percent in our new poll, which is historic low in this context, why is this not a blowout?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Few reasons, number one, the economy is doing very, very well. Right now, the lowest unemployment in years. And I think that always helps the incumbent party right there. Number two, even though the President is unpopular overall, he's very popular among Republicans, and unlike many midterm elections, at least going into the midterms on Tuesday, the Republican base doesn't appear to be depressed, and they appear to be engaged ready to vote. And that’s holding up the President numbers right now and Republican numbers right now.

HARRIS: It also has to do with the map. He's very popular in the states where there are competitive races. So, his closing strategy is very much to play to the base, he's been pretty hard-edged as he likes to say the caravan, Kavanaugh, and law and order, is this strategy though a little bit risky?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Also where he has been campaigning in the final days. He’s really been campaigning in those races of those Senate races in those deep red states right now. That could consolidate the Republican base in those states. And one of the things you have seen is that the Republicans are doing better on the issue of border security, right now. The question for the President, for his party, is that going to create a backlash in those suburban districts where Republican House members are in danger? And that's what they have to worry about.

The exchange reflects the entitlement mentality that liberals suffer. They believe they are smarter and better than mere mortals.

They deserve a blowout because they hate President Trump so much that his approval rate is the lowest since Truman. Why don't those idiot voters give Stephanopoulos's team a blowout?

It's just not fair.


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  1. It's easy to get a sense of entitlement when you've been living off the public dime or billionaire patronage your whole life. And that describes the democrat party in a nutshell.

  2. ABC's poll seems to differ with everybody else.

    Trump is doing better in approval at this point in his first term than either Willie or Zippy.

    Perhaps this is why there's no blue wave.

    1. Those other polls didn't over sample Democrats enough.

  3. "the economy is doing very, very well"

    No, it isn't just "doing" it. It is responding to President Trump removing the Federal jackboot off the neck of our national prosperity.

    "It's the Stupid, Economy."

  4. Steve in GreensboroNovember 4, 2018 at 7:04 PM

    "HARRIS: If President Trump is so unpopular, 40 percent in our new poll, which is historic low in this context, why is this not a blowout?"

    Well there's your problem, Harris. Your poll is crap, like most polls. See the 2016 polls for confirmation. Trump's approval numbers are roughly 50% according to a real poll, Rasmussen.

    1. This is true. All public polls are taken with the desire to please a client in mind so they are skewed by weighting metrics. Probably the only accurate polling, if there is any, is done by the campaigns themselves but rarely made public. Carter was told by internal polls he was going to lose several days before the election and broke down crying while the media was saying Reagan was a dead man. Rasmussen has my vote because he deals with people who may actually vote. How he weights I don't know. The media is desperate for Trump to lose any election or on any policy issue at all so they can claim credit. They want to restore some tattered prestige as kingmakers But no matter what happens they won't get any. They are done for a generation.

  5. It never occurs to them that voters might dislike what the Democrats are selling. If there's any explanation, it's to be found by dissecting the Right, never examining the policies and programs or candidates of the Left. I guess they think the Left is perfect.

  6. 1. Truman was a great President. My favorite of the 20th Century. He set up the prosperity that America surfed on from the late 40's until HW Bush and his 'New World Order' - i.e. Globalism featuring Crony Capitalism.

    2. President Trump's approval ratings the past few weeks are 2-4 points above Obama's at this point in his Presidency. More Fake News.

    1. The polls on Obama were almost all commissioned by outfits that worshiped the ground he walked on.

  7. Just more backpedaling by the MSM heading into election day. Same as '16.

    If their polls are so accurate regarding PROTUS approval, how come the same pollsters are looking so wrong in their Blue Wave polls for over a year now?

    The fact that the 2 apologists are even having the conversation documented above, confirms that their polls are nonsense.

    MSM members are pathetic.

  8. Yes, Mkelley.

    Earlier today a Fox poll showed him at 40%.....

    With blacks.

    And Fox's RINO polling firm has been under polling Trump since he announced his candidacy.

    1. Wow. Blacks typically vote about 90% for Democrats, so that's amazing.

  9. The blatherings of the Urinalists.

  10. Somebody should remind Georgie-Porgie, "It's the economy, stupid."

    When the economy is booming people tend to reelect incumbents.

  11. "...the economy is doing very, very well. Right now, the lowest unemployment in years." And why do you suppose that is, hmmm? Could it have anything to do with Trump's policies, and maybe that's why we voted for him? The left views elections as a sport, with votes being merely points on a scoreboard. They don't realize that each vote is a person CHOOSING a candidate. They don't see the voter as having any agency- we're just units by which to measure the effectiveness of campaign strategies. And they wonder why they're losing. Sheesh.

  12. Could it be that those with mental capacity is seeing the hate, bias and lies of the liberals in the DNC and their lap dogs in the media and are being turned off by it.
    They see the supposed leaders of the DNC acting like spoiled and ill mannered children. Expecting Pelosi, Schumer, Lee or Waters to proclaim they will hold their breath until they turn blue.
    The stupidity and delusion of the party is wearing thin on anyone with the capacity of independent thought.

  13. Where did he get that 40% nonsense? That may be Trump's unpopular rating, but he cracked 50% approval rating last week.