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Monday, November 05, 2018

Gab is back in business

Gab is back in business after the online oligarchs tried to shut it down. Gab is a conservative alternative to Twitter, which of course hates conservatives because it is run by Social Justice Warriors (fascists). Give them a little power, and they will abuse it.

I have at this writing 6,334 followers on Twitter. I hope they all follow me on Gab.

Twitter eventually will banish me as it has some of my friends and colleagues. Eventually, the fascists will ban me.

I don't like giving them free content. Facebook too. I write stuff, they sell ads. Heck, I am competing with my own blog, aren't I?

But I will use them to link to my blog (and now to my Gab account) because I can. I will also use my Gab account that way.

However, when I have stray thoughts that are not worthy of a full blog post, I will post them on Gab, not Twitter.

Am I taking myself too seriously?

Of course.

I am a blogger.

More importantly, I am a conservative. I will stand up for God, for my beliefs and for my country.

Look, I do business with Google and Amazon. I am not prejudiced or suicidal. Nothing personal, just business. And I am willing to give content away.

But no one plays me for a chump long.

Please, open a Gab account, and then follow me on Gab.


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  1. Proud to follow you on GAB. I've had an account there since December 2016. Twitter is a useless social platform for conservatives. Many is the time I've contemplated deleting my Twitter account.

    GAB was down far too long. The folks there had a herculean task in front of them to get it back online.

    Have a great week.

    1. Just followed you also, Big D, although I don’t know how the hell it works just yet.

  2. All you need to know about twitter is it is a safe space for those who hate whites, those who hate males and those who hate straights.
    There are so few safe spaces for haters of whites, males, straights, and successful people other than the msm, academia, big gruberment, and of course ,big tech

  3. love gab
    never twitter for me

    so glad they are back up

  4. Glad to see Gab is back. I had followed Thomas Wictor there and was disappointed when the thought police got it shut down for wrong group think. I got on Twitter recently and now I'll follow you on Gab too. JPerry

  5. The reason Hamilton, Madison and Jay published The Federalist pseudonymously was because, despite having won independence from England, there were people who would harm them and their families because of what they were saying. Simply having a free country is no guarantee of free speech. Read Tocqueville. In Democracy in America, he talks a lot about how people tended to swarm to shut down what they deemed as unacceptable speech back then, in all likelihood a remnant of Puritanism, and things have not changed. Many commentators have said that the puritan spirit has been inherited by the libs. I'm not sure about this, but I think they make a pretty good point. The instinct to shut people down has never gone away, and probably never will.

    That said, it is easy to see how the left, which has been in control of American mass culture for the past eighty years or more, cultivates that instinct within themselves and others and is therefore eager to respond to urges to silence opposition under just about any pretext available.

    There is no end of hateful speech on lib platforms, and kidnappings and killings have even been livestreamed on these platforms with no effort whatsoever to shut them down by their fellow lib internet power brokers. Those same people and organizations then turn around and use the sensibilities of the naive and even people on the right to shut down anything they see as leaning right using pretexts they ignore on their own side.

    If anyone on the right is to have any hope of preserving their voice to be heard beyond the next few years, then they cannot afford to allow themselves to be used as tools to shut down voices to their right, even if they deem those voices to be abhorrent.

    Punching to the right is simply some leftist saying,"How's about you and him fight?", and then being stupid enough to go along with him. If someone says something you don't like, your reponse should be to respond or ignore. Not to take away his right to speak.

  6. You said on your Gab page that "Taki Theodoracopulos makes me laugh. Several times." You were referring to Taki's article "Never Fuhgeddaboudit," about the lost neighborhoods of NYC. For people who are saddened by all the gentrification of the city, I highly recommend If These Knishes Could Talk. I bought the DVD on Amazon and eventually passed it along to a friend who grew up in Brooklyn. Even if, like me, you never lived in NYC, it's a great little film.

    1. Then I bought a copy for me because I never want to forget. Btw, that's why I also have a DVD of THE FRENCH CONNECTION. Besides it being based of a true case, and besides the breath-taking chase scene, it's also a great period piece. The clothing. The gas-guzzling cars. The streets and neighborhoods. If you weren't alive during the early 70s, watch that movie.

  7. Found GAB when Thomas Wictor was banned from Twitter. Glad that GAB has been restored. Am now following you there as well.

  8. I'm following you right here, Big D.

    If I start on another platform, I'll disappear into the WEB.

    (Absolutely no "Twitter".)

  9. I have an account there, and if I can work out a technical issue I'm having with them I'll join you shortly.

  10. I followed Wictor to Gab and was shocked when it was shut down. He's made a few videos since then on you tube and said he was going to FB.....which of course banned him immediately. I'm glad to see Gab is back, I'm not sure he knows yet.
    Following you too Don.

  11. Good to hear Gab's back up, and now I've followed you there. Looked to see what Thomas Wictor had to say, but he hasn't posted for quite awhile, so I hope he hasn't left in disgust!

    The disgust would be because of the actual Nazis and crazies who try to silence him wherever he goes. On a free speech platform, it can get to be tough going, but still infinitely better than the Orwellian "Twitter Safety" censorship though!