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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fox News caves

Fox News today sided with CNN in its obnoxious lawsuit against President Trump. CNN seeks to force the president to debate Jim Acosta at press conferences.

Fox News now is just another corporate cheerleader for globalism.

I predicted this when Roger Ailes retired under pressure.

Fox News president Jay Wallace issued a communique: "FOX News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporter’s press credential.

"We intend to file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court. Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. While we don’t condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the President and the press at recent media avails, we do support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people."


Oh my gosh the network is run by an NPC.

I wonder if he was literally shaking when he heard the news.

Fox News joins the rest of the crew. The Associated Press, Bloomberg News, First Look Media, Gannett, the National Press Club, NBC News, the New York Times, Politico, the Press Freedom Defense Fund, EW Scripps, and the Washington Post are all filing briefs supporting CNN.

In doing so, they approve of Acosta's grandstanding at press conferences.

That is because they hate President Trump because they hate conservatives. Oh sure, Fox News has Tucker Carlson and the rest of the yakkers on because it needs conservative viewers. But the management there hates conservatives.

That is why they purged Ailes from the network.

They said he sexually harassed women. People in the business acted shocked at the time, but the public has since learned that the men in charge of television outlets are a bunch of horndogs. They preach the gospel of feminism while engaging in transactional sex.

Yes, both sides are guilty.

Face it, we love to hate on Harvey Weinstein now, but actresses bedded with him so they could win an Oscar. His films were so good that he could almost guarantee one. It was an open secret among Hollywood insiders.

But he became expendable. After years of getting Oscars for women, he got a Pulitzer for Ronan Farrow who broke the story that broke Weinstein.

Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose also were among those sacrificed. Their networks got to save money on salaries, which is good since the over-the-air networks are looking more and more like the next newspaper industry. Got to cut costs.

When Ailes retired, I wrote, "Murdoch's kids will take the network over and turn it into another heaping, steaming, smelly, revolting pile of liberalism. I predicted this feces follies when the story broke two weeks ago. The heirs are itching for power.

"So conservatives had their Camelot on cable news. It was good while it lasted.

"Thank you, Roger Ailes. You did your nation a better service than all the other networks."

Fox News remains better than the rest but the gap is narrowing, and it is not because the rest are improving.


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  1. "While we don’t condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the President and the press at recent media avails."

    Yeah, better yet how about just telling the press don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

  2. Why not let Jimbo back in and never recognize him from the podium.
    Poor jimmy can sit there waving his arm non-stop like a kid in primary school and be totally ignored by the adults.

    He'll get his wish; he'll get back in, but that doesn't mean he should get floor time.

    Sure he'll piss and moan and if he does act up publicly in the WH then nail him for being disruptive and can his butt again.

    Far as I can see, that will neuter him.

  3. It appears to me that the office of the President is being diminished specifically by political operatives and perhaps by an ambivalent electorate as well.
    By forcing the President's hand on so many that as Whitaker ,Comey,Yates travel bans including even the Mueller shenanigans, and now access to press scrums, which I should add the press et al as legally ganging up on the Trump Administration ... which in fact is arguably one of the most transparent gov'ts in my long memory.
    If the Office of the President as it now stands is laid so low as to eventually be irrelevant then what is the alternative?
    Every election cycle, with its party offerings seems to drag the bar a little lower.

    We now have the Dems tossing about the idea of who is most popular and can get them into power without the least consideration as to experience and ability.
    I exclude PDJT from this as he is an anomaly of the present times.
    However, Beto, Kamala, Oprah, Avenatti...h*ll why not Stormy Daniels, Alec Baldwin or Robert daZero while they're at it. the New World Order any port in a storm.

    Unfortunately the wonderful experiment called American is sorely suffering.
    You see' the one thing that the framers couldn't possibly write into the Constitution was the 'Honorability of Fellow Men'.

    1. The democrats, with their reliable cohorts, the rinos, are 100% the mob rules.

      Thus, the breedings of the mob, made possible by the moochings off of honest, earning citizens, are the long term means to achieve that mob, aka to democrats, the "majority".

      The democrats are now stating this in plain, common english.

      MAGA will not remain civil if the democrats succeed in gaining the mob rule they crave.

      At some point, either you give up and submit to being drained to death by the parasktes or you cut them off and crush them.

      Civilized only works when not being invaded by savage parasites.

      There is no such thing as a "soft coup" unless submission is presumed to be the only option.

      Submission is not the only option, nor an option at all.


  4. Just say that the intern doesn't feel "comfortable" with Acosta in the press room because of what he did to her, some would call it assault (any unwanted touching),and that it would be sexist to expect her to give up her position to accommodate Acosta. That should shut them up.

    Use the left's language against them; we have to get better at that.

  5. Any multinational corporation can be counted on to go against any notions of nationalism. I haven't brought up any analogies from Greek history for a while, but we should remind ourselves that individuals who were involved in overseas trade were debarred from political activity. This was a wise policy.

  6. Fox news has never been right wing. They have only been the furthest right of the left wing media. Please check out OANN. If your cable provider does not offer it, start demanding they do, or just look them up on the web.

    1. I've never seen any of Fox News beyond what gets to youtube, but I did see a doco called Outfoxed in 2004. It was so determined to make Rupert Murdoch into the new Joseph Goebbels that it became slightly ridiculous.
      My local FM sports station ran JT The Brick for several years, but that arrangement ended recently and for my money no great loss. Ever since Colin started kneeling for the anthem JT and his sidekick focused way too much on the politics of sport. I gave up on them before the local station did.

    2. Update - I've just discovered that JT has parted ways with Fox, but his partner Tom Looney is still on the payroll.
      Looney was way the more left of the pair. That says something about the company's direction.

  7. A judge can go along with the Clown News Network but that doesn't mean Trump will.

  8. Fox news has been going goofy for a long time. So goofy in fact, faced with the limitations of Comcast news channels, I purchased a subscription to America One News.

  9. The author of the article is propagating fake news when he states, in the article above, that: "CNN seeks to force the president to debate Jim Acosta at press conferences."

    When and where did CNN say "We want the president to debate Jim Acosta"?

    Besides, President Trump doesn't have the intellectual ability to debate anything, so Jim Acosta would be wasting his time if he tried to debate with Trump.

    1. If you can't understand what Don was referring to with his debate/press conference statement then maybe you should steer clear of trying to judge anybody's intellectual ability. You're definitely a little slow on the uptake.

  10. It remains nearly unbelievable that so many viewers are available for any actually fair to conservatives & attempting to be objective news agency.

    There is a huge "market" / entrepreneur (billionaire?) gap.

  11. The left plays very dirty. Jeopardizing one's family, employees, etc. That's why the internet became so popular so fast. We would be far along the road to perdition without it.

  12. Please,Please.Please Republicans,get some Balls and start fighting back!I get so frustrated with the lack of party unity to fight back on all of the lefts corrupt behavior.What is it going to take for you people to help our president pass his agenda ?

  13. How many Americans would give up their citizenship to make more money? Rupert Murdoch gave up his Australian citizenship in 1985 to become an American citizen so that he could own a US TV station. How's that for mercenary. His sons have that example. Murdoch is a globalist who has nothing in common with any US citizen why would anyone think Fox News is for the people?