Friday, November 02, 2018

Europe doesn't do birthright citizenship

Why should we?

If socialists in Europe understand that you have to be selective in who you give citizenship to, why are Americans so willing to let any pregnant woman come here and give birth to an "American"?

Atlantic magazine let the truth slip out in a fact-check of President Trump that backfired, "America Isn’t the ‘Only Country’ With Birthright Citizenship."

Atlantic reported, "France did away with birthright citizenship in 1993, following the passage of the Méhaignerie Law. The law limited citizenship to those born to a French parent, or to a parent also born in France. As a result, those born in France to foreign-born parents must wait until they turn 18 to automatically acquire French citizenship (a process that can begin when they turn 13, if they apply).

"Ireland was the last of the European Union countries to abolish birthright citizenship, in 2005. Through a referendum backed by nearly 80 percent of Irish voters, citizenship was limited to those born to at least one Irish parent.

"The decision was a response to a controversy surrounding birth tourism and the high-profile case of Man Levette Chen, a Chinese national who traveled to Northern Ireland so that her daughter would be born an Irish citizen. Chen sought residency rights in Britain, citing her child’s Irish and EU citizenship. Though the United Kingdom Home Office rejected Chen’s application, the decision was overturned by the European Court of Justice in 2004."

Ah, the European Court of Justice. It is the only kangaroo not native to Australia.

Speaking of which, Australia and New Zealand have abolished birthright citizenship. Most of the nations that still have this obsolete law are in Latin America.

"The practice has at times come under assault in Latin America, where rates of immigration are relatively low; birthright citizenship was retracted in 1978 under Argentina’s dictatorship, for example, only to be restored when democracy returned, in 1983. But it has proved more controversial in Canada and especially in the United States, which attract larger flows of immigrants and in recent decades have grappled with an influx of illegal immigration," Atlantic reported.

Once again, the media is too clever by half.

President Trump overstated his case. The media pounced -- and wound up restating his case.

Thank you.


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  1. The law once served a good purpose but that was a very long time ago. It serves no useful purpose today and should be eliminated.
    If an organization as dictatorial and power mad as the EU has realized the stupidity what does that say about our system.

  2. Why are you posting Don? Shouldn't you be in line for Trump's rally today in West Virginny. You still haven't posted about your visit to his last rally there. Did he sign your books?

    1. The nice thing about smart phones and I-pads. Ask George to buy you one so you can get out of mommy's basement.

    2. What's really funny about this guy is that he fantasizes that he is living in the heads of others while he lurks around this blog with Don Surber in his own head all the time. Poor dude.

  3. I only wish that when we affirm that birthright citizenship does not apply to children of non-citizens, we can go back and retroactively pull the citizenship of those who shouldn’t have become citizens.

    1. Like the Melanie and her chain immigration parents?

    2. Children of LEGAL immigrants has already been adjudicated. You'd know that if you were educated.

  4. Been waiting for this to be talked about in America.

    25 years ago I saw what was happening here in California. A pregnant woman comes in; sometimes legally, usually illegally. American taxpayers foot the bill for the birth. The child is an American citizen, that can then bring in his/her "relatives" -- no DNA test allowed.

    These people congregate in select areas. Vote in their own as representatives, who in turn pass legislation to give them freebies. Three major expenses for the outvoted real Americans explode - 1) taxes, fees; 2) health insurance premiums; and 3) auto insurance.

    The Americans leave their unaffordable neighborhoods, and the invasion is complete.

    You need to speak and read Spanish to get around large areas of California.