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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Armistice Day at 100



    I tell you they have not died,
    They live and breathe with you;
    They walk here at your side,
    They tell you things are true.
    Why dream of poppied sod
    When you can feel their breath,
    When flow'r and soul and God
    Knows there is no death!

    Death's but an open door,
    We move from room to room,
    There is one life, no more;
    No dying and no tomb.
    Why seek ye them above,
    Those that ye love dear ?
    The All of God is Love,
    The All of God is Here.

    I tell you they have not died,
    Their hands clasp yours and mine;
    They are but glorified,
    They have become divine.
    They live! they know! they see!
    They shout with every breath:
    "Life is eternity!
    There is no death!"


  2. ”I go even further back than that. Ten years after The Great War, as we used to call it. Before we knew enough to number them” - John Houseman, Three Days Of The Condor.

    BTW: Peter Jackson's latest project looks amazing. Video and audio from WW1, restored and enhanced.

  3. 20th Century technology + 18th Century strategy/tactics = Stalemate Bloodbath. War is all hell.

    1. Same thing with the Civil War.

      You'd think the Euros would have learned from us.

  4. Zero Hour by Jolyon Fenwick is a book worth reading. It is about the first day of the battle of the Somme when the Brits alone lost around 22000 dead and 40000 wounded in 12 hours. Most of today's leftist pacifistic political and social movements especially in Europe can be traced to WWI.

  5. For the Limeys, it was a very personal war similar to our Civil War. Many battalions were "Pals battalions", people from the same place, same field of endeavor (one of the reserve SAS regiments is still known as the Artists' Rifles).

    You could lose everybody you had known in one attack. For some, any desire to get at the Hun withered; for others, it was a war of annihilation.

    1. I have yet to visit a town in the UK no matter how small that doesn't have a WWI memorial, most listing those lost by name.

  6. Today's entry one hundred years ago in my grandfather's war diary:

    'Nov 11th. Bras, P.C. Neptuen- “La Geurre est Fini” The armistice went into effect at 11 o’clock this morning. Since then peace and quiet have reigned supreme. Band concert by the 101 Engineer band after dinner. The Yankee soldiers are happy and glad that the job they came to do it over. Let’s go Home!! The Kaiser and his son, Von Hindenburg have gone to Holland- They believe in safety first. The boys are celebrating a young Fourth of July tonight. Beacons, rockets, flares and lights of all colors. I’m going to bed.