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Friday, October 12, 2018

Viewing Rosenstein as a hero

Quote of the day: "Drudge has been as far from this story as he can keep himself without leaving the planet."

The Washington Post ran a story, "McCabe authorized perjury investigation into Sessions. The investigation ended without criminal charges, the attorney general's lawyer said."

A pseudonymous tweeter gave an interesting analysis.

He used the name Dawson S. Field, a reference to the site in Jordan of a botched terrorist attack by Palestinians.

H/T to for this WP article. It provides some great new information, hidden by a bit of spin. First it shows a concerted effort by McCabe to force the recusal of Rosenstein from the Trump case. McCabe knew RR was not on his side, that's clear.

McCabe went to a meeting with RR & Mueller bearing documents from FBI Ethics people saying he was in the clear & had no conflicts that required him to recuse from the Mueller case. He of course brought Lisa Page along to help his arguments.

I think it is clear that the entire purpose of appointing Mueller was to take the case from McCabe. He clearly suspected that too & attacked RR to try & force his recusal. He failed. But McCabe clearly wanted RR off this case so he could run it.

The most interesting detail I identified was why RR wanted McCabe recused. In the gap between Comey & Mueller, McCabe opened a criminal obstruction of justice case against ! This also may explain a redaction in the Strzok/Page texts.

Those texts show an effort to take advantage of the fact the McCabe is Acting Director to lock in REDACTED in a formal chargeable way. I've always suspected it was or . But this story shows an effort to lock in an obstruction of justice charge against Trump
McCabe also started a criminal investigation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions too. Possibly part of maneuvers to force his recusal from the case. Don't be surprised if we learn McCabe tried to prosecute RR for obstruction for firing

The article says neither was recused, but resulted in Mueller having "a great degree of independence and control over his investigation." Mueller exercised that independence by removing all the lawyers McCabe had assigned to the case!

Mueller has already cleared Sessions of the charges McCabe tried to bring against him. Mueller has probably also cleared the Trump obstruction charges, if they even took them seriously. If Mueller really believed RR & Trump committed obstruction of justice, RR must be recused.

So we are getting even more evidence that Mueller was brought on to remove MCabe's influence from the case. That RR had to instruct Mueller verbally to avoid sharing the SC jurisdiction w McCabe. The day McCabe lost authority as Acting Director, RR issued more detailed orders.

Now then, this is not to say Mueller is a good guy. After all, he kept Strzok on the case. I suppose you could argue that it was a rope-the-dope on Strzok.

But I think Mueller is a poor judge of character, and a hack investigator. I can give you 5.8 million reasons why.

Rod Rosenstein, though, never struck me as particularly good or evil. He knows the inspector general is closing in, and indictments may be in the offing. And he also has sized up Comey and McCabe, and found them wanting.

The refusal to hand over documents to Congress informs me that Rosenstein does not want Democrats seeing his cards.

For some reason, President Trump went along with this Mueller charade – publicly blasting it as the witch hunt it is, but letting Mueller run out the string. Rosenstein seems to have the president's trust.

The media reported a few weeks ago that President Trump was firing Rosenstein. I knew that was wrong. You did too. If the Washington press gets a story right, nowadays, it is by accident. If they had covered the Browns last year, they would have reported the team went 16-0 instead of 0-16.

Replying to 
Interesting seeing how drudge is reporting trump lawyers prepping mueller answers

Drudge has been as far from this story as he can keep himself without leaving the planet.

Well, the New Media can be as clueless as the old.

Jeff Carlson offered an interesting defense of Rosenstein, writing, "Regardless of one’s opinion of Rosenstein, the May 17th appointment of Mueller accomplished one very significant thing. It shifted control of the Russia Investigation from the FBI and McCabe to Mueller. Rosenstein would retain ultimate authority for the probe and any expansion of Mueller’s investigation required authorization from Rosenstein.

"Interestingly, without Comey’s memo leaks, a Special Counsel would never have been appointed – the FBI, and possibly McCabe, would have remained in charge of Russia Investigation. McCabe was probably not going to become the permanent FBI Director but he was reportedly under consideration. Regardless, without Comey’s leak, McCabe would have retained direct involvement and the FBI would have retained control."

So there is that.

Before we award Rosenstein a medal, let us remember, Mueller has wrecked many innocent lives and bank accounts on his futile search through the garbage bin for something – to rescind the results of the last election.

But Obama spied on Americans, reporters, and at least one Republican presidential nominee. Perhaps this was the only way to expose this.

A Republican Party united by the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh may be open to doing something about it after the midterm election.


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  1. After the betrayal by Cohen is it really a great idea for Trump to put his trust in Rosenstein?

    1. OK....

      Since Sessions has recused himself, who should President Trump put his trust in? And how does he know that person won't "betray" him?

      Thus far Rothstein has been in the President's corner under extreme pressure that could cost him his career as well as most of his families equity to defend himself against bogus charges. What more do you want?

  2. Right about now, the Dems' bandwagon looks like they parked it in a bad part of town.

  3. You need to keep your eye on the target. Rod Rosenstein while maybe criminal, and certainly corrupt is not the problem. The problem is Mueller. It was Rosenstein that gave life to the Mueller Monster, and it is up to Rosenstein to fix the problem he alone created.

    1. Don't think you got it.

      It was Rothstein that stood up to McCabe. Had he not there would be no Special Counsel. McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc. would have worked with Fusion GPS to manufacture more evidence, and President Trump would have been impeached sometime in 2017.

  4. “The refusal to hand over documents to Congress informs me that Rosenstein does not want Democrats seeing his cards.” - bongo. And some republicans too. The intelligence committee is populated by some of the dirtiest members of Congress.

    Rosenstein and Sessions will emerge from this with much better reputations.

    1. There is a theory going around, though not mine, that Trump and Sessions are in fact working closely with a hidden operation to blow this wide open. It isn't much of a stretch to include RR.

      Personally, I find that just too good to be true, but I would love to see it happen.

    2. I agree that it sounds too good to be true, but I also can't think of any other way to explain Trump's behavior vis-a-vis the FBI, Wray, and Rosenstein.

      If there really is still this cabal in the FBI actively working against Trump, why has he tolerated it so long? But if you think of his vocal frustration (without action) as a smokescreen, it starts to make sense and sound like Trumpian 3D chess.

    3. It took 5 years from the time the FBI investigated John Gotti until he was convicted.

      The major problem was that Gotti had numerous FBI people on his payroll, including many at upper levels. A part of the FBI had to run a sting against their co-workers.

      The Trump administration just took office 19 months ago. They are making great progress on this. They want everyone involved exposed.

      Sessions, Rothstein, and Wray have all been under President Trump's direction to clean up the FBI and make it whole again. That has been the objective since day one. Mueller may be in on it as well, or he may be going along to save his own butt. Time will tell.

  5. President Trump learned early that the fastest way to get the enimedia to support some one they were inciting a lynch mob against was to tweet opposition of the targeted person.
    Media: Hang Commie Comey
    Trump: Lets fire Comey.
    Media: How dare you fire this fine upstanding young boy.

    1. Spot on! The media are like Pavlov's dogs: at the sound of Trump's endorsement they start drooling after the "story."

  6. As famed AP reporter Julie Pace said once defending some egregious but exposed lie by her organization, "there is not enough good information", but everyone has an opinion. Mine is that whatever negative result for Trump Muller might dig up or manufacture will not be known until it is considered useful as a tactical hammer against Trump himself. He will not be struck in a strong position, which he has now, but if he gets weaker, say from a small recession, or house investigative proceedings or Mideast war as the NYT wants because some journalist was whacked (another Scalese is ok), or anything at all. Definitely before 20 if he runs. Rosenstein is on a short leash now but he has covered his ass well by writing 3 letters for Muller, each one expanding his authority beyond Russia. The NYT attack on him was designed to have Trump fire him before the elections and ignite a kind of righteous indignation over constitutional rape. Trump knew his swine after 50 years of filling their troughs and refused the slops.
    Sitting at the bottom of the Russia cesspool is Obama himself which is why Trump will never be impeached or even charged with collusion. Muller is after some other point of attack from which Obama is removed in time and space. That is the flank where the Democrats and its media will put their cavalry. I'm sure the president has all his satellites on full alert with forces in reserve.

  7. I'm not sure if this explanation is correct. However, it makes a lot of details that have made no sense suddenly make sense.

  8. How do you win over against a huge operation sting that has kept almost complete power for so many years?

    With a bigger, better sting that virtually no one knows is in play.

    Pay attention, Sports Fans, because that is precisely what we are watching happen before our very eyes.

    Don S. has done an excellent job of keeping us up to date. If anyone doubts what VSG is doing - check here -

    Then, put on your research hat and travel back and see just how many swamp critters have either been turned SE or have been shown the door, so to speak. It is as impressive as the list in the link, and moreso - Donald and those around him have been setting the table - with judicial confirmations - most obvious on SCOTUS, but almost as importantly - throughout the Federal courts.

    Pardon that run-on sentence, but VSG's "winning" has virtually something unheard of in modern politics. For my part, I keep the popcorn and brew supply ample - this is the show Donald promised, and like the movie The Sting - the ending made the plot twists and the seeming wrong directions worth the wait.

    Besides, crow is not on my list of culinary favorites.

  9. Fairy tale peddled by WaPo as disinformation. DawsonSField = John Brennan. Rosenstein could have appointed almost anyone as Special Counsel and could have narrowly circumscribed the investigation into Trump and Trump's friends, but picked Mueller (Mueller? Really?), let him ruin people's lives, and allowed the sham investigation against the president to continue to run for 2 years?

  10. Donald Trump has been in the shark tank his entire life. He learned about it on his pappy's knee and made billions in an industry, big time real estate development in NYC, that is as corrupt as any on earth.

    I'd bet against Citation, the Yankees and the US Marines before I'd bet against Donny Two Scoops.

  11. I sure do hope that a small (or large?) Red Wave of Reps gives more Reps the backbone to fight more against the illegal Deep State.

    Tho to me, it sort of looks like an attempt to make McCabe the "lone wolf", when it was a huge pack (of deep state parasites).