Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trump owns "60 Minutes"

Conservatives are cheering President Trump's triumphant appearance on "60 Minutes" tonight. Lesley Stahl learned what I have been saying for three years now: nobody knows journalism better today than Donald John Trump.

Don't just take my word for it. A columnist for Variety was upset.

He wrote, "Trump, by pushing through questions and by capitalizing on an interview approach seeking to synthesize his entire presidency into two segments of television, effectively converted '60 Minutes' into a short rally. There are those who will see his rants as worthy, and those who will loathe them; whatever unity can be made to exist by the President exists only within those camps. That '60 Minutes' went looking for something greater is more proof than viewers needed that their approach to the President left them outmatched."

The transcript is a hoot to read.

Stahl demanded that he pledge not to fire Bob Mueller.

Trump: "There is no collusion. I don't wanna pledge. Why should I pledge to you? If I pledge, I'll pledge. I don't have to pledge to you."

He added: "I have no intention of doing that." (Firing Mueller.)

Stahl asked why would he trust Kim Jong Un?

Trump: "Well, first of all, if I didn't trust him, I wouldn't say that to you. Wouldn't I be foolish to tell you right here, on 60 Minutes?"

But he made one thing clear: "This isn't the Obama administration. I haven't eased the sanctions. I haven't done anything. I haven't done anything. We're meeting. I believe he likes me. I like him. We have a good relationship. It's very important."

Trust but verify.

Trump on slapping tariffs on Red China.

Trump: "I have a great chemistry also with President Xi of China. I don't know that that's necessarily going to continue. I told President Xi we cannot continue to have China take $500 billion a year out of the United States in the form of trade and others things."

Trump on climate change: "Look, scientists also have a political agenda."

(Stahl by the way cited ice breaking of Greenland. That's what glaciers do. They are rivers of ice that flow to the sea.)

Trump on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

Stahl: "Did the prince give the order to kill him?"

Trump: "Nobody knows yet, but we'll probably be able to find out. It's being investigated. It's being looked at very, very strongly. And we would be very upset and angry if that were the case. As of this moment, they deny it. And deny it vehemently. Could it be them? Yes."

She asked about sanctions on the Saudis.

Trump: "I tell you what I don't wanna do. Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon. I don't wanna hurt jobs. I don't wanna lose an order like that. There are other ways of punishing, to use a word that's a pretty harsh word, but it's true."

She asked him about Putin.

Trump: "I'm the one that gave Ukraine offensive weapons and tank killers. Obama didn't. You know what he sent? He sent pillows and blankets."

She asked about his winning.

Trump: "There has been no administration in the history of our country, and I say this openly and proudly, that in its first two years."

Stahl: "Say, this is modesty."

Trump: "Well, it's not even that, it's a fact. Tax cuts, regulation cuts, the biggest regulations cuts in history."

She asked about Fake News, but did not like the answer.

Stahl: "Give me an example."

Trump: "Well, I don't wanna give you an example. I'm not lookin' to -- in the meantime, nobody's been able to do what I've been able to do. Remember that. When you look at taxes, you look at regulations, you look at -- making deals with other countries. Nobody's been able to do anything like this. Actually, most people didn't even try because they knew they didn't have the ability to do it. But it's a very deceptive world. The other thing I've really learned is I never knew how dishonest the media was. I and I really mean it. I'm not saying that as a sound bite. I never knew how dishonest."

Stahl: "I’m going to change the subject again."

But of course. Later, she admitted she was an adversary, not a journalist.

Stahl: "All right, I'll get in another fight with you."

Trump: "Lesley, it's okay. In the meantime, I'm president and you're not."

Finally, there was the Russian meddling thing.

Oh my gosh, did he get it right.

Trump: "They meddled. But I think China meddled too."

Stahl: "But why do you --"

Trump: "-- and I think other countries --"

Stahl: "-- say China meddled too?"

Trump: "And you wanna know something?"

Stahl: "Why do you say Chi-- why don't you just say--

Trump: "Well, let me ask you --"

Stahl: "-- the Russians meddled?"

Trump: "Because I think China meddled also. And I think, frankly, China --"

They kept interrupting each other as the interview became a conversation. And she let her guard down. She gave away her game.

Stahl: "This is amazing."

Trump: (China) "is a bigger problem."

Stahl: "You are diverting the whole Russia thing."

Trump: "I'm not doing anything."

Stahl: "You are, you are."

Trump: "I'm saying Russia, but I'm also saying China."

She just wanted to discuss Russia. He brought in a new element. Instead of exploring that revelation, she stuck with the shopworn Russia meddling excuse for Hillary's historic loss.

Once again, our free unbiased press missed the Big Story.

The reviews at Twitter were great.

President Trump is giving the left-wing media a 2 hour intellectual beating in just 60 minutes.

I have never witnessed such an attack by a news person. It proves CBS is a cesspool of hatred toward everything Republican. Unbelievable!

Trump is an asshole like I can’t believe he talking to this lady like this....he need to learn how to speak to people and stop pointing blame at everyone else and take responsibility for his wrong-doings!!!

time to retire leslie stahl, keep "changing the subject" because you can't conduct an interview when you don't get an answer you disagree with.

Watching President Trump absolutely own the Libs in this 60 Minutes interview is the best piece of television I’ve seen in a long time.

I like Stahl but she needs to get out of New York and Washington and visit a little country that I call America.


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  1. Just read the transcript. Stahl was an interruption machine and every question is from the liberal/democrat side.

    I can imagine what they cut out (stuff making PDJT look good).

  2. Leslie Stahl comported herself as an arrogant school teacher that was trying to get little Johnny to see everything her way about the homework reading assignment, and was disappointed in his inability to do so. She constantly talked down to him, treating him as if he was having an adolescent fit. And through it all she seemed to signal to the audience that she was trying to be patient as he refused to give a simple "yes" or "no" answer to her "are you still beating your wife" question.

    For a moment there I thought I was watching the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee questioning Brett Kavanaugh again.

    1. The MSM will spin this for the next 2 days.

      Hopefully it's dawning on most Americans what an absolute farce the MSM has made of their supposed role to inform the American people.

      And the next time you have a person tell you that President Trump is dividing the American people, play a tape of that interview and ask them who's causing the chaos.

      For heavens sake, a GD interviewer would not let the POTUS finish a sentence. Like he was on trial.

  3. Stahlin should recall which side lost the Cold War.

    1. Heh. I see what you did there, and you're right!

  4. I'm sure it's all good, but I got lost at 'Stahl demanded that he pledge not to fire Bob Mueller'.
    Trump should have gone out and bought her a lake to jump in.

  5. Stahl was good once but that was decades ago, her ego makes her think she is the most knowledgeable and intelligent in the room and she got slapped for being stupid.
    With Stahl if you don't play her liberal game then she is just lost in space.

  6. Stahl was put there to replace the failed Blasey Ford, kind of like a metoo cut out. CBS had two goals. One was to overshadow its own sex abuse scandal involving its former CEO by putting a "respected" woman in the front row with the President and the second was to try and provoke Trump into mean behavior to help anger and drive the female vote to the polls, an obsession the Democrats have had since they became convinced their failure to win was not a mismatch of their screeching selfish candidate and a likable caring opponent but some inexplicable failure of messaging to women in Michigan. The number they have set upon to increase that vote for themselves is 2%. But Trump turned the show into a rally for himself and probably didn't suffer much with the opposite sex, Another media political failure. Yet as usual, Trump did them a favor by even showing up to help ratings and revenue. These moguls owe him so much, really. Someone's private school bills will now get paid and Maria Valdez will be able to continue changing sheets daily in the bedrooms of a Hamptons mansion even when no one is expected to sleep there for at least 6 months.

  7. Good that Trump owned Stahl. Libs don't watch FOX where they would get the truth, but they DO watch leftist 60 Minutes expecting to get feel-good affirmation of their insane bias. So this was a great opportunity to expose them to the truth.

  8. Trump swept the floor with her !

  9. The idiotic questions from the leftist media keep coming. These folks just can't cope with someone like potus who is NOT a politician.

  10. Incredible rudeness and bias displayed by Lesley Stahl. She kept talking right over the President, and seldom let him finish an answer. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it!

    She's apparently well-brainwashed, there was never a time in that interview where she seemed capable of thinking for herself, but she certainly got in all the Left's talking points. Anyone who still entertains any idea that the press is "unbiased" really should see this interview, which is a triumph for President Trump but a disaster for Stahl!

    See B.S. says Stahl's "One of America's most recognized and experienced broadcast journalists," but they certainly couldn't say she was fair or honest!