Monday, October 15, 2018

Trump keeps Red China guessing

They say this as if it were a bad thing.

China still does not know which of Trump's top advisers has the most influence over the president’s handling of increasingly-fraught trade tensions with Beijing, said the country's ambassador to the U.S.

Cui Tiankai, Red China’s ambassador to the United States, told Fox News, he doesn't know who is the Trump administration official is who speaks for Trump on trade issues.

Cui said, "You tell me. Honestly, I’ve been talking to other ambassadors in Washington, D.C. This is also part of their problem."

Wallace replied, "What?"

Cui said, "They don’t know who is the final decision-maker. Of course, presumably, the president would take the final decision. But who is playing what role? Sometimes it could be very confusing."

The answer to both questions is President Trump. This explains why Cui gets mixed messages. President Trump is testing Red China.

There's a lot of good cop/bad cop at play here.

Politico reported, "Both Larry Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin are seen as more moderate on China, while Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Wilbur Ross and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro generally take a more hawkish line. Administration officials have previously played down reports of major internal disagreements, while acknowledging Trump encourages his aides to express different points of view."

Did none of these jamokes in the press corps watch "The Apprentice"?

These are competing teams sent to get the best deal from Red China.

Of course, Cui knows this and is trying to play press hatred of The Donald to his advantage. He would have to be dumb as a red ant not to understand what President Trump is doing.


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  1. They will never understand him. Our press, not the furriners, I mean.
    One, they just don't want to - too busy hatin' with all the hate they have, and two, they're not capable of understanding human beings.

  2. In dealing with Trump, the Chinese trade negotiators need to be very cautious or else The Donald could end up owning Beijing's Forbidden City.


  3. " Cui knows this and is trying to play press hatred of The Donald to his advantage. "

    This is key! The Chinese know who makes the calls, but they do NOT want to reduce the 500 billion $ that is their trade surplus (like Trump mentioned recently).

    China's trying to help out the Press in attacking Trump, and wanting to defeat America -- something the Press seems pretty willing to do.