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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trump is the best president for the press

"In my experience covering White Houses, from Reagan to George W. Bush, we’ve never had that kind of access from a president before. He doesn’t get credit for being so accessible. He answers questions all over the place," Richard Benedetto told the Washington Times.

For all his howling about Fake News -- and he is right about that -- President Trump is the best thing to happen to the White House Press Corps since the invention of beer.

Trump drives cable news ratings.

There is a downside for the media because besides Netflix and the rest, he also is a hidden reason the over-the-air networks are in a tailspin.

Who needs soap operas? He offers continual drama.

Who needs sitcoms? His sense of humor is wicked, and his timing near perfect.

Who needs reality shows? Donald John Trump was the king of reality shows, and as president he continues to play that role.

And a role it is. The bumbling, grumbling, outraged man unfit for the presidency is exactly the opposite of who he is. When he said he is a very stable genius it was no brag just fact.

President Trump is the nation's No. 1 expert on journalism. No one knows the press better, not even Benedetto, the retired White House correspondent who teaches at American University.

Gossip maven Liz Smith in her memoir, "Naturally Blonde," wrote in 2000, "Everyone remembers exactly where he or she was when President Kennedy was shot. But I, typical gossip columnist that I am, remember exactly where I was when I first heard the word Trump.

"My friend and literacy ally Parker Ladd and I were in a car heading up Park Avenue. As we neared the statue of old Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt that forces New York drivers to turn right and then left at what used to be the Pan Am Building and still is Grand Central Station, Parker said, 'Have you ever met Ivana and Donald Trump?'

"I said I hadn't. He explained that Donald was a building tycoon and she a Czech ski champ, a blonde who talked a mile a minute with a deep accent. She had just bought some couture dresses from our mutual friend Arnold Scaasi."

Like Vanderbilt, Trump was an outer borough New Yorker who followed in his father's footsteps, outdoing the old man and becoming a billionaire.

President Trump knew what the press in New York wanted, and he delivered. Even in his darkest hours of bankruptcy and divorce, he gave Smith and the rest access.

If you can make it there in New York, you'll make it anywhere, including the swampy backwater town of Washington. Dave Boyer of the Washington Times noted that as president, Donald John Trump gives the press more access than his predecessors.

He has railed against the New York Times, but he gives the newspaper exclusive interviews.

"President Trump, already the most media-accessible president in memory, is talking to journalists almost nonstop as his successes pile up ahead of the midterm elections. Take Tuesday, for example," Boyer wrote.

"Mr. Trump opened an Oval Office meeting to the press in late morning to accept the resignation of Nikki Haley as ambassador to the United Nations. Such a high-profile departure ordinarily wouldn’t be a positive for the White House, but the president and Mrs. Haley made clear that the separation was friendly. They took questions from journalists for 20 minutes on a variety of subjects.

"'Anything else?' the president asked when reporters seemed to be running out of questions.

"Veteran journalists can’t remember anything like it."

President Trump took 37 questions in 15 minutes, Boyer reported.

"He still wasn’t finished," Boyer wrote.

"Told that a writer for New York magazine was interviewing White House aides for an article on the job status of Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Mr. Trump granted the writer, Olivia Nuzzi, an impromptu personal press conference in the Oval Office with Mr. Kelly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence."

Nuzzi would like the president to drop dead. Read her pieces some time. President Trump knows that.

On the plane to Iowa, he gave reporters 33 minutes of off-the-record comments.

Salena Zito finally got a one-on-one interview with President Trump.

A TV reporter told Boyer, "It’s all him. The format is the ultimate home-court advantage. All the network reporters are lined up behind a chain begging for his attention, and he can pick and choose who he favors and who he doesn’t favor. He loves it, and it works for him."

President Trump did not invent the format. He just uses it.

Benedetto told Boyer, "It’s just the antithesis of Barack Obama. Obama was very careful in expressing his views on anything that came along that was slightly controversial. He tested the waters by having his secretary of state do it, or having his press secretary do it, or having his vice president do it. He used them as kind of a shield before he actually came out."

President Trump has testosterone. For a man who does not drink, he sure has his hold-my-beer moments.

He is proof that there is no such thing as bad publicity.


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  1. By making himself available Trump pwns the media by making sure that he will be covered. They can't not cover him.


  2. It's too bad the press are a bunch of lying Democrat hacks. They are like the guy my late father said would "lie if the truth sounded better".

  3. A column long overdue. Here or anywhere else.

    This is easily the most open President of my lifetime. From what I've read he compares to Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson in standing up and fearlessly saying what he means.

    But he can play his cards close to the vest as well.

    This week Hannity started up yet again regarding the declassification of FBI materials. This was due to Baker (lawyer) joining Comey's seditious army of Strzok, Page, and McCabe in making Rosenstein the fall guy. Once those documents are made public, Comey and his gang along with their lawyers and cohorts in the MSM will get their stories straight.

    President Trump will in time release those documents. But not until he has the soft coup players cornered. Notice he's stopped talking about declassification.

    As Eric Clapton once said about guitar playing - it's not always about the notes you play, sometimes it's about the notes you don't play.

    1. Get their stories straight? I want indictments, dammit!

    2. So do the soft coup members.

      Indictments that they get out of means the MSM drill into people that they were wrongly accused by an overzealous tyrannical administration.

      Ever hear the salespersons credo - "Don't count the sale till the check clears the bank"?

      Scott Adams talks about Trump's negotiating tactics - "He talks past the sale", i.e. Trump is not trying to make a sale, he's developing a customer for life.

      Be patient. President Trump and Jeff Sessions have had this from day one. And it's long been obvious that Ron Rothstein has been with them. Wray as well. As candidate Trump often said, "think big".

    3. Trump understands what Teddy R. meant about the White House being a "bully pulpit."

  4. Soap operas? Sitcoms? Reality shows? How about this... Kid Rock is doing a concert in the late summer of 2020, and unannounced and right in the middle of singing "American Badass", Trump comes walking out on stage with Kanye West wearing a MAGA cap and President Trump waving a thumbs-up.

  5. The press hates him, but can’t get enough of him. He drives them craaaaazy.

    1. True; but they didn't have far to go, and some were already there.

  6. We don't need the crime shows either, we have the democrats.

    1. Ha ha...SO true! I'm just waiting for some episodes on Hillary's Uranium One deal to get full primetime airplay. So far we've only really seen the pilot. Same with Obama's role in the Russia Hoax.

  7. Over at Conservative Tree House, he covers a lot of the president's impromptu conferences. It seems every time he goes some where, and that is almost every day, he stops and chats up the press. Then he takes them along and gives them an ear full all the way.
    Barry said he was the most transparent President ever. More like thin skinned. President Trump is far more transparent and accessible.

    1. Obama was transparent. A lot of us saw right through him.

    2. Yeah, I guess a black hole is transparent. I know for sure they suck!