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Friday, October 05, 2018

The story of the year

Following the Senate's cloture vote this morning, a Daily Caller staffer tweeted.

A NEW TWIST Just-released Grassley letter to Ford ends on an ominous & mysterious note: “In light of recently uncovered information, please turn over” all communications with Feinstein & Hirono. This is huge. May be why GOP began growing a spine. They have something big on Dems

The spine's name is The Donald. The story of the year is how he finally got the Republican politicians on board the Trump Train. Naturally, no media in DC will report it. I will explain it then.

The story began last October. Stan Collender of Forbes wrote, "Don't believe the unrestrained enthusiasm coming from the White House and congressional leaders: The tax cut they announced last Wednesday is already in trouble and isn't going to be enacted quickly."

"Of course the party line coming from the Trump administration, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is that enacting this will be a slam dunk. They have to demonstrate absolute confidence that the tax plan will be signed into law by the end of this year."

That was the moment when I knew Congress would pass the tax cut by Christmas because Washington experts on Trump are always wrong.

Collender ended his column, "On top of everything else, the end-of-this-year deadline Trump has set for enacting this tax cut is absolutely phony: There is nothing magical or procedurally required about December 31, 2017. More than anything else, Trump's dictate that this be done quickly is just his latest rendition of Victor Herbert's song 'I Want What I Want When I Want It.'"

Actually, President Trump's song is the Rolling Stones's "You Can't Always Get What You Want," a negotiator's anthem because if you try sometime, you find, you get what you need.

And President Trump and the American economy got what they needed.

Oh and the end-of-the-year deadline was the opposite of phony because meeting that deadline allowed the law to take affect this tax year. Passage and signing it into law before Christmas allowed companies to unleash billions in bonuses to grateful employees.

Every Republican voted for it; every Democrat voted against.

Passage was a victory for Republicans over their arch rivals.

That felt good. People like winning. Losing is demoralizing.

But Democrats saw Trump's tax cuts as the Obamacare of tax cut because they believed it was unpopular and would remain unpopular. 538 reported in November, "The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes."

Democrats ridiculed the tax cuts as crumbs.

Tell me, do you see any protesters demanding a repeal of the tax cuts?

Has anyone sued to get the Supreme Court to repeal the tax cuts?

By making the tax cuts partisan, Democrats pushed Republicans against the wall. Sun Tzu of course advises that you leave an enemy room to escape because the fiercest fighting occurs when a person has no choice but to fight back.

The tax cut united Republicans to fight back.

And they fought back for a good cause that was successful.

The economy roared back. Unemployment is now below economic growth for the first time in, oh, 50 years or so.

That was another victory. President Trump rallied Republicans.

And that is why Republicans stood with him behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President George Walker Bush placed calls to key senators to get them to stay the course on Kavanaugh. That reflects loyalty to Kavanaugh by Bush (and loyalty is everything to the Bush family) but also an acceptance of The Donald as The President.

Not every Republican politician is behind President Trump, but enough are to carry the day.

Kavanaugh's confirmation will be another win for Republicans.

(Except Patrick Morrisey. If Manchin supports Kavanaugh, he wins re-election.)

And winning bonds people.

People like a winner, and try to emulate him.

Which is why that suddenly stiffening spine is named The Donald.

This also is why I am confident about this election.


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  1. Good analysis! Trump actually knows how to negotiate. And the media largely remains clueless to what many Americans understand instinctively. You always ask for more than you expect to get in the end.

  2. Asking her to turn over all communications with the two senators likely means that they already know what they are asking for. What "Dr" Ford has to worry about is whether or not Grassley has those communications in other forms from other ooints of view, or even already has some of the communications from the two. If she is not forthcoming, she risks prosecution for withholding evidence as well as lying to Congress. And the two senators have to be looking at their staffs wondering who hung them out to dry.

    This is good. Usually, when the Republicans win they simply go on with life hoping the Democrats will be more civil next time. They never are. A substantial object lesson is in order.

    1. That sounds good, but it won't play out. There's no way to convict in this political turmoil. Lawfare would work....up to a point. Break the marxists thru legal fees. At the end of the day....the age old solution is the death squad. That's where this is headed. The Spanish Civil War is a historical pattern. You see, Marxism is based on jealousy and hate. Once infected, there's no recovery.

      Civil war is coming. Famine will follow. Students of history know this well.

    2. There have never been consequences for democrats lying previously. There needs to be serious consequences so when democrats look for a patsy in the future, there will at least be second thoughts.

    3. At least by the patsy.

    4. Lone Star:
      The SPANISH Civil War is fascinating but the analogy does not follow. Unfortunately, while we have guns and people,there are no institutions Church, Educational, Civil Servant, Police or media that support people like you and I who are more numerous than generally acknowledged. Where is our Francisco Franco?

    5. Lone Star:
      The SPANISH Civil War is fascinating but the analogy does not follow. Unfortunately, while we have guns and people,there are no institutions Church, Educational, Civil Servant, Police or media that support people like you and I who are more numerous than generally acknowledged. Where is our Francisco Franco?

    6. The Spanish Civil War was instructive. My basic point is this....even the NKVD couldn't reason with the anarchists. Franco was a rat killer, if you will. Yes, the Moros shot a lot of people, no doubt. But they were the same sort as the rabid marxists we've been watching lately. Here's a was really scarce. El Hambre....would you feed a rabid leftist? Read up on the period leading up to the return of Franco. I speak Spanish, and there's a lot that isn't translated.

      You see, there were militant lesbians trying to fight with the men. They were shot with the men.

      Another basic problem was weapons. And the lack thereof. Yes, the Marxist press was there as well. Hemingway, et al. The basic story of the war was this....was anarchy going to rule, or law and order? Assassination on both sides started up, then wholesale massacres. Again, there wasn't much food. The farmers weren't producing, and the embargoes starved more marxists than Nationalists. Yes, Franco was a monster, but the Soviet Union and the NKVD had just wiped out the Ukraine. Millions starved due to Soviet Blockades.

      Spain was a backwards country that suffered a nightmare for years. Here's what is sickening to's happening again.

  3. Now that Republicans in the Senate, especially the Judiciary Committee are getting the Trump-treatment by the media and the violent left they are awake to their enemies at last.

    It's been a very interesting denouement.

  4. Manchin is a lock for re-election if he follows through with his YES vote on cloture with a YES vote on confirmation, even if there is a red wave. Not only did he cross party lines, he was the ONLY Democrat to cross party lines. I think it is more powerful and helpful to him, politically, since no dead-person walking Dem, such as Donnelly (DEAD-IN), McCaskill (DEAD-MO), Heitkamp (SO DEAD SHE'S MUMMIFIED-ND), or Tester (MERELY DYING-MT) crossed party lines with him.

    1. So he does the right thing on two votes and for that we vote for him? Shullbit. Take a look at his ACU rating. He’s up there (down there??) with Da Nang Dick and Evil Chuckie. Keep going negative, Patrick.

    2. That’s right Z. I pray that the good people of WV are wise to this trick and that Moressey can get that message across (with help from PDJT).

    3. MAGA is as MAGA does.

      Man chin ain't done MAGA.

      Man chin ain't doing MAGA now.

      Man chin ain't no ways MAGA.

      Fuck man chin.

  5. As an old Army man, you know a leader leads from the front, not his behind.

  6. (Except Patrick Morrisey. If Manchin supports Kavanaugh, he wins re-election.)
    Is this all it takes to get reelected in WV.The only saving feature will be ,he will be in the minority after Nov 6,2018

  7. Chinestein turned ashen when she saw the contents of the FBI report. I think she knows her goose is cooked.

    1. Won't happen. She's been carrying the water for the swamp. No way she's prosecuted. Treason for money. So, how much longer is she for this mortal coil?

  8. "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind."

  9. The limp republicans are growing a spine as they are seeing victory after victory by our President. Taxes may have been the start, but trade, Korea, etc. have been victories against the liberal and media mob.

    You do t grow taaaaaahhhhhres of winning.

  10. I sincerely hope Don is right -- and the power of the tax cuts plus booming economy PLUS Dem over reach on smearing a very very good man (WITH a diary!), if the Reps get united, there could well be a Red Wave. And even more winning thru 2020...

  11. Steve in GreensboroOctober 5, 2018 at 6:53 PM

    I am afraid you are right about Manchin's re-election, but I hope for my good opinion of the people of West Virginia that you are wrong.

    Waiting for the Republicans to get 50 votes for Kavanaugh and ONLY THEN signing on is a pretty slimy thing for Manchin to do.

    Compare Manchin to Collins, who stood up in front of the country and described in detail her rationale for voting for Kavanaugh.

    What was Manchin's rationale? I don't want to be the deciding vote, but I will vote for Kavanaugh in order to get re-elected?

    I hope your fellow West Virginians see through this fraud.

  12. No one else jumps to say (so, I will), Minority Leader Sen Choomer (D as in doof, like boof, NY) may have given Sen Manchin the "pass" to stand up for Brett K. Unlike the stare-down Sen Manchin got from Sen Schumer when Sen Manchin thought about standing to applaud the good economic news VSG DJT, POTUS, was mentioning during IIRC the State of the Union. MAGA

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not want to rain on your parade with victory after victory for Trump and the confirmation of Kavanaugh being a capstone, but lest we forget, Mueller still has his witch hunt in progress. I have read that elements of Fake News have been alerted by Mueller (thru sleazy aides) that the mother of all lies will be told by the special prosecutor's office just before the mid-term election. Sex scandals won't work against Trump, so the Hillary supporters working for Mueller will be creative and the lie will be monstrous, I'm sorry to say.

    1. Ah, the dreaded, democrat Lie del Monsteroso!!

      Oh, the horrors.....the horrors....the horrors.......................

      Presented by the phantom, unknown by monicker, always adept at the lovely taint of duplicity.

      Translation: democrats are primed and panting at the leash to engage in yet another self guillotining.

      Not ever contented with their current Schlonging, democrats, being the greedy in all things creatures that they are, will be, courtesy of the unknown commemter, demanding another Schlonging, a massive and monsterous Schlonging, within the next few weeks.

      Why is this so plausible?

      Because they're democrats.

      MAGA will endure.

      MAGA has Huge reserves of Schlongings just sitting patiently to be drawn upon.

      So, as the world turns, so do the roiling demcrat maggots, nestled within the sink hole of shit of their own makings.

      Roil, democrat maggots, roil.........

    2. What have your 'read'? I've read just the opposite - that the Dems fear an October Surprise from The Donald. From the Politico no less...