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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The revolution will be narcissistic

Maya Singer, a writer for Vogue, is so upset by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh that she tapped out a column, "Who’s Up for Burning It All Down?"

She began by talking about her favorite subject.


She wrote, "I am going to try to write this calmly. I want to remain calm because I want to remain lucid. Also, if my hands are shaking with rage, I cannot type. So you'll have to give me a minute, as I work up to the bit about Molotov cocktails. I’ll get there, but first I have to talk about podcasts.

"My podcast feed can be divvied up into two types of show: shows about politics and the news, and shows that I listen to in order to escape politics and the news. Of the latter, Karina Longworth’s Hollywood history, You Must Remember This is a favorite. I also like to dip into the BBC Radio 4 series In Our Time, where I can find out about cephalopods and hear eminent scholars discuss Middlemarch.

"There are some junkier podcasts, too, but I’ve found, over the past year or so, that the best way for me to eject myself from the crashing fighter jet of current events is to expand my mind. Learning allows me to see myself as part of the tapestry of earth and time, rather than someone stuck in a present that’s all too often dumbfoundingly horrifying. Thus did I dive into to the Revolutions podcast, Mike Duncan’s five year-old series exploring history’s great revolutions."

Wow, she is so deep what with listening to podcasts about squids and 19th century serial novels. Why she is just like a jet fighter, is she not?

Then she went on about her thoughts on the French Revolution.

In a fashion magazine.

My French history is a little thin here but I am pretty sure Marie Antoinette read the fashion magazines back in the day. The peasants read, well, they could not read.

To her, a revolution is an abstract notion that somehow will allow her to get her way politically.

"History rhymes, as they say, and if you listen to a few seasons of Revolutions, what you’ll discover is that the prerevolution rhyme scheme tends to go something like: People demand more rights and more economic equality/ The minority of people with the majority of the money and power get freaked out and respond by seizing even more money and power/ The people get very mad but at first they try to work within the system, like, they might storm the Bastille but even then they’re still basically cool with the king/ The rich, powerful minority make a big show of giving the masses the finger, pretty much to make the point that they're in charge, and they always will be/ Blammo, revolution," she wrote.

The rich powerful minority pay her salary. She sides with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos. All men. All white. All 54 and older.

She ended her piece, "thanks to the firestorm around Kavanaugh, no other nominee could demonstrate so plainly to the American public that consolidating power is precisely what McConnell, and his fellow GOP senators, and their wealthy backers, intend to do. Well, history rhymes. They’ll have no one to blame but themselves if we riot."

You-made-us-riot. How cute. How liberal. How insane.

But maybe Vogue can give fashion tips on what to wear to the riot -- and how to protect your nails when raising that flag -- bare breasted of course.

Hat tip: Gabriel Hays at News Busters.


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  1. Im sure you can find some crazy people on out side. That's just human nature and the Bell Curve.
    But, dang. They have the Most and the Worst.

    Vote in November like your life and your freedom depended on it.

    1. In the long running Nurture versus Nature debate, you came down squaring in the Nature camp. I don't deny that Nature plays her part. However, so does Nurture. We live in s society where to teach the Golden Rule is s taboo, but to poison our youths with concept of self esteemed in worshiped. We have it backwards.

    2. hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

      How about we apply the Dem's new Rule of Law to the Hillary email crimes ? Still not too late to prosecute her...

      ******************** RED TSUNAMI*************************
      ▀▀█▀▀░█▀▀▀▄░█░U░█░█▀▀▄▀▀█░█▀▀▀█░.█.█ ░░█░░░█▄▄▄▀░█░S░█░█░░█░░█░█▄▄▄█░.█.█
      ░░█░░░█░░░█░█▄▄▄█░█░░█░░█░█░.2020. ▄.▄

  2. Let us examine Robespierre and St Just, the leading leftists of the French Revolution, and see whether they sound like Maya Singer.

    “Terror is nothing else than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible.”
    ― Maximilien de Robespierre

    "A nation regenerates itself only upon heaps of corpses." Saint-Just quoting Mirabeau before members of the Committee of Public Safety, October 17, 1793.

    One final note ... Robespierre and St Just were themselves finally guillotined by the mob.

    1. According to most historians the Jacobins were more center-left. The Hebertistes and sanscullottes or radicals of the Paris sections were the true left. While the Jacobins made an alliance of sorts with the Paris left in order to seize power and oust those who ended up being called Girondists or federalists, they were bourgeois and most of the legislation they passed reflected bourgeois values including property (granted, this was done with a bit of hypocrisy, as they had just confiscated church lands). The extreme left wing legislation they passed, such as the maximum price on bread, was done as a last resort to keep their coalition together. That coalition began to fall apart after they beheaded many leftist leaders, and again, out of necessity had to regulate wages as well. Capping of his alienation of everyone was Robespierre's attempt to sneak through legislation that would allow him to send members of the Convention to the Revoutionary Tribunal. And it wasn't the mob that beheaded him, it was the politicians of the Convention who were afraid that they would be next. Tallien, the man who began the denunciations of Robespierre, was under suspicion for corruption while he had been a representative on mission.

      I've been reading about the French Revolution for a couple of years now, and one thing I've learned is that many of the presuppositions about it are not true, both by left wing and right wing commentators. So many things happened around that time that are easy to become outraged about, I think it fogs people's senses.

      In one of the books I'm reading now (Politics, culture, and class in the French Revolution, by Lynn Hunt) she expresses wonder that the social makeup of the politicians of two towns, one left wing and one right wing, are virtually identical. In other words, the categories that are supposed to be determinative of politics are not at all predictive.

      This is the conundrum facing the left today. Why is it that poor whites (and from what I'm seeing even quite a few blacks who are definitely not well off, but barely out of qualifying for welfare) would be voting for conservative candidates? This defies everything they've been taught in high school and college. All of their indoctrination is failing them. And for the most part, they can't even tell.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I’m working on a piece myself: “Who’s Up For Airing Out Everybody Who Wants To Burn It All Down.”

    Don’t poke the bear, LibCommies, you ain’t gonna like what happens if you do.

  4. Taking after master orator Sotero, the over-inflated use of first person singular in speaking and writing is now the mark of the left.

    1. The genius of Obama was his ability to turn solipsism into a movement. The above columnist is a good example.

    2. You know Doc;

      When Obama ran and won in 2008, many on the right said he would bring socialism. That was poo-pooed as being extremist delusional.

      Ten years later we have different degrees of socialists in the Democrat party. (Yesterday on MSNBC the head of the DNC said the moderates had left the party.) In a nutshell, they want government run everything and open borders. Anyone that doesn't agree with them needs to be shamed, threatened, and destroyed.

      America needs to take a step back and realize what we've become.

    3. I don't disagree with you, but I haven't 'become' anything. I'm still a mainstream conservative with some libertarian leanings. Standard issue stuff. The other side has gone batshit however.

  5. While Trump does show a genius for personnel ... just look at the disparate types he's managed to get hitched together to plow a straight furrow ... said types are also no doubt aware that the danger confronting the United States is just too imminent and the enemy too close.

  6. So the weak men drawn to a self proclaimed "very stable genius" find someone narcissistic?

  7. Maya is wasting her time and talents on politics.

    Since - as Bill Maher and other lefty pundits tell us multiple times daily - we live in a democracy, she needs to head out to the race track. The fans get to vote before each race on which horse will win, place, and show. The results will be shown before betting commences. Then damnnabit, those horses BETTER finish in that order, BECAUSE WE'RE A DEMOCRACY!

    Come one, come all - get out to the track and vote. Then become a guaranteed Trifecta winner! You don't need to be an American citizen, you just need to show up and vote.

    This works with everything in American life. Vote yourself free healthcare. Free cars. Free homes. Free sex robots. Want to be doctor? Climate Scientist? Movie Star? You can be whatever you want - just vote yourself in!

  8. Yeah I can see why she'd look to the French Revolution. Not the American Revolution. Stupid and not really relevant; we are still Americans.

  9. Every year For a couple of decades before his death last year the billionaire owner of this woman's magazine, one of a portfolio of the largest print magazine holding in the world, held court at a restaurant in Manhattan. How close one was placed to the King determined his or her
    immediate future. No one sat when he stood, no one spoke to him without being spoken to. The fashionistas are not the Sandernistas but they get to dress like them, wear the bandarilla rosa in silk with knee length Castro jungle boots in Ostrich, pretend for awhile they are not just penned chattel. Radical chic redux in the age of Trump.

  10. had a fascinating 'debate' with a far leftist on a Hill thread last night. I learned that conservatives/Trump are so dangerous with their political views that we can and should be murdered. If we use harsh words, they are justified in being violent. Also, if they kill us, it's in self defense. The real hard left dead enders have a diseased thinking process. They are frightening.

    1. Both Cryin' Chuck and Crooked Hillary made statements yesterday that the Dems would no longer be Mr. Nice Guy with the radical, dangerous R's.

      That is this weeks David Brock penned script funded by George Soros that the leaders are handing down to the indoctrinated zombies. A waste of time trying to reason with them.

      The Trump Train and America continues to move forward, leaving them further and further behind, and getting madder by the day. Their choice.

    2. You know what they're saying: We uppity Republicans need to be put in our place.

  11. Steyn and Tucker were talking about this the other day. Usually the Left at least cloak their Revolutions in terms of being for the common man. But this is a revolution of the Elites against the Common Man.

    First, they fix Hillary's case so she remains Above the Law as usual, then, with their Cockroach Coup,
    undermine Washington's peaceful transfer of executive power by the People.

    They even had British and Aussie spies help wiretap Trump. And Bernie bro Seth Rich gets the Glock Guillotine on the sidewalk.

    Their Mueller Fraud is just a rear-guard action to keep their own corrupt asses out of jail. And they produced the Christine Ford Show Trial to pick our Justices, too.

    This is a revolution against the working class by the wealthy, powerful, the entrenched and corrupt Media, government and corporate Elites.

  12. Thus did I dive into to the Revolutions podcast, Mike Duncan’s five year-old series exploring history’s great revolutions."

    Sorry to see her soiling Mike Duncan's reputation, if only by association with her own self.

    I've been listening to the Revolutions (English, American, French, Haitian, South American, European and now Mexican) Podcast for some while now.

    One of the best podcasts in the universe. Tied with Dan Carlin for best history podcast.

    If you like history, Mike is a great, and non-political, explainer.

    John Henry