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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Establishment learns failure has consequences

The New World Order of George Herbert Walker Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev was supposed to lead to peace and prosperity.

President Bush introduced it to a joint meeting of Congress on September 11, 1990.

Its first order of business was the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

1993 brought the European Union.

Margaret Thatcher reluctantly signed on after being assured that Britain could leave anytime it wished, no questions asked.

1994 brought NAFTA, which among other things promised to reduce the number of illegal aliens in our nation.

A quarter-century later, the world sees it was a bunch of lies. The rich paid off the politicians to become richer. Iran and Iraq fostered terrorism to avenge economic sanctions by the rest of the world. Russia devolved into the oligarchic symbol of the New World Order.

Obama was an utter joke.

China meanwhile grows large and strong thanks to the trade deficits it enjoys. Its plan is world domination beginning in 2025. We are funding its military.

The New World Order failed. Now people are rising across the world. Every nation seems to have its own Donald John Trump. Mexico elected Andrés Manuel López Obrador as president. The Czechs elected Andrej Babiš. Brazil elected Jair Bolsonaro. Germans are about to dump Angela Merkel

The press invariably portrays them as Hitler.

But it is an admission that the New World Order is the Weimar Republic.

Failure has consequences.


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  1. Hitler, as most know here-was a socialist-so was Mussolini ...
    Crony Capitalism goes hand an hoof with that.
    Antifa is just a reboot of the Klan-execept they don't have to wash..the sheets..

    1. Mussolini was little different from Lenin.

      Both were state capitalists.

  2. Very well put.

    Another Revolution of 1848.

  3. The "New World Order' had its roots in David Rockefeller's 'Tri-Lateral Commission. It was to bring in a world run by big business types, and policed by intelligence agencies such as the USA's CIA and the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee - often referred to as MI5.

    Former CIA Chief HW Bush was a supporter. He was running neck-and-neck with Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Republican primary when word filtered out about Bush's support of a one-world government. Reagan rallied.

    Reagan's big mistake was putting Bush on the ticket to placate the RINO's. As President, Bush ushered in the Commission's policies including negotiating NAFTA, that Clinton signed. John McCain, the Clinton's, Bill Kristol-types were friendly political adversaries over 25-30 years, they were in agreement about the takedown of American sovereignty and prosperity. They personally prospered financially.

    As Don notes, what we're seeing today is desperate effort by the establishment media - in the US, Europe, and other countries - to not only throw a Hail Mary pass, but to have the ball explode and kill members of the opposition team. Their problem is too many of us on the team, and that we exercise exercise our 2nd amendment rights as written - to protect ourselves from our government if it encroaches on or right to remain a free people.

  4. And Hungary has Orban, the first European leader to show any backbone in refusing to go along with Merkel's plan to overwhelm European nations with illiterate third world peasants.

    1. Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and possibly Slovakia as well.

  5. Hungary, Brazil, and of course the US of A.
    There's a new world order coming, all right. Just not the one the globalists wanted.

  6. This is a lot of fun to watch hope many more countries join the parade.

  7. As Murray Rothbard relates below, the 20th century was all about the return of State power. Well, the 21st may be a move back toward liberty and freedom. I mean really, what's on offer these days from the "intellectuals" is essentially a return to serfdom and feudal lords. See California.

    "But always, after a greater or smaller time lag, the State has moved into these new areas, to cripple and confiscate social power once more. If the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries were, in many countries of the West, times of accelerating social power, and a corollary increase in freedom, peace, and material welfare, the twentieth century has been primarily an age in which State power has been catching up—with a consequent reversion to slavery, war, and destruction."

    Rothbard, Murray N.. The Anatomy of the State (1974)

  8. Don't forget, China entering the WTO was going to topple Communism.