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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Suspicious packages, not bombs

Always wait 24 hours before reacting politically to crime news because the media generally does a terrible job in reporting national crime stories. Rumors and hype hound the coverage because the amount of actual news does not warrant the amount of time devoted to the story on cable television. Commentary from people ignorant of the facts (and limited in their intellect) dominate the airwaves.

The day after someone sent suspicious packages to several Democrats, the public knows seven facts.

First, this was domestic terrorism. The recipients were terrified. Who wouldn't be horrified to receive a suspicious package?

Given that all the people targeted are Democratic officials (John Brennan's was sent to CNN) and George Soros, this was political. 

Second, they were Fake Bombs. 

The New York Post reported, "Photos of the device show a cylindrical object, about six inches long, wrapped in black electrical tape and with wires emerging from either end. The wires — one red and one black — lead to a digital clock or timer taped to the middle of the tube."

An official told the New York Times the suspicious packages were alike, “Same package. Same device.”

The Post's story later said, "A source briefed on that device and the one sent to CNN told the Post on Wednesday that they couldn’t actually have blown up because neither was equipped with a blasting cap or other means of detonating explosive material."

Thus law enforcement experts are investigating suspicious packages, not bombs. That makes the case odder, but just as serious.

Third, given that all the packages were the same, this likely was the work of one person or group.

Fourth, the motive is known only to the sender or senders.

Fifth, all commentary on this case is based on ignorance. I do not know enough to offer much more than facts.

Some others admit it. Police experts on the cable outlets have been particularly cautious, and I suppose a few wise pundits also admitted they did not know enough facts to make an intelligent comment.

Sixth, that does not stop people from blaming President Trump. Why not? They blame hurricanes and foreign murders on him.

Finally, the media's history of falling for hoaxes complicates the situation. Liberals have succeeded in destroying America's ability to trust its media. Calling a suspicious package a bomb did little to reassure us that the media is run by competent people.

A reader wrote, "Let me just say up front that political violence by either side is wrong, should not be tolerated, and should be universally condemned. However, this sudden surge in suspicious packages to Democrats smells as a possible hoax by a left winger. 

"We've seen it so many times in racist graffiti, or claims of violence, turning out to be hoaxes perpetrated by a minority person in hopes of stirring up sympathy and demonizing the other side. I would not be surprised at all if all of these pipe bomb devices targeting liberals were sent by some liberal nut job to deflect attention from the violence by the left toward conservatives. 

"We've already seen the left blaming the so-called rhetoric by President Trump as causing this. Forget about the non-stop drumbeat by Maxine, Hillary, Eric, Nancy, and Chuck to confront conservatives at every turn."

The good news is no one was injured or killed, and no property was damaged.

The bad news is this case underscores why we cannot have faith in the media. 


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  1. 1. the first batch arrived at the same time. 2.none were processed by the postal service. 3. the main targets all had statements ready to go. 4. they know there is a missing one for biden?

  2. Two thing Ihav enoticed this am.:
    1.CNN was in no hurry to get out when they discovered the package. Took pictures, handled it.Darwin award stupid-unless you knew something.
    2. Soros jr. appeared in a sulfurous cloud
    on the NYT editorial page.-within the hour of the first discovery-which was pappy's mailbox. Stinks like a red herring in the
    There is more to all this but the above stood out as the caffine kicked in..

  3. At the rate of desperation driven panic these democrat grafters are going, it will be no surprise if a sacrificial lamb is chosen, aka involuntarily volunteers, to take one for the graft team.

    I can imagine the conversations within the nests of the grafters:

    She be so old.....pick her!!!!!

    He be so nasty.....pick him!!!!

    She/He always be bustin' ah empty nut.....pick she/he!!!!!

    He/She be flamin' like he/she be all dat......pick he/she!!!!!

    Naw, y'all gots dis screwjified!!!! We can't be doin' ourselfs like dat!!!!

    But, daaaayam, dude!!!! Dem other guys ain't doin' nuttin' but winning!!!!! We gots ta do sumtin'!!!!!

    (Stinky smoke begins to seep out of the cracks forming rapidly in the walls of the nest...... Oh, wait, smoke is coming from their noggins......)

  4. Yesterday afternoon and evening, "Acme Company" memes were all over Twitter.

    My favorite was from the cartoon where Wylie is sitting on a red bomb lighting the fuse in back to propel him in the air and finally bring down the Roadrunner. Stenciled on the side was:

    Wylie E. Coyote
    The Acme Company


    His bomb appeared to be constructed better the the "bombs" sent yesterday.

    1. Yesterday’s “bombs” were bought from ACME’s discount outlet where the most defective items are sold.


    3. those items are NOT defective... they are all prototypes, proof of concept, factory rejects and seconds and customer dissatisfied returns due to not working as advertised.

    4. Yeah, that Wile E. Coyote cartoon was my favorite too- but Mr. Coyote wasn't lighting the fuse on that red bomb; he was actually lighting his own tail on fire!

      Which is pretty much the situation that the Dems are in now, they've lit their own tails on fire!

  5. The media are into some deep gaslighting now. No matter who it turns out did this they will not report it honestly.

    1. Unless by some minuscule (1/1024) chance it did come from a conservative source.

  6. I keep hearing the MSM complaining about "Trump's rhetoric" being a cause of the tension in this country. What exact rhetoric are they talking about besides his constant fake news taunts?

    1. Trump's rhetoric is his refusal to be attacked and not fight back.
      Republicans are supposed to take insults and fake news and are never supposed to retaliate.

  7. Re: 24% is greater than 16%. Glad to see you are still tweeting. I read them all and enjoy them.

  8. Agreed, we don't know much at this point. In my opinion, FWIW, the whole reeks of false flag.

  9. The "bombs" had no method of detonating. These weren't intended to harm anyone.

  10. Dinesh D'Souza Verified account
    16h16 hours ago

    Alinsky once urged leftists to dress up as Klansmen and go to GOP events and cheer wildly. The media, he said, would jump at the chance to publicize the fake smear. Does all of this sound a little bit familiar?

    1. Yeah, they did the same thing at Tea Party events: the Left would have some jerk with Nazi gear & swastika flags attend, who was looking for a TV camera to film him.

      Most Tea Partiers got onto that ruse quickly, and had signs saying, "This joker is a PLANT!" to hold up around the guy.

      The Left never comes up with anything new, it's always the same old garbage recycled!

  11. This was a DNC publicity stunt. I knew it when they announced they were defective and could not explode that has liberal written all over it.
    They wanted to create sympathy with the voter and try to win without a serious strategy of any concept of agenda other than the standard DNC (50 years in the making) agenda.
    If the FBI can tract them down, they will find that the nut job that did this had committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head 5 times.

  12. I've seen comments that the fact that

    -- none were sent to Bernie Sanders, and

    -- all had Debbie Whatshername Schnitz's address as the return, and that

    -- Debbie WS caused the most damage to Bernie during the primaries,

    -- that it is a better than fifty percent chance the perp is a Bernie Bro.

    I'll add that since none of the devices (thus far) is capable of detonating, that the builder wasn't serious or was seriously incompetent.

  13. A fake bomb is the latest NYC prestige item. If you don't have one you are nobody. Even the governor rushed to claim he got one when he didn't( he called out the national guard to reaffirm his importance ) The liberal upper echelons of the city( ie everyone) have never been happier: the cameras, the seriously sanctimonious speeches, the self-awarded medals hand engraved with oak leaf cluster for bravery. How could it get any better? Meanwhile the NYT publishes Trump murder fantasies. Splendid splendid! Lunch is on me, they are saying! Yes indeed.

  14. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that this story also gave the MSM a story to focus on that would keep the eyes off of the invading mob from the south? Seems typical of how stories that don't go the way the left wants are suddenly pushed out of the way so they can focus on a suddenly convenient story to replace them.

    1. DING! Give the man a cigar! - Elric

  15. That Debbie was the return address is key. She is NOT on the conservative radar from anything I've read in over 2 years. She has been disappeared by the media desperate to hide the IT scandal.

    So the Butthurt-Bernie Bro idea carries weight with me. Who knows, but DWS is a tell. And also, who was sent bombs. Why would they send 2 to Biden?? Oh, he's rumored to be running in 2020, no? And too.. .these were bomblets... 1" pvc, 6" long? Seriously? Clock not even hooked up.. just taped on for looks.

  16. Well seeing as many democrats are non believers in creationism, I guess they should be comfortable with the big bang theory.

  17. Am I the only one here willing to say it, those were President Trump's fault. if he wasn't doing such a great job with the economy and our national interests, the dems would not be so desperate as to send stupid devices disguised as bombs to themselves.

  18. The profession of Politician, as defined and practiced by democrats, and many republicans, is, has been, and will continue to be that of grafting con artists.

    The democrats have been this from their party's inception.

    The many republicans who also find that graft is attractive, via their propensity for hubristic elitist posturings, are as guilty in this regard.

    Our MAGA President is not a professional politician, thus, is, by default, not a career grafting scumbag.

    The additional qualities he is imbued with merely add to his ample capabilities to induce, by the fact of his Presidency, the insanities of democrat grafters desperations, republican career elistist pompous asses peevish poutings and the rest of the nation's knuckleheads blatherings most absurd.

    Ideological issues have null value to MAGA.

    MAGA is putting food on the table, roof over heads of family, a patch of earth as one's home and all earned via honest efforts.

    Honest efforts are toxic to democrats, toxic to professional politicians and, thus, they will reliably do any damn thing to avoid having to actually do honest work.

    MAGA feeds all.

    The democrats seek to feed off of anyone they can.

    Fucking parasites.

  19. >> Fucking parasites.
    Politics -- from POLI meaning many + TICS (sp) blood-sucking insects...thus many blood-sucking insects!