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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Salena Zito sees a red wave

Real Clear Politics says the Democrats have a 7.3-point lead in the House races.

I guess my prediction from six months ago was wrong, "My first and final prediction is Republicans will hold the House and the Senate in the midterms, and likely add to their lead in the latter. They may even have a rare net gain in both houses for the party in power."

But hold the phone. Salena Zito, the reporter who actually talks to people, has a fresh take on the matter.

She wrote, "Jason Vogel is fired up to vote. He says his passion crystallized two weeks ago when he saw just how chaotic Washington would be if the Democrats seized power in Congress. When Democratic senators smeared Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as an attempted rapist without proof, and angry protesters stormed the Capitol, he says he grew increasingly concerned."

Well, one guy in Erie, Pennsylvania, hardly matters, right?

But Zito pointed out that President Trump is the effect, not the cause.

"If you understood what happened at all in 2016, the election was never about him. He didn’t cause the coalition to form, he was the result of it," she wrote.

Failure has consequences. The people have been unhappy in ever-growing numbers ever since Ronald Reagan left office.

They supported H. Ross Perot in 1992. Newt Gingrich in 1994. Sarah Palin in 2008. Heck, some of them supported Obama that year. Their causes are not the same.

There were Western ranchers behind him who wanted the open land. There were hunters who wanted guns. There were evangelicals who wanted the embassy in Jerusalem. There were Catholics who wanted funding for Planned Parenthood to end. There were crime victims who wanted the wall. But most of all, there were Americans who were tired of having to apologize for being American.

My point is the apolitical majority is motivated. They now have a winner as their leader.

Zito interviewed President Trump on his trip to Erie.

He said, "It’s very interesting and it’s also a very aspiring coalition of people — they all want to come together."

The place was packed. he said, "They say there’s 14,000 people outside that can’t get in. You know we build screens outside, it’s always like that."

Readers must see President Trump for who he is in this year's election drama. He is the closer who motivates people to vote.

However, the Kavanaugh hearing pre-empted him. The situation was so unfair that it angered people.

When the fake rape accusation failed, Democrats threw kitchen sink after kitchen sink at him. Going after a guy for writing boof in his yearbook is insane.

Trump just has to keep that enthusiasm going.

Zito wrote, "For the Trump coalition, this election was always going to be about the local issues that hit them where they live. Their suburbs, exurbs, small towns, mid-sized towns and farming communities have eroded over the past few generations. Trump intuitively knew that, and he knows this is what could galvanize them again in the midterms and maybe match the intensity of Democrats who will come out to vote against him."

And Democrats are helping President Trump and his party.

"If the Democrats keep supporting people who claw at the doors of the Supreme Court in protest, or harass Republicans and their families at dinners, or talk nonstop about impeachment or echo Hillary Clinton’s sentiment that: 'You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for,' then they may do what I thought unlikely: stop their own blue wave mid-flow," Zito wrote.

Democrats refuse to accept the result of the 2016 election. Until they do, they will continue behaving badly, which will cost them election after election until they start acting like grown-ups again.


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  1. I would say that a lot can happen in three weeks between now and Election Day, but with early voting becoming more and more important each election cycle, Election Day 2018 has already begun. This is it, kidz.
    It's on.

  2. I don't know why, but whenever the Repubs. get control spending skyrockets. I would hope PDT might soon put the brakes on the spending that is going on. Probably they are out of power so often that they need to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak.

    1. A lot of Whigs and Chuckie Schumer's Republicans are retiring. They've been around Democrats so long, trying to one up them, they think like Demos.

      They will be replaced by Trumnplicans.

      That should make things better.

  3. I don't cooperate with telephone polls. They are commissioned by left-wing fake "news" operations that I despise. RCP's average is totally dominated by these scumbags.

    1. If they ever called me, I would have a great time telling them how much I, and all my friends, relations, co-workers and neighbors, just hate hate hate President Trump & can't wait to see him dragged off to prison!

      I'd be 100% for Hillary and 110% for Bernie, and I'd hope that the Socialist Party can come out into the open where they'll clean up! I'd tell them that Antifa was the best boy band ever! Oh, all the things I'd tell them--

      But they never call me.

    2. They called me a some years ago. The first question was whether I was more conservative or more liberal. I said "definitely more conservative". They thanked me and hung up.

  4. Trump just has to keep that enthusiasm going.

    I think the enthusiasm, and the outrage, are there. Anybody who follows the Demos - not they want to push "health care" again and are telling everybody don't talk about immigration (good luck with another invasion coming from Central America) - is already motivated.

    Trump just shines a spotlight on important races.

  5. Boy, those Iowa Electronic Markets numbers are tempting. 15 cents for Republican hold and 5 cents for Republican gain. You could clean up on all them fools betting we lose. I barely missed out on a windfall when Dubya got 51.8 popular against Kerry and I bet 52. Fook.

  6. Polls are unreliable. In a world where to be found out as a Trump voter can cause you to lose your job who in their right mind is going to risk outing themselves to a lefty pollster?

  7. I am betting your prediction is closer than RCP's, Don. After Kavanaugh I've been predicting we will hold the House, perhaps by a slim margin, and gain 3 to 5 in the Senate,

  8. The Democrats latest Hail Mary is this Khashoggi guy. He's a Saudi who living in the US and was allegedly murdered by the Saudis in Turkey.

    The Democrats are trying to blame it on Trump. I don't know what really happened but I can't see this hurting Trump with the voters.

  9. "Democrats refuse to accept the result of the 2016 election. Until they do, they will continue behaving badly, which will cost them election after election until they start acting like grown-ups again."

    I'm afraid that you have hit the nail on the head; "acting like grown-ups". The only time that Democrats win is when they 'act'. If they show their true selves, they lose elections. Once they gain power again, they can then continue to enact their hidden agendas.

    I have not voted for a democrat in over 40 years, and I never will again. I just don't trust them.

  10. Right, they need to keep losing until they are grown up enough to understand that they lost.

    But Reps also need more jokes about Socialist Dems who all supported Venezuela's Chavez years ago -- and whose policies destroyed a rich ex-capitalist democracy.