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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Project ACME: This Time It's Different

A reader tipped me to the Democrat Party's playbook to win in November.

Called Project ACME -- Action to Conquer the Midterm Election -- its motto is "This Time It's Different."

Its 57 authors have among them a combined 33 doctorates in political science, 20 doctorates in communication, 10 doctorates in womyn's studies, and several law degrees. Some of them have more than one PhD.

Their plan states, "Historically, the party out of power gains an average of 30 seats in the House and four in the Senate. While that is enough to take the House and the Senate, that is not good enough. We must win convincingly by taking at least 50 seats in the House and all nine available Senate seats.

"To that end, we must turn Texas blue and crush Republicans by backing the Fake Hispanic over the real one. Conventional wisdom holds that we should raise money and work to protect our incumbents in Drumpf states.

"But conventional wisdom is not worthy of people of our caliber.

"Instead our plan calls for giving Beto O'Rourke a record amount of money, and national publicity just like we did Wendy Davis the Abortion Barbie four years ago.

"Yes, she lost by 21 points, but This Time It's Different.

"Next, we need to gin up Antifa. Street demonstrations and chasing down our opponents at restaurants and the like will serve as a warning to voters to vote correctly or face two more years of terror. Maxine Waters and Hillary can be counted on to encourage our troops to storm the streets.

"If possible, attack a 76-year-old polio survivor in a restaurant, and throw his food out the window.

"Yes, riots elected Richard Nixon president in 1968, but This Time It's Different.

"Next, we need to gin up the women's vote by turning the Brett Kavanaugh hearing into Anita Hill 2.0. We must find someone willing to #MeToo Kavanaugh. We need a professional, activist woman we can trust. She can say she recollected some vague account of a sexual encounter. Be sure to scrub her social media as we don't want the enemy to dox her.

"Yes, Clarence Thomas won confirmation in 1991, but This Time It's Different.

"Finally, we need to shore up the Hispanic vote by bringing a caravan of refugees (we no longer use undocumented workers) from Guatemala. They will clash with police as they fight for their rights as non-citizens. This will be just like the May Day parades of Mexicans in America in 2006.

"Yes, that killed immigration reform, but This Time It's Different.

"The thing to remember is old ideas were good but like socialism were never really implemented properly. Calling Drumpf's supporters deplorable two years ago would have worked. Hillary just said it wrong.

"The past would have worked, and it will because This Time It's Different."

Signed, the wily Committee Of Young, Overwhelmingly Talented Experts.


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  1. Yeah, the Dims are pretty Wile E. aren't they?

  2. Update on the caravan of refugees... Guatemala's president says thousands of migrants heading for the United States have turned around and are going back to Honduras

    1. Some have broken through as Mexican police watched.

      Care to guess who bribed them?

  3. If you go to Fox, you'll find many in the restaurant stood up for McConnell.

    This Time It's Really Different.

  4. You should number the paragraphs so we can score ourselves by how far we got when we realized that you were firing us up.

  5. Don I think, somehow, Chuck Jones is smiling... TG

  6. Dig a coyote-shaped hole in the White House Lawn on 07 Nov.

  7. In remembrance of Mr. Wellstone, the DC elites pretended to care at two funerals. In public view of the world, they denounced a man that wasn't even in attendance.

    The Democrats did that to poor Mr. Wellstone, it cost them dearly in the elections, but this time it will be different.

  8. Democrats have no discipline. Disadvantage of a pacifist education.

    Never hurts in life to have encountered someone who has chill pouring off him/her like an open freezer.

  9. Interesting. Looks like Wexler will beat Comstock then. Ya reap what you sow. Well, MMA, just keep things clean down there. I can handle getting beat but not by a fraudulent election. Thanks for the report.

  10. Thomas Wictor is predicting a mega, mega, MAGA, red tsunami. I tend to agree. People by and large are not stupid.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I worked 2016. Worked 2012 too. Insane. Probably nothing on this one. Wish I could work, but have a baby who will be ten months old on Election day and they wouldn't let me take him so sucks to be them. Can't wait to vote - gonna be awesome.


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