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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Press ignores the fizzling of Mueller's indictments

Bungling Bob Mueller's Dream Team had a terrible week last week in court before U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich. Mueller indicted 13 Russians (including a company) in February.

Indictments are easy. Now he has to prove it. That is harder.

The judge is not going to roll over, either. She told the counsel for the Russian company that Mueller indicted for meddling, "I’ll give you, Mr. Dubelier, that this is an unprecedented case."

That was on Monday.

On Thursday, it got worse. Judge Friedrich issued a three-page order asking Mueller to explain just what-in-the-devil his legal theory is in the indictments.

Courthouse News Service reported, "Friedrich on Thursday wrote the government has not substantively responded to the company’s arguments about FECA and FARA and gave prosecutors until October 23 to clarify their position. Friedrich’s order specifically mentions a hearing earlier this week at which prosecutors said they do not need to prove Concord 'had a legal duty to report' under the laws."

Judge Friedrich asked in the order, "Should the Court assume for purposes of this motion that neither Concord nor its co-conspirators had any legal duty to report expenditures or to register as a foreign agent? Specifically, should the Court assume for purposes of this motion that neither Concord nor its co-conspirators knowingly or unknowingly violated any provision, civil or criminal, of FECA or FARA by failing to report expenditures or by failing to register as a foreign agent?"

They bought some ads on Facebook. If a few thousand bucks on Facebook ads were enough to derail Hillary's record-setting $1.2 billion campaign, maybe she is not the person we want running the country.

If they are this good, then hire the Russians. They are far better with money.

Of course, the Russians did no such thing. This case is a bunch of hooey. After nearly two years, Mueller has yet to charge anything with anything connected to the Russian Dossier that CNN pimped just before the inauguration.

Where are those urinating hookers? CNN promised us urinating hookers. I demand they show us the urinating hookers, or else toss out all the charges on everybody.

This is a joke, and I think it will end soon.

I am the farthest thing from a lawyer but it cannot be a good thing for Mueller if the judge cannot see what the crime is.

You know the case is going south because the media largely ignored the court hearing. Only Bloomberg News and trade publications seem interested.

It was not that way in February. When Mueller got the indictments on February 17, Mueller got international headlines.

From Manchester, England, the Guardian reported: "Mueller charges 13 Russians with interfering in US election to help Trump

"DoJ indictment alleges Russian operatives ‘communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign.’"

Politico reported, "New charges on Friday in the special counsel’s Russia investigation put attention squarely on a notion President Donald Trump has aggressively sought to avoid: the legitimacy of his 2016 election."

The New York Times reported, "Indictment Makes Trump's Hoax Claim Harder to Sell."

The Washington Post reported, "Trump's ‘Russia hoax’ turns out to be real."

It was like Fitzmas only this time the Republican president really was going down.

However, I told readers at the time, "Indictments show Mueller is a joke."

The case looked bad from the get-go.

"Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, said at a press conference in Washington: 'There is no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge.' Rosenstein added that the charges did not mean the Russian activity had an effect on the outcome of the election," the Guardian wrote.

And now, eight months later this Fitzmas has disappeared from the radar.

The indictments were a prosecutor's abuse of power. Mueller indicted 13 people in Russia thinking a refusal to extradite them would mean the case would never go to court.

He was surprised when they showed up.

Zero Hedge reminded readers today, "Concord Management and Consulting, LLC. -- one of three businesses indicted by Mueller in February along with 13 individuals for election meddling, surprised the special counsel in April when they actually showed up in court to fight the charges. Mueller's team tried to delay Concord from entering the case, arguing that thee Russian company not been properly served, however Judge Dabney Friedrich denied the request - effectively telling prosecutors 'well, they're here.'"

The press doesn't understand indictments. They are just charges. Yes, a grand jury rubber-stamped approval of them but prosecutors still must prove them in a court of law.

And Judge Friedrich has the power to toss the charges.

I hope she does.


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  1. I'm getting low on popcorn. Time to make a store run.

    1. You may want to bulk-buy at Sam's Club or CostCo. Or perhaps you and your neighbors will want to go shares in a rail car full?

  2. I'd rather the judge NOT dismiss the charges. Make Mueller and his team try to argue this case in open court. Expose what they've been fabricating for the nothing burger that it is.

    1. Fact: Mueller took part in a much earlier FBI frame up that sent four innocent men to prison for more than 30 years, and resulted in an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment of Joe Salvati, Louie Greco, a World War II hero, Peter Limone, and Henry Tameleo for lies of Mueller's...

      Then there was Dr Steven Hatfill - we paid $4,600,000.00 because Mueller and Comey destroyed this innocent man’s life - only Mueller didn’t count on the DNA from the Anthrax Dr Hatfill worked with (legally) was not the same as the DC attacks Muller tried to frame him for.

      Time will tell if Mueller broke some more rules with Manafort.

    2. Time will lie, they are just another liberal propaganda rag.

  3. Mueller is the Inspector Clousseau of prosecutors, so he fits in perfectly in DC.

  4. mueller's team dreads discovery if the case moves forward because he has nothing to show the "defendants" (eh, tools??).

  5. Muller and Rosenstein probably know Obama himself is at bottom of the collusion lie. Perhaps they are seeking a way to divert attention from Obama with some flimsy indictment like this or more likely some other "more serious" charge isolated from him. The press swine will then immediately "forget" collusion was even under consideration and move on to whatever that charge is declaring Trump was never absolved of collusion, only no evidence was found against him so clever were the Russians in hiding it because they know he was the second shooter on the grassy knoll. The Press are now the eternal enemy of freedom in America. Their special status should be revoked. Smoke signals are more accurate and informative than they.

    1. Well not fauxcahontass smoke signals

  6. Mueller is simply flying wingman as protection for the coup conspirators and will continue to do so until he is shot down in flames. - Elric

  7. Whoever came up with the idea of pissing prostitutes probably has a ton of personal experience in that area. The rule is the same whether writing fiction as a news reporter, a novelist, or a wannabe James Bond. You write what you know. Steele frequents pissing whores. We need to get some of them to testify in front of a Congressional committee.

  8. Müeller's goons will pay a visit to the judge: "We have your high school year book and some class mates who just recovered some memories that you wouldn't want made public. Better reconsider your position".


  9. I am for maximum embarrassment of Meuller. The media will be missing in action.

  10. As I understand it, Mueller didn't include an actual violation of the law against Concord. It was all hot air and fluff. The judge was about ready to dismiss it all so Rosenstein pulls out this 'conspiracy to defraud' charge against some Russian dame to save Mueller's bacon. She's 'defrauding' by shit-posting on Twitter allegedly.

    I'd say Mueller and Rosenstein are defrauding the government by shit-posting joke indictments. The clock is ticking on this Clown Show.

    1. People say Mueller's "special prosecutor's office" has no crime defined for them to go after. When an SC is appointed, there is supposed to be a crime specified. Apparently not so in this case.

  11. Can you imagine how much more Trump could be accomplishing if this bait and switch scam had never been tried?

    More time lost to the deep state.