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Monday, October 22, 2018

NYT appalled that Trump supporters mock liberals

NPCs are computer-generated non-player characters in video games. They are programmed to react certain ways and to say certain things because they are not human.

Social justice warriors, too, are programmed.

Posters at 4 Chan and later Reddit_The_Donald began posting memes to mock the SJWs as NPCs with usually expressionless gray faces.

They opened NPC accounts at Twitter mocking SJW-speak, knowing Twitter would ban them.

And Twitter did ban them under a new rule against "de-humanizing people." The ban did not apply to Louis Farrakhan when he tweeted Jews are termites because only a racist would ask why, that's why.

No one takes NPC accounts seriously. You would have to be a redheaded knucklehead to believe the NPCs are serious.

All this led to a New York Times story.

The New York Times reported, "There is NPC Wojak — a crudely drawn, gray cartoon avatar with a pointy nose and a blank face.

"NPC Wojak is a variation of Wojak, an old cartoon (also known as feels guy) that has become a kind of collective mascot for the far-right commenters online. In recent weeks, users on 4chan and Reddit have made all kinds of memes featuring NPC Wojak."


Ever notice how the media drops far-right like John Denver kept repeating "far out" on that old Tonight Show episode from the 1970s. You cannot be right of center. You must be far-right. I wonder if it is programmed into their computers to substitute far-right for right.

We will know for certain when ESPN starts referring to far-right fielders.

The New York Times story was a hoot. It claimed these NPC memes may interfere with the election.

Oh my. Only the media is allowed to do that, right?

I mean, far-right?

The New York Times reported, to the relief of everyone in Western Civilization that the NPC memes will not -- repeat, NOT -- interfere with  the election. The story said, "Evidence suggests that these are mostly just attention-starved gamers looking to impress one another by 'triggering the libs' with edgy memes. But not everyone gets the joke. State officials are already worried that voters will be fooled by deliberate social media campaigns that contain incorrect voting information. Similar types of disinformation spread on social media in 2016, which makes companies like Twitter nervous."

Attention-starved gamers.

Um, the memes are posted anonymously for the most part. I noticed a byline on the story.

It never occurred to the writer that maybe they are just having fun by goofing on liberal talking points uttered by people who take politics way too seriously.

The Left is a humorless lot. The problem with the NPC Meme is it is too darned accurate.

Meanwhile, at a Bernie Sanders rally...

Photo taken by Aaron Jones. Please visit his blog.


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  1. Yeah, they didn't get Pepe either!

    The 4-chan and Reddit groups are spectacular at twisting the left into pretzels--and the dummies never seem to learn a thing!


  2. You cannot be right of center. You must be far-right.

    They've been doing it since Dan Blather had a job.

  3. The mocking is just getting started. In a year the SJW's wont know what hit them.

  4. It is a battle of the haves And the have-nots. Conservatives have a sense of humor. Liberals do it. The inequity is yuuuuuuuuuuuge.

  5. Remember, you're unique...

    just like everyone else.

    1. Yeah, and we're all equal, some are just more equal than others...

  6. So, all things anti-left are now considered "election interference". Got it. Spoiled children the lot of them.

  7. I need to correct Mr. Surber.

    Not all conservatives are "far right." Some are "alt-right."


  8. Last photo is from my blog, and you have my full permission to post and share it, as does anyone here! If you don't mind, would you add the link to my post which includes even more photos and video of the event? Link:

  9. I had a conversation with a young physician recently who felt like the current system was putting her in a box, what with the computer records and rules. I brought up the fact that this all stemmed from an intolerance of diversity despite all the propaganda about it. The whole thing went into stuff that is not germain here, but the gist of things is that a lot of people you wouldn't expect to appreciate things like the NPC meme probably do for reasons you may not understand.

  10. My local radio station uses Fox News as their partner, and the other day I heard them call the Freedom Caucus "Extreme-right." What bullshit. You never hear extreme-left/far-left, nothing like that. You could roll Stalin out there and they'd never do use that kind of language.

  11. The more this goes on, the funnier it gets! I have been laughing nearly non-stop since this meme took off...
    It's just so awesome watching the snowflakes melting all over the place! Oddly satisfying, as it were! :D

  12. My oldest son is 30 and he’s been ROFLMAO over this since it started (and I’m glad he called me to explain what NPC means).

    And Twitter is SO full of shit on this - you tryin’ to tell me that before this meme, dehumanizing people on your platform was never a thing?! Happens every day, dipshits, and don’t think we don’t notice.

  13. Funny that. All I hear is insults from the Left.
    They dish it out...
    Too bad somebody has their feelings hurt. Just wait until after November. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Left shall be sweet.

  14. Add one letter to M O and B and you get NPC....

  15. Let's see - "mock them" or "shoot them."

    Conservatives choose "mock them."

    Leftists choose "shoot them."

    I think the Leftists get the better end of the deal, but the times, they are a'changing, and we're better shots than they are.

  16. What can't be shown by the cartoon characters is the fact that their minds are also exact duplicates of one another.