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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Morrisey only one point behind Manchin

Maybe I was wrong about my West Virginia Senate race. Instead of cementing his re-election, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin's vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh may not be enough to defeat tenacious Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Roll Call reported, "A new Republican poll of the West Virginia Senate race shows a tighter race between Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Manchin led Morrisey 41 to 40 percent in the survey conducted for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Morrisey’s campaign and obtained first by Roll Call."

Republican poll?

Every single media poll is Democratic -- including Fox News.

Roll Call reported, "The poll went into the field the day after the Senate voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Manchin was the only Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh on Saturday."

Polls made public in the West Virginia race are rare. The Metro News poll in August and the WSAZ poll in September showed Manchin with an 8 point lead.

Jim Justice, then a Democrat, embraced Donald John Trump in 2016 to eke out a 5-point win in a state President Trump carried by 42 points. Republican Bill Cole had shunned Trump until the end.

Morrisey was a reluctant Trumper who got converted on Election Day. Manchin has been playing both ends against the middle on Trump.

Other factors come into play. Morrisey lobbied for drug companies. But then again, Manchin is owned by Mylan, maker of those price-gouging EpiPens.

I will be happy to be wrong on this one.

Morrisey knocked off Darrell McGraw, the only man to do so. If that isn't good enough for you, then you are not a West Virginia Republican. Sorry. Turn in your MAGA cap and move along.

McGraw is a crazy liberal who served on the state Supreme Court and later as attorney general. He did more damage to the state's businesses than all the other Democrats combined.


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  1. It is always amazing how the polls go from Democrat favored to really close when we get up to the election. Almost like the pollsters are trying to reclaim some credibility for the future.

    -Mikey NYH

    1. That's been true for years. Look at the blue wave that's been predicted since Trump's election -- pure propoganda. The pollsters have been trying to save face on that call for weeks.

    2. It's just the Dem MSM's annual move from wishcasting to attempting to save some credibility.

  2. McConnell has said he considers the race winnable and he wants to win it.

  3. I'll be happy if you are wrong on this one too. I see the political ads but try to ignore them if possible. I prefer to look back at what each candidate has done for the state. Manchin didn't even try to stop the coal regulations that really hurt WV. Morrissey may have lobbied for the drug companies but at the time, that wasn't a bad thing and since being elected Atty. Gen., he has fought against them, and who better than someone who knows how they work? I've seen the teacher ad, and yes, he was within his legal right to file charges against the strikers, but he didn't and that is the important thing. I don't believe that he would have unless the strike went months. I think it was just a threat unless he was backed into a corner. I also believe Trump will be re-elected and to keep the growth going, we need to give him another Republican.

    Yes, Manchin voted for Kavanaugh and I believe he did it for the right reasons,at least I hope so.

    Morrissey was just on One America News. He showed surprisingly well. I hope he can get his message out like that more before the election.

    Yep, I'll be voting

    1. Is this how to think ,NO.You know full well why he voted for him.Now vote for Morrissey,
      "Yes, Manchin voted for Kavanaugh and I believe he did it for the right reasons,at least I hope so. "

    2. Yes, I try to look for the good in everyone. Some I have to look harder than others. Sometimes I fail but I try.

      I also tend to prefer ads that touts their accomplishments over ones that tear down their opponents unless it is used as a comparison.

      What I am noticing now is perhaps 4 Manchin ads to 1 for Morrissey, and that needs to be fixed.

  4. Must see TV: Patrick Mo vs. Status Quo Joe, Nov. 1. In MoTown, with Hoppy Kercheval moderating (great choice). Be there. Aloha.

  5. I will have my faith in the good people of West Virginia upheld when Spineless Joe goes down.

    1. The wife and I joined forces with my son, daughter in law, and mom in law a few years ago at an event called Brain Games, a series of fill-in-the-blank questions moderated by a former Jeopardy champ from WV. This was before we moved up here full time. Beforehand, I’d scanned the room to check out the competition. Yokels and hillbillies. Easy win...

      We finished 21st out of 24 teams.

      Then and there, I discarded every notion I had about the intelligence of West Virginians.

  6. Yes, Don, you've been consistent. You said Manchin would probably win, almost certainly win if he voted for Kavanaugh (even though it would be a weasel move!)

    How wonderful if that turns out to be incorrect!

  7. If the polls released to the public show Manchin 1 point up, that means he's losing by at least 9, maybe even double digits.

  8. Had Manchin's vote been needed to confirm Kavanaugh, perhaps it would have aided him a bit, but the optics to me looked bad for Manchin- it seemed too opportunistic, and it pisses off the base of his party, anyway.

  9. Any surprise upset, you know The Surbernator was responsible.

  10. Evidence that Manchin is just another Democrat politician:

  11. Manchin's vote was not crucial and West Virginians are, I hope, smart enough to know an obvious political ploy when they see it. In reality Schumer has his hand up Manchin's ass working him just like the puppet he is.

  12. I hope Morrisey isn't missing any chances to point out that Manchin didn't cast his vote for Kavanaugh until he was sure it wouldn't make a difference. If his vote could have defeated Kavanaugh, it would have been a no.

  13. Don, surely people as sensible as the average person in WV must know full well that Manchin was just being cunningly duplicitous when he voted for an "already in" Kavanaugh.

  14. Maybe upset dems giving Morrissey a temporary boost over the Kavanaugh vote. They may come home to Manchin on Election Day, but I hope not. Slipped Morrisey a little something extra to help the cause.