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Saturday, October 20, 2018

How Jobs Not Mobs began

A political consultant and a cartoonist met on Twitter and the rest was history.

We didn’t create it. Scott agreed with me that mob rule and ‘mob’ alone couldn’t work. He saw and made the case for it in reply to my thread. The_Donald subreddit ran with it, producing memes and hashtags and it was sticky. WH staff endorsed.

Their quest to change the world began on Columbus Day. The actual one, not the holiday.

She tweeted.

I want to go on the record saying that “mob” probably won’t play as well as some proponents think. It doesn’t place proper blame, sounds like hyperbole and there is no urgency. “Left-wing violence” with links and imagery will play better. More accurate too. Political terrorism.

He tweeted.

Replying to @ali
“Mobs” by itself doesn’t work. But “Jobs Not Mobs” is brain glue plus framing and contrast. Science says the brain interprets rhymes as persuasive.

Others chimed in.

Replying to  
Don’t forget

Did you invent that one?

Wish I had, saw it a while ago but it never took off despite huge potential to reframe the debate.

Replying to  
Great hashtag too

It spread to Reddit_The_Donald where they made memes.

Politicians caught on, with President Trump leading the way and owning it.

From the Hill:

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) says GOP House leaders put their members in a tough spot by failing to deliver on promises like a border wall, but that Republicans are gaining late traction by casting the election as a choice between job creation or angry mobs.

It was inspired.

It was effective.

It was how the Internet is supposed to work.

Which is why the fascists at Twitter keep shutting down conservative sites.

They like mobs.

They couldn't be fascists without them.


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  1. If you guys can kick Manchin to the curb, all will be right with the world. At least more so.

  2. That mob crossing Mexico is putting an exclamation point on that phrase.

  3. Trump knows a good thing when he sees it.

  4. Pretty much from the moment that the networks called the election for Trump the CW has been that the GOP would take a beating in the mid terms. Two major problems with that theory:

    1. It was assumed that Trump would be a lousy POTUS even if he wasn't impeached. Mobs of angry people in the streets makes a lot more sense when times are bad, but right now our economy is booming and there are no new wars or foreign policy debacles like Benghazi that can be blamed on Trump.

    2. The Democrats have not only failed to offer a positive alternative but their unhinged behavior and rhetoric are enough to induce EVEN Trump skeptics to vote for him as the lesser evil.

    1. The Mobs have enough reason to be angry, Mommy told them to shut off world of warcraft, get off their butts and go find a job.

  5. Cobs not slobs... Jobs not mobs too! MAGA

  6. Scott Adams for the win, once again!

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