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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hispanic voters Trump Democrats

That was the original headline in Slate, which settled for, "The Democrats Have a Latino Problem. Hispanic voters were supposed to be the party’s future. It’s not working out that way."

If your party's policy is restricted to dividing people and inciting violence, you will not last long in a constitutional republic.

León Krauze, an Anchor for Univision, wrote in Slate, "2016 was supposed to be the year America’s great demographic 'sleeping giant' would finally awake, shaken out of its slumber by Trump’s rhetoric. Some predicted a massive 'We have arrived' moment that would include a surge in voter registration and a dramatic increase in turnout at the polls. A 'Latino wave,' an overoptimistic colleague told me, would come ashore and prove that Hispanic voters truly held the key to the White House.

"On Election Day, the wave was merely a splash. There were certainly stories of accomplishment, like the Latino vote in Colorado and Nevada, but Hispanics did not reject Trump in the resounding, almost absolute way that, say, black Americans did. According to exit polls, Trump won 29 percent of the Hispanic vote, outperforming Mitt Romney’s tally by 2 points."

Actually the wave was a wipeout for Democrats as they lost the most states since Michael Dukakis in 1988.

The House went solidly Republican, and Republicans won 22 of 34 Senate races.

Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world — or so I hear.

Krauze is upset that people are not buying into his Trump-hates-Hispanics rhetoric.

"While Trump was enacting his anti-immigrant agenda, Latino voters seemed to have slowly warmed up to the president. In last week’s NPR/PBS/Marist poll, 41 percent of Hispanics approved of Trump’s performance (black Americans? 12 percent)," Krauze wrote.

"This is no outlier. Another recent poll put Trump’s approval among Latinos at 35 percent. An average of both would put Trump — again, an overtly nativist president — within about 10 points of Barack Obama’s 49 percent approval among Hispanic at roughly the same time in his presidency."

Are not people who were born here natives?

And that is the major problem with this majority-through-minorities approach to politics. Sooner or later, the Hispanic population melts into the general population. Until he was falsely accused of murder, I doubt George Zimmerman identified as Hispanic.

There are three ways of voting: Democrat, Republican, or not voting.

Hispanics are doing the latter.

"The fact that Donald Trump is viewed in a relatively favorable light by as many as 1 in 4 Hispanic voters should be alarming for Democrats, but it’s not even their biggest problem. That would be turnout," Krauze wrote.

"Latino voters make up about 12 percent of the American electorate, with more than 27 million eligible voters. Those numbers will continue to grow in the coming years. The question is whether Hispanic turnout will increase as well."

Which is why the rabidly Democratic Krauze ended his piece, "Whatever their preference, Latinos must vote, now. The place of our entire community within the fabric of American life depends on it."

Be careful of what you wish for.


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  1. Anti-Immigrant agenda... hogwash, Its American and Legal Immigrant agenda.

  2. Trump hates the illegal aspect, not because he doesn't like the people but because he doesn't like seeing them abused and taken advantage of. The trek up from central America, through Mexico is deadly, and I don't mean just the semi's of people left to die in sweltering heat.
    Last year President Trump spoke to farmers and reassured them that he wants and welcomes the labor necessary for them to keep feeding America and they will not be left out in the cold.
    Besides, at the rate he is fueling the economy, where else are we going to get labor from? It takes eighteen years to make an American worker.

    1. And the employers today do not want young people. They don't work, feel entitled, are not educated, and carry their phone in their hand at all times. This is not behavior that keeps a steady paycheck going to a millennial.

    2. The trick to moving from temporary worker to permanent employee is and always was ... if you've got nothing to do at the moment, FIND something to do, even if it's only pushing broom.

  3. Leftists believe they're smart and anyone not with them is ignorant and uneducated.

    I love watching Candace Owens get into it when white liberals tell her what she's allowed to say and how she's supposed to act. She usually tells them she's an American free to make up her own mind, and she's not about to be told what she's allowed to do by a white liberal plantation owner.

    Same with most Hispanics I know and have worked with. Same with people that entered America legally from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.

    These Identity Politics people with their arrogant stereotyping of people is getting old.

  4. Well, the Demos have declared war on white women and blacks. Can't wait to see what they say about Hispanics.

  5. Another data point, the Hispanic district that gave Hillary +20 has moved to toss up, now that Donna Shalala is running for Congress there.

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  7. Does anyone really believe that legal Mexican immigrants want illegal Guatemalan aliens following them here?

  8. yes, people who were born here are Americans. There are tons of 'hispanics' here in Texas that are 4th or 5th generation and don't even speak Spanish for God's sake! Many of them support trump.

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