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Monday, October 01, 2018

Eliminating presumption of innocence

The Marxist Mob's attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is part of a multi-decadal plan to eliminate the Constitution -- which Marxists slander as a a slave document.

The hearing and the FBI witch hunt (and I am sure the Deep State will find something) are a specific attack on the presumption of innocence.

Always look to the outliers when looking to where the Marxist Democrats will be. Gay marriage is a fine example. The Fifth Amendment is next.

This has driven me crazy. You can't insist on presumption of innocence and refuse to investigate or call key witnesses. 
Presumption of innocence isn't, "well, he said he didn't do it, and we have to presume he's innocent, so I guess that's that."

To which I replied.

Actually, that is exactly how presumption of innocence works. The Accused does not have to answer questions or produce witnesses In fact, the accused can refuse to answer questions.

Klein referred to a Vox article, "The Kavanaugh problem: 'presumption of innocence' can’t work without real investigations."

But that is exactly how real investigations work.

You don't have to talk to the police. That is why police must read Miranda rights to a suspect, or what they now call "a person of interest."

Vox reported, "But the Senate is not a court of law. That’s a crucial distinction — not just because it means that the Senate can hold Supreme Court nominees to a different standard, but because the Senate conducts investigations very differently than the criminal justice system."


The Senate and House in their hearings have long recognized the Fifth Amendment rights of witnesses and has the power to grant immunity from prosecution. (See North, Oliver.)

And people must testify under oath.

The Marxist Democrats can deny constitutional rights to a sitting federal judge, imagine what they will do to you.

America's Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution specifically to prevent the sort of takeover of America desired by Marxist Democrats.


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  1. Also zsee Costello, Frank.

    I'll never forget all the wise guys reading from the card how they declined to answer on the grounds their answer might tend to incriminate them.

  2. Remember Lois Lerner? - Elric

  3. Klein: "Presumption of innocence isn't, 'well, he said he didn't do it, and we have to presume he's innocent, so I guess that's that.'" Right back atcha Klein and the pussy hat brigade and their auxiliary: The presumption of guilt isn't "she said he did it so we have to assume he's guilty, so I guess that's that."

    Meanwhile, but for the fact that the Democrats sat on this allegation throughout the investigatory period he wouldn't be able to make his misrepresented conditional statement "...refuse to investigate or call key witnesses."

  4. A Rubicon has been crossed.
    At the least, vote in November as if your life and freedom depended on it.
    Also, buy more ammo.

    1. Your vote is your bullet.

      And it doesn't cost you half a buck or more apiece.

      P!us, it is inherently sound suppressed, until the accumulative report is heard. The big bang.

      And it's legal in all 50 states!!!!!!

  5. Good facial on Ezra, Big D - not hard to do, but a little time consuming. Rick Santelli’s was One For The Ages, though, and available on Youtube!

  6. The FBI investigation is not a criminal probe. So put your faux lawyer hat back on the shelf. Interesting how President Yeti is all gun-ho about wanting the FBI to do everything they should to complete an investigation. The Orange one knows what is coming and is preparing his exit plan for when Kavanaugh is inevitably deep-sixed.

    This is what happens you select an Ivy-league deep state elite who is a drunk and rapist.

    1. Hitting the sauce a little early, aren't ya?

    2. Did you miss the entire article on presumption of innocence? You and your fellow enablers are most of what is wrong with our courts and our country.

    3. Anon has got to kick his shiner to the kerb before he goes blind.

    4. One must cut fart when fart pressure builds to point of no retain.

      One must push turd when both turd pressure exceeds maximum retention capability and turd(s) are ripened for disbursal.

      Thus, democrat, aka, fascist wannabees, fart and dump, fart and dump, then, fart and dump again.

      Well fed, by taxes fecklessly extorted, democrats, thus, are the mother of all fart and turd producers.

      Were farts and turds valued as highly as the foods, paid for with taxes so extorted, they'd be RICH!!!!!!

  7. The ACLU is spending millions against Kav. I'm old enough to remember when the presumption of innocence was a civil liberty. That was two weeks ago.

    Funny; they can find gay marriage in due process, but not due process itself.

    1. Well, there is quite the process involved in wrong hole poking.

  8. The Senate absolutely IS a court of law. Just like congresses and parliaments the world over, since they've existed.

    They have the power of subpoena, they have the same investigative powers as the executive branch, and they can put you in prison if they vote to convict. Been awhile since they did (1930's, if memory serves), but they absolutely do have that power.