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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Depp joins the Trumpenfreude List

The Daily Mail reported, "EXCLUSIVE: Hide the rum! Johnny Depp is OUT as Jack Sparrow in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise as actor battles financial issues and personal dramas."

Wow. Disney raked in $3.6 billion off this franchise thanks to Depp channeling Keith Richard, and now Depp is out.

Oh well, he still has that $650 million he made from those and other films, right?


Deadline Hollywood reported in June, "Johnny Depp’s $650M Film Fortune 'Almost All Gone,' New Rolling Stone Exposé Says."

Well, he still has that hot wife, Amber Heard, right?

Wrong. They divorced. She said he beat her.

The New York Post reported, "Amber Heard’s best friend details Depp’s alleged horrifying abuse."

Wow, that's some rotten luck. Lose your job, your fortune, and your wife.

It's as if the man is cursed.

What could have triggered this?

Metro reported on February 1, 2016, "Johnny Depp plays Trump in new Funny Or Die mockumentary."

The Hill reported on May 11, 2016, "Johnny Depp: Trump would be last US president."

The Guardian reported on June 23, 2017, "Johnny Depp jokes about killing Donald Trump in Glastonbury appearance."

And so Johnny Depp is the latest to volunteer for the Trumpenfreude List.

Don't get me wrong. People have the right to speak out, and make hateful jokes. But there is a price to pay when your target is Donald John Trump.

About $650 million in Depp's case.

UPDATE: A reader suggested "Trumpenfreude." Brilliant. Trumpenfreude is the new name although the category will go unchanged because I am too lazy to fix it.


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  1. Deep is the perfect poster child for the Millenials, of which my daughter is one. Completely self absorbed, shitty with money, and prefers the rest of the world over the U.S. Hates Mr. T too. Will they EVER grow up? The jury, unfortunately, is still out.

    1. Hahaha! Autocorrect scores a surprising goal! Say it with heavy sarcasm and mock foreboding: “Johnny De-e-e-p.”

    2. you raised her like that

      teach your kids to love their country and the freedom it brings to them to have choice and free speech and the right to protect yourself

      sit them down and talk to them about America

  2. He long has had the ship pointed towards the rocks, but his TDS provided the momentum to crash and sink.

  3. Replies
    1. Trumpenfreude!
      Trumpenfreude it is from now on

    2. Thank you thank you I'll be here all week Try the veal and don't forget to tip the waitress..

  4. "Wow, that's some rotten luck. Lose your job, your fortune, and your wife."

    I'll say! All he needs to do now is lose his dog and his truck, and he'll be a country song.

  5. Alas, for Disney, Depp made the Pirates vehicle. If they try another Pirates movie without Depp I firmly believe it will flop.

    Disney seems determined not make money. They sunk Star Wars, which could have been a cash cow, and their other releases are little more than "woke" trash. I don't even bother with them anymore.

  6. We didn't know at the time that making a movie about Ed Wood would become autobiographical.

  7. Depp has been a loser for a very long time and has many well documented problems, being stupid with Mr. T will probably the last problem for him.
    He really isn't all that talented but does seem to have a lot of PC following.

  8. Depp was a poor actor who happened to stumble into a roll that fit his meager skillset.

  9. Depp has never been my favorite in any category....yet the worst for me is that he's always seemed like he doesn't bathe adequately and keep himself well-kempt.

  10. I have enjoyed several of Johnny Derp's movies, but most of the others were "meh". But talented or not, Derp is not famous for his intellect. As much as I liked following James Woods on Twitter (as well as his movies) I think America would be better off if celebrities stayed the hell out of politics. Or if they really want to get political let them run for office.

    As a group, celebrities are the most dysfunctional people on the planet. That's probably why most of them are Democrats.

  11. Evidently he can memorize a script, perhaps that is the best he can do.