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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Democrat Narratives no longer merely fail, they backfire

President Trump taunted Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for her fraudulent claim of Indian ancestry. Warren finally took a DNA test, which proved she is 00.1 percent Indian.

She released her DNA results with grand ceremony. Her Narrative was that The Donald was picking on a poor Indian.

The Cherokee tribe immediately denounced her for what she is: a white woman pretending to be an Indian to advance her career as a law professor.

Even CNN's resident Native American, Simon Moya-Smith, denounced her.

Moya-Smith wrote, "I'm a democratic socialist, not a Democrat or a Republican, so this has nothing to do with party politics. This has to do, yet again, with what many of us in the community call the convenient Indian problem -- that is, people who claim to be Native only when it serves their personal agenda but are nowhere to be found otherwise."

But Warren's DNA debacle was only the latest Democratic Narrative to backfire.

Democrats were looking forward to a net gain of one Senate seat in mid-September. Then Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California turned the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearing into the Anita Hill circus.

The plan was to fire up the womenfolk. The Narrative was Republicans hate women.

Democrats believed Republicans (especially President Trump) would blast the accuser.

Republicans did not. Even as Democrats made demand upon demand, Republican Senate Judiciary Chuck Grassley of Iowa kept his cool. He gave Democrats all the rope they wanted.

And they hanged themselves.

Today, Real Clear Politics predicts Republicans will gain two seats in the Senate instead of losing one. I contend that Senate races will trickle down to House races, where according to Real Clear Politics, Republicans need to take 19 of its 30 tossup races.

The press is angry that Democrats may blow the midterm election which usually favor the party opposed to the president.

Alex Seitz-Wald and Benjy Sarlin  of NBC wrote, "The partisan debate was especially stark over how the issue would play in key Senate races.

"Brian Fallon, a former aide to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, predicted Republicans will pay dearly this November, while Josh Holmes, a former aide to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said the treatment of Kavanaugh was a grenade that internal polls suggested could take out Democratic incumbents."

Notice that Fallon was not identified by his most recent job as spokesman for that wonderful Hillary campaign that spent twice as much money to get 10 fewer states than President Trump.

These two False Narratives not only failed but they backfired. Warren still has a shot at the presidency and Schumer still may become Senate majority leader in January, but their odds are greatly reduced.

The problem for Democrats is that in the past two years is that they have flooded the market with so many False Narratives that the public is numbed by it all.

How can anyone take the Russian Dossier seriously when Bob Mueller has yet to indict anyone for it?

And the Stormy Daniels Narrative -- in which they would impeach President Trump for paying her off in 2012 -- ended this week with a federal court ordering her and her Creepy Porn Lawyer to pay the billionaire president's lawyers.

Democrats are angry, just as Republicans were in the 1994 and 2010 midterms.

But Republicans were angry on policy issues.

Democrats are just angry. Where is their contract with America? Impeaching the president for something -- anything -- is a pretty sad agenda.

Maybe it works. I doubt it.

My prediction from April 20 stands: Republicans hold onto the House and gain a few seats in the Senate.


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  1. I sound like a broken record but with all of the self-immolation the liberals have done, and with so many senate seats to defend, only picking up 2 or 3, while good, is depressing. Same with losing some seats on the house.

    If the liberals ever stop acting insane, they would be kicking ass because so many voters are so easily fooled.

    1. You need to wake up to reality. The only reason the disaster aka the Obama Presidency happened at all, is because millions on the Left were out of touch with reality. When Obama said he was going to add 35 million people to the health care system, but you costs would go down, the clueless fell for it hook line and sinker. Get a clue pal.

    2. Barely over 20% of the eligible voters, voted for Obozo. That leaves a lot of votes on the table.

  2. Don is a conservative hence a conservative estimate. I'm hopeful we add five Senators and maybe more if this turns out to be a 2015 type election. The Dems are not releasing any polls that show their people losing so polls are not a good indicator anymore.

    1. Real Clear Politics is for the Beltway crowd, which includes pollsters that lean Democrat.

      The R's will gain at least 4 Senate seats, and possibly 9.

      Right now the R's stand to lose around 10 House seats. They would need to lose 23 seats to lose the House. I have hopes that in the next 3 weeks they will get enough voters to actually gain House seats.

    2. Best real poll coverage I have found is These folks called 2016 dead on. Very good, right down to state congressional districts. Also conservative, but strength is in models and local knowledge fed into their stats.

    3. Yes, they and Investors Daily and Larry Scheikart.

      Larry has been publishing updates constantly on his Twitter account. He looks at figures daily - not polls, figures. He worked a lot with Richard Baris of The Peoples Pundit on the 2016 election.

      Tonight he made the following statement on the House race (along with dozens of other statements):

      Hmm. I'm taking Claudia Tenney (NY22) off my D flip list. That brings my total number of D gains to a minimum of 8 and a max of 15.

    4. I concur.


  3. I would basically agree, although, given the mood, it may be 4 or 5 Senate seats and an expanse of their seats in the House.

    The Demo brand has been so thoroughly trashed, mostly by them, they can't see how bad it will be.

  4. And then, when everything is going right for the right, right on cue, Bad Lindsey Graham comes back to life and starts pushing amnesty. Hard. And there's Little Marco, playing "Look at me! Look at me!," wanting to sabotage our relationship with Saudi Arabia just when we got the Saudis on the side of Israel. And there's stupid elitist Mittens Romney reminding us of how much he disagrees with the POTUS and will go along with him only in the event of proven success. Gotta damp down on that right wing enthusiasm as we're getting close to Election Day.

    Gawd I hate the Republican Party. The ONLY good thing you can say about them is that they are not the evil and insane Democrats. Nowadays, that's enough for my vote.

    1. Relax.....

      President Trump's got this.

  5. 00.1% American Indian? I was told she is 0.001$ American. Which is it?

    1. I have more Neanderthal blood than she has American Indian.

  6. The difference can be seen in the "Anita Hill circus".

    That was a tame smear about phony unwanted advances at work.

    Fast forward, and Deep State operatives are writing a Kavanaugh Dossier while NBC gives over their microphones to a nut-job, letting her just free-riff on an organized gang-rape cartel by a respected sitting federal judge--with zero evidence. None.

    To call them sewer rats is an insult to rats.

    And sewers.