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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cocaine Mitch is the bane of the Left's existence

Laws get changed. Executive orders, too. And regulations as well. This is how President Trump stripped down the Obama legacy in less than two years.

But Justices Kagan and Sotomayor are still there and will be for another 40 years. They are ready to service whatever whim captures the Democrat Party's fancy.

Thanks to Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will cancel their votes.

In eight years, Obama appointed 55 circuit judges, about seven a year.

McConnell, though, stopped the Senate from confirming judges in 2015.

This kept open vacancies that President Trump now fills. Once again, he gets two scoops while everyone else gets one.

In two years, he has nominated 41 circuit judges. The Senate confirmed 29 of them, and are processing 12 others (as well as lower court nominations).

Even with the Senate in recess, the judiciary committee is meeting, albeit with very few senators.

Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost (the Huffington Post) was chagrined.

"Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has held two hearings in the past week, despite virtually every senator being back home ahead of the Nov. 6 elections. Even Grassley wasn’t at his hearings: Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) chaired the first one, last week, and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) chaired Wednesday’s hearing," she wrote.

"Not a single Democrat could attend either hearing. Only one other Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), was present. That means, between those two hearings, that three of Trump’s circuit court nominees and seven of his district court nominees sailed through without any real questions. The committee will likely vote to advance their nominations sometime after the elections."

Of course they could attend the hearings. Grassley scheduled the hearings earlier but postponed them when Dianne Feinstein requested another hearing on Kavanaugh.

Democrats chose not to attend the recess hearings.

Why should they? With a 51-49 majority (plus Vice President Race Bannon), Republicans will confirm them. And why not? The Federalist Society vetted them.

Republicans are playing hardball. Bendery does not like this.

Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor, told Bendery what she wanted to hear: "Today’s hearing and last week’s were jokes. No Democratic senators and two GOP senators and no real questions asked."

Bendery gave the best explanation of what is happening.

"The GOP has also broken from tradition by advancing judicial nominees without waiting for the American Bar Association to rate their qualifications, and by packing multiple circuit court nominees into the same hearing," she wrote.

"It’s all part of a broader plan by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to jam through as many nominees as possible to fill up the federal courts with conservative lifetime judges. His hardball tactics have paid off, but at the cost of blowing up Senate traditions and eroding goodwill between the parties."

That is McConnell's legacy. At 76, the odds are he won't make it another 40 years, but many if not most of the judges he got through will.

Laws get changed. Executive orders, too. And regulations as well.

But judicial appointments are for life.


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  1. 3 years ago I viewed Mitch and Paul Ryan as interchangeable. My opinions have evolved, to say the least.

    1. Ditto as to Cocaine Mitch. Respectful dissent on the Ryno. These judicial nominees are getting pushed through because it's a Senate-only function, and Ryno can't interfere with the process. Everything else out of this Congress has been a cluster (thanks to Ryno and McCain), but Cocaine Mitch has been a rock star on judicial appointments.

      PS: I'll take the Ryno/McCain cluster over the Chuck-n-Nancy show any day. I just wish he had seen one-quarter of this energy in the first 18 months of the Trump presidency.

    2. > I'll take the Ryno/McCain cluster over the Chuck-n-Nancy show any day.

      I always have to ask myself, do I want my enemy confronting me with a sword? Or would I prefer, in shock and surprise, to see my foxhole buddy's bayonet grow out of my solar plexus? and the last thing I see be his smirk?

      I asked myself the same question when McCain ran for president. I figured Obama was probably bad news, but I knew McCain was, so I voted third party.

      I learned from that mistake, and voted for Romney even though I just knew he'd betray conservatives -- not out of malice, the way McCain would, but out of the Republican mainstream habit of representing the people who didn't vote Republican.

      PDJT has not treated his own base like stepping stones. something to walk all over to get to where you want to be. By being who he is, he gets others to show where they really stand.

  2. We need one more SCOTUS pick to really seal the deal. C'mon, RBG, you can't even hold your head up in public. Resign, already.

    1. Agree on that too. Does anyone think that Justice Thomas will step aside in year 7 so PDJT can nominate his replacement?

    2. Don Willett, call your office.

    3. Justice Thomas was born in June 1948. If I were Justice Thomas, I would be looking at this option carefully.

  3. Harry Reed and BH0 destroyed civility and Senate traditions. John Roberts himself also had an indirect hand. McConnell is merely driving his tanks unapposed through the wreckage of the once secure fortifications they had cynically abandoned to loot and destroy the territory of their unprotected enemies.

    1. Yes.

      His hardball tactics have paid off, but at the cost of blowing up Senate traditions and eroding goodwill between the parties.
      - Huff Post article

      It is amazing that people could say this and report it after America watched the Kavanaugh hearings. Then again, HuffPost readers and writers are NCP's.

    2. The Kavenaugh hearings may well become as important to the right as the Army MCarthy hearings were and still are to the left. It was one of those seminal events that will be memorialized even after its participants are long gone. Yet if RBG or another of the solid minority fades before Trump leaves office, they will look tame in comparative incivility.

    3. I think you and others are all wrong about RBG.

      She revealed herself before the election (and in statements afterwords) as being political, not comporting herself as a Judge outside of the political sphere.

      That woman will hold onto her seat unless she is in the late stages of Alzheimer's, or is in a coma. Jimmy Carter is almost 10 years older then her. Deal with it.

      P.S. And if she's in a coma, Dems will demand she still keeps her seat.

    4. Anon at 4:21 any proof she is NOT in a coma?

    5. Has anyone bothered to check for a pulse?

    6. "blowing up Senate traditions" The Libs Conveniently forget Harry Reid.

  4. Why do they call him Cocaine Mitch?

    1. He used to be called "Turtle" because he moved so slowly getting legislation through the Senate; but lately he's been a speed demon, thus "Cocaine Mitch!"

      I'm sure glad he got his track shoes on, and hope he keeps on hustlin'!

    2. I think some paranoid schizophrenic type came up with a Mena like conspiracy theory involving McConnell and the dealing of cocaine.

    3. West Virginia Senate GOP primary race is where the term originated.

    4. Don Blankenship first used the term in the West Virginia Republican Senate primary, then, weirdly enough, in a shocking and uncharacteristic display of creative awesomeness, Mitch McConnell embraced the term, even tweeting a photoshop from Breaking Bad (or some other drug culture TV show) of himself surrounded by a cloud of white powder.


      It's easy enough to find.

  5. The Judicial branch holds dominant authority over both the Executive and Legislative branches, via Constitutional compliance standard.

    Politicians are not the definers of Constitutinal compliance.

    Political parties are not the definers of Constitutional compliance.

    The voters are not the definers of Constitutional compliance.

    The fucking Constitution IS the definer of Constitutional compliance.

    The Judicial branch is entrusted with the authority to ensure Constitutional compliance.

    Liberal, conservative, the daffy duck brigade, or whatever, is NOT authorized to define Constitutional compliance.

    Just fucking comply to the Constitution.

    1. "Constitutional Republic"
      I was beginning to lose faith a little.

    2. Judicial Appointments Matter.

      Executive branch proposes.

      Legislative branch, Senate, advice + consent.

      Executive branch elected by voters.

      Legislative branch, Senate, originally appointed by each Sovereign State, currently elected by Sovereign State voters.

      Thus, voters determine Executive, the proposer, plus Legislative, Senate, the advise and consent, which = Judicial branch individuals entrusted with....... Constitutional Compliance by both Executive branch actions and Legislative branch actions.

      Executive branch acts as management.

      Legislative branch acts as rule makers.

      Judicial branch sole duty is the ensure both Executive branch and Legislative branch actions comply with Constitution.

  6. My favorite fake quote from Mitch "I came to traffic cocaine and confirm judges and I'm all out of cocaine"

  7. "Eroding the goodwill between the parties" - all-time greatest laugher.

  8. I think Paul Ryan has been neutered. Why would a young guy not seek another term as speaker. Is he part of the house sexual harassment coverup?

  9. "But Justices Kagan and Sotomayor are still there and will be for another 40 years."

    When the first tranny showed her manly face I thought Justice Scalia was playing a practical joke on us by appearing in drag... until I saw the two apart at the same time, then I knew it was being confirmed to the bench.

    The second tranny looked like it could use a diet to shed 80+ lbs and had my hopes up that President Trump could name a replacement for it before his first year in office was up as paramedics were called to revive it but by the next day it was apparent it might live a while longer... if it dieted and exercised, which is doubtful as you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    Doubt if both will make it another 4 years... 40 is a real stretch of the imagination... unless they do like RBG and become a zombie?

  10. An honest report would have mentioned how many delays and obstructions the Dems have been using against all Rep nominees.