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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Castrating Georgetown professor is Islamophobic

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University, in a tweet called for white Republican men to die miserable deaths. She said then they would be castrated and fed to swine.

Look at thus chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist's arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.

Fair has an interesting history of hateful tweets.

The Washington Post reported on January 6, 2017, "A former Georgetown professor who wrote an opinion article in support of President-elect Donald Trump has asked the university to intervene after a current Georgetown professor responded with insults and an obscenity on social media.

"After Trump was elected in November, Asra Q. Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and a co-founder of a Muslim advocacy group, wrote a Washington Post article titled, 'I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.' On Thursday, Nomani filed a formal complaint with the university, alleging discrimination and harassment after comments made by Christine Fair, an associate professor in Georgetown’s School for Foreign Service."

Fair had tweeted, "I’ve written you off as a human being," and "Your vote helped normalize Nazis in D.C. What don’t you understand, you clueless dolt?" and "YOU publicly voted for a sex assailant."

The university backed Fair's anti-Muslim attack then, citing free speech. So far it backs her right to call for castrating men.

Also in 2017, she confronted Richard Spencer at a gym and got his membership revoked.

In January 2018, she misbehaved at the Frankfurt airport. When she called the polizei Nazis that got her flagged for defamation under Germany's slander laws.

She was a rabid supporter of Obama's use of drone warfare in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Ben Norton of Slate wrote a piece on her work, "Not playing fair: How Christine Fair, defender of U.S. drone program in Pakistan, twists the facts — and may have conflicts of her own. Leading drone defender Christine Fair claims critics are biased, yet is widely accused of her own double standards."

Norton reported, "In a debate on the Al Jazeera program UpFront in October, Fair butted heads with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, a prominent critic of the U.S. drone program. Fair, notorious for her heated rhetoric, accused Greenwald of being a 'liar' and insulted Al Jazeera several times, claiming the network does not appreciate 'nuance' in the way she does. Greenwald in turn criticized Fair for hardly letting him get a word in; whenever he got a rare chance to speak, she would constantly interrupt him, leading host Mehdi Hasan to ask her to stop."

Afterward, she tweeted, "I AM a rambo b**ch."

And Al Jazeera is the one who does not understand nuance.

I suppose saying we should castrate men also is nuance.

I am not saying she is goofy or crazy, but several times I was tempted to write her name as Professor Ford.

Fair's call to castrate men puts her on the cutting edge of feminism.


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  1. She’s in the School For Foreign Service? And all she does is attack foreigners and white men. She must be on the fast track to department head. And what a disaster the Catholic School Georgetown has become.

    1. It's Jesuit. They've been compromised for a long time. Pope Francis is Jesuit. Daniel and Phillip Berrigan were Jesuits. The Jesuits are (sadly) extremely left in their political philosophy. They have been completely Commie-tized.

  2. How about when they agreed to cover up the crucifix so Preezy Obama would not be insulted when he held some kind of bloviation conference...

  3. Her Twitter has been removed I'm told.

  4. Are all female professors straight-out lunatics?

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Especially the leftists! I do know some very good conservative female professors even at Vanderbilt University.

  5. Psycho. And I don't mean Anthony Perkins.

    I am not saying she is goofy or crazy

    No fear, lots of others are.

  6. Guess she's not in favor of feeding male organs to Jesuit priests.

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    Appreciate the absence of the presence of the sack of nuts we males have been cursed with.

    And, yeah, the pole is just as finicky as the sack of nuts.

  8. Disappointing! She would wait until after her victims are dead to castrate them. Pretty tame for a femiNazi. Should be while alive so as to be felt and appreciated by the "donors".