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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Being president already cost President Trump $1.4 bilion

Trump falls 138 spots on Forbes list of richest Americans


Being president already cost President Trump $1.4 billion, Forbes gleefully reported.

The past two Democratic presidents made out like bandits accumulating post-presidential net worths of $40 million or more, which was about $40 million more than they were worth when they entered the White House.

Running for president not only cost President Trump $66 million in donations to his own campaign but the value of his companies shrank.

"Trump’s net worth has dropped from $4.5 billion in 2015 to hold steady at $3.1 billion for the past two years. As a result, the president has fallen 138 spots on the latest The Forbes 400 list, which will be released Wednesday," The Hill reported.

He is now No. 248.

So much for that emoluments case.

The Constitution does not ban losing money as president. In fact, it does not ban making money. It just requires the approval of Congress before accepting foreign titles and gifts.

Eric Trump told Forbes: "My father made a tremendous sacrifice when he left a company that he spent his entire life building to go into politics.

"Everything he does is for the good of the American people — he has zero involvement in the Trump Organization and quite frankly to suggest otherwise is outrageous."

Donald John Trump did not seek high office for power or money. He sought the office to Make America Great Again after 28 years of a White House run by the modern equivalents of Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan.

Lincoln followed the originals.

That cost Lincoln his life.

So far, it has only cost President Trump money.


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  1. And remind me again, you evil jackals of the Left, what Mr. T’s annual salary as Prez is.

    1. Don't forget he donates it all to charity.

  2. Why have his companies lost so much value?

    1. They can't do deals as usual because of the presidency. And the smears.

      But the Prez thought his country was worth it.

    2. I know, Howler! And a time when the value of every other company in America (except Tesla and the Democrats' best friend GE) are skyrocketing -- absolutely through-the-roof skyrocketing because of POTUS-Trump's policies. It's like Trump cares more about the country as a whole, and our economy, than he does his own business! Well, it's not "like" he cares more: he DOES care more!

      And you can't handle my truth, Howler.

    3. Gipper...Donald Trump in a true patriot..sacrificing his 'fortune, his life and his sacred honor'..God bless him...He did need the hassle but he rose to the call.

      Grateful every morning

  3. You mean all the people on China, Inc.'s payroll are concerned about emoluments?

    I bribe you long time!

  4. I figure we can take over California and I think that half of Texas will back it up when we storm the beaches.

    1. You?

      Storm the beaches?

      Gonna sashay up behind DaNang Dick?

  5. Today's bombshell story is about Monica L McLean.

    Dr. Ford's BFF. Worked for the FBI for 24 years. Connected to noted FBI Trump haters Preet Bharara and Andrew McCabe - who's lawyer, Michael Bromwich - showed up to help her just before the hearing.

    Was an FBI run operation.

    1. If one tenth of the "press" put the effort into their articles that Sundance does, imagine what the media could uncover.
      Instead, they sit on the porch like a dog, waiting for their uniparty masters to throw them a bone.

  6. President Trump will recoup at least 1/4 billion dollars when his self-published book comes out after he leaves office.

    Expect him and his family to either buy a cable network, or start one to run off the Internet.

    Naturally, there will be the highly paid speeches he'll give around the world.

    Don't cry for me, USA.

    1. This fat lady ain't singing.

      This fat lady can only wet fart her redundant tune.

      Don't cry for this fat lady.

      This fat lady cries all the time for herself.

  7. Guess he’s going to have to jack up the rates at his hotel to five million dollars a night to get things going again. The left will never give up. They will try to bring up emoluments until he leaves office in 2024.

  8. It's hard to launder oligarch money when the feds are sniffing around. That's got to be costing him plenty. There's only so many inaugural frauds and emolument angles you can work.

    1. Another clintonista points smelly finger coated in clinton dung.

      Even the flies won't come near this nasty pile of dookie.

  9. Maybe he should start a charity that takes money from people wanting help from the State Department.

  10. Only cost PDJT money plus a letter with risen in it.

  11. "So far, it has only cost President Trump money."

    With the totally unhinged incitement against him, I pray for President Trump's safety.

  12. I don't think it matters to him anymore. Neither the Top nor bottom number has the title POTUS.