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Saturday, October 13, 2018

A good idea at NYT

As its newspaper prepares to give way to its blogs, the New York Times may have stumbled upon the way to save journalism: be interesting.

This gem was found (and ignored) by Keith J. Kelly of the New York Post in his story, "New York Times scrambles to defuse a full-blown staff rebellion."

By "full-blown staff rebellion," Kelly means 40 people who staff its metro section and their union reps.

Cliff Levy, their boss, sent them a memo which said, in part, "Metro has often produced strong work in recent years and will always be at the core of the New York Times mission, but my overall judgment is that Metro has lost its footing and needs urgent, fundamental change."

He is offering them buyouts to reduce the staff.

This is what got the union all riled up, "In evaluating your work, I will be focusing much more on the ability of metro reporters and editors to engage audiences."

Wow, what a concept: judging print journalists by the number of people who read their stories.


And of course Dean Baquet, Levy's boss, is opposed.

"I outrank Cliff — you will not be evaluated on the basis of clicks," the Post reported Baquet told reporters.


Metro is the ugly stepchild of the New York Times which envisions itself as the savior of the world and the voice of sanity in the land.

But for one brief shining moment, metro could have saved itself by becoming relevant.


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  1. It's understandable.

    Socialists do what they want to do and at the level of their ability. For that they expect to be compensated.

    The customers will take what they're given.

  2. Metro is the attempt at local-interest journalism by the Times. It's been an abject failure.

    1. I would think many readers are not local, so they don’t click on the local pages.

      Unfortunately, they are one of the main anti-Trump sites so they have National/international readership.

      The local writers are screwed i. The on-line model.

  3. Navel gazing for navel gazers who can't even be bothered to look up from their navels.

  4. A prediction. You ought to write a book about it.

  5. be interesting.

    But first, be honest for a change.

  6. Honesty is the best policy for the fourth estate (or is that the fourth column?)

    1. 5th column. They hate the US.

    2. 4ht column in a three column paper

  7. When I first got the internet, I read the NY Times every day. Then I happened on to Powerline. It soon became obvious how biased the Times was, so I quit reading it. My local paper is just as worthless.