Monday, October 15, 2018

1968 violence elected Nixon

The crowds at my Rallies are far bigger than they have ever been before, including the 2016 election. Never an empty seat in these large venues, many thousands of people watching screens outside. Enthusiasm & Spirit is through the roof. SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING - WATCH!

We know what is happening.

The president does too.

“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Ben Shapiro

You see, the peaceful transition of power was for the benefit of the losing side, not the winners. We won. We get two scoops. Accepting defeat gracefully allows a political army to heal, learn from it mistakes, and fight again.

Those who oppose President Trump think they can turn him and his supporters into outcasts.

The othering of President Trump's supporters began with the Against Trump issue of National Review. The magazine's message was if you support him, you are not a true conservative.

This worked with the John Birch Society, Patrick Buchanan, and Newt Gingrich but not with Trump supporters because he is strong and now, so are we.

Hillary ramped the othering up to deplorable.

She and her donors (rhymes with owners) laughed all the way to second place. Hey, she got 227 Electoral College votes, which is better than Michael Dukakis did.

The donors refused to accept defeat. They funded a recount. They tried to upend the Electoral College.

Obama refused to give President Trump a peaceful transition of power, instead setting him up for a witch hunt.

On Inauguration Day, Democrats rioted.

The media is 90% negative in its coverage of President Trump.

Roseanne Barr lost her hit TV show because she supports Trump.

Democratic elected officials call for harassment of Trump officials when they are out in public.

A Democrat assaulted and crushed a Republican senator.

A Democrat shot and severely wounded a Republican House leader.

The list goes on and on, but instead of turning off support, the Democratic madness hardens supports, and attracts others because Democrats are acting unAmerican.

Now in the wake of the failed Democratic attempt to de-legitimize Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Hillary and other Democratic officials are openly calling for violence against non-Democrats.

Their anger stems not just from President Trump but also the abject misery of the Obama years. The man failed to carry out the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party. His supporters realize they are better off under Trump than under Obama.

Can anyone tell me what Obamacare was about?

I get that Medicaid is health insurance for the poor, and that Medicare subsidizes the health insurance of the elderly and the disabled to reduce their chances of being impoverished.

But what was the purpose of Obamacare? What want or need did it fill?

President Trump is able to erase the Obama legacy because Obama did so little that it was written in soft pencil. Much of this anger at President Trump is really anger at Obama re-directed. He was given so much -- a filibuster-proof Senate and a commanding lead in the House -- and he did so little.

And so the Democrats are angry and increasingly violent.

Dear here we are: The DNC is an angry mob. Do you think you will be spared because you hate Trump? Do you think there's logic in ? Are you hoping they'll keep their promise to be civil once they're in power?

Yes, that is the history of fascists.

Make no mistake, this is what Democrats have become. Their donor-owners will never accept American greatness and will re-take power by whatever means are necessary.

They are sure that they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is a deplorable subhuman.

I trust Americans see this and will vote accordingly.

They did in 1968. Nixon was the Law and Order candidate. That was what we needed then.

We have President Trump now.


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  1. As the Sam Cooke song says "don't know much about history", and the poorly educated Dem supporters have no clue why Nixon won. "It was, like, decades ago, man"


  2. Let us hope the sane of America outnumber liberal morons at the voters booth.

    1. Outnumbering liberal maroons is no problem. Outnumbering the dead is another matter. I was at the cemetery on Saturday, and I think I saw "I Voted" stickers on at least three tombstones.

    2. As one wag put it, "I want be buried in Chicago when I die so I can still be politically active.

  3. It’s as clear as day but I am worried that so many are in such a fog, they can’, won’t or don’t see.

    1. It's very scary, since 21% of the US population doesn't even speak English at home.

      Most of those people have no idea at all what it is to be an American- yet they vote.

  4. It's all about virtue signaling and being considered one of the cool kids.

    Here is some virtue signaling of the most obnoxious nature.

  5. "But what was the purpose of Obamacare? What want or need did it fill?"

    1. Power
    2. Control

  6. I was saying this 2 1/2 years ago. They'll lose another election because of it.

    Those who oppose President Trump think they can turn him and his supporters into outcasts.

    Every time they call us a name, deplorable, dregs, it just makes us stronger. We laugh and make T-shirts out of it. We are happy warriors. They, for more than 50 years, have been hateful warriors.

  7. As much as I talk about a 2nd Civil War, I’m not sure it would materialize. Antifa, BLM, et al don’t have the balls or numbers to muster a standing army. They’re into smash and grab, and then blending back into society. Very much like the Middle Eastern terrorists. Everybody’s data is public now anyways. Is it too much to think that federal and state governments are using that to identify networks of domestic terrorists, including (and especially) their funding sources, and then bring the hammer down with a snowmazilla of indictments?

  8. I'm a little more than concerned about fraud and vote count tampering. They made such a huge deal about that being how President Trump pulled it off. Considering that everything that they accuse the right of doing is exactly what they do with a vengeance, we could win big and they just manipulate the counts and declare themselves the winners.

    With early voting, mail in voting, illegals being registered, the electronic machines being hacked, voter intimidation and just outright cheating by the democrat controlled county officials, I'll be very suspect of the counts.

    I don't know what the solution is but given the ever increasingly insane behavior of the left since President Trump was elected, I wonder if either side will accept the results of this vote.

    1. As the saying goes, "They can't cheat if it ain't close."
      Here's hoping the energy level stays fervent.

    2. This! Everyone who voted for Trump has to absolutely vote in the midterms. I just cannot imagine a Trump voter blowing off voting this time, with all that is on the line. The Donks only chance is getting the kids under 20 to vote from college, cause they missed voting for Hillary and fraud.

    3. Trump wasn't elected by the 'I'm Staying Home' party.

    4. I know several conservatives who do NOT like President Trump. They consider him pompous, and hate the way he acts. That said, they plan to vote a straight republican ticket now and in 2020. They may not like his manners, but they like the results, and they hate the other option.

  9. "But what was the purpose of Obamacare? What want or need did it fill?"

    Free health care for 20 million illegals?

    1. Those illegals were getting it free anyway. Wander into the Emergency Room anywhere that has a supply, and they are there. Instead of going to the general practice team, they clog the ERs and hospitals with their runny noses and splinters. Then they don't pay the bill.
      I had an envelope in my mail box addressed to a Latino name from the local hospital, so I called them to let them know no such person lived with me. They said that was the address given and the party owed several thousand.

  10. "Can anyone tell me what Obamacare was about?"

    It was about commandeering 1/6 of the nation's economy so they could beat it with their hammers and sickles.

  11. We need to laugh at each and every Deranged mob violence, and name it:
    Democrat Derangement Syndrome.

    Probably only curable thru a 60+ majority of Reps in the Senate and a big Rep majority in the House.

    Rep majorities are the only cure to
    Democrat Derangement Syndrome.

    Cure is faster, and more fun, with more jokes about their derangement behavior, ideas, and words.

    1. That won't solve it any more than the numerous elections in 1920's Germany solved the problem that became the third reich.

  12. I've been saying for several weeks that the Dim violence in 1968 is what elected Nixon. DimoKKKRats never learn.