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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

15 billion reasons he's on the Trump Schadenfreude List

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud already is on the Trump Schadenfreude List. He bad-mouthed Donald John Trump in 2016, and wound up in jail the next year even though he is the richest person in Saudi Arabia.

And Kathy Griffin also is in that political purgatory.

But the last 24 hours have brought even more misery to these two, and more merriment for the supporters of President Trump.

Griffin the Beheader started today's Schadenfreude with a tweet storm.

Her tweets included, "I am a comic who posted a photo some people took issue with. That does not mean I should be subject to this kind of harassment. I now have to have security guards wand my fans as they're entering my shows…I'm not a head of state/pres candidate, I shouldn't have to do this."


Every Cabinet member, every senator, and every member of the president's family now need body guards thanks to the violence promoted by the "resistance." Democrats even told a press secretary's family to leave a restaurant.

The reason "some people took issue with" Griffin's photo is because she showed a beheading of the president.

No responsible person would do that.

But Griffin's the victim?

Alwaleed's fate is more humorous.

In 2015, he took on The Donald ("Donald Trump is a disgrace to his country, says billionaire Saudi prince.")

Alwaleed bit off more than he can chew. Now not only are his political opinions worthless, but he is worth less.

Bloomberg reported, "The fortune of Saudi Arabia’s richest person, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, has dropped to $15.2 billion, its lowest level since the Bloomberg Billionaires Index began tracking him in April 2012.

"The value of his portfolio of public equities, stakes in closely held companies and Saudi real estate fell by $760 million in the first three quarters of the year, according to an emailed document from his private office. The decline was due to 'minor adjustments' in the valuation of assets and some disposals, including the sale last month of his stake in U.S. ride-hailing company Lyft Inc. to his investment company, Kingdom Holding Co."

He has lost more than $15 billion. OK, he still has another $15 billion, but that is a big comedown.

And to be sure, President Trump's net worth has fallen but that is because he is sacrificing his time spent on business to save the country from creeps like Hillary, Holder, and Waters.

Just remember this: Never feud with The Donald. You cannot win, and you could lose your all.


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  1. She should quietly move to New Orleans and get a 1/6 barrel bag with two eye holes and practice hollering "Who Dat".

  2. President Trump is even a role model and leader to his enemies....

    When they played by the PC rules with endless "Gotcha This Time" narratives, he always explained and doubled down. That neutralized the threat and he went on with his business.

    Now the Dumb Dems / Lunatic Left / Lying Libs are copying his formula, only to see it backfire every time.

    Years ago a rodeo clown wore a crummy mask of a sitting President. He lost his job and hasn't been heard from since. Now Ms. Griffin is wondering why she is being inconvenienced simply because she posed for a photo holding a sophisticated likeness of the severed head of a sitting President.

    Amazing that the Dumb Dems / Lunatic Left / Lying Libs are walking around believing their own propaganda about how they represent the majority of Americans. Therefore not grasping the endless backfires when they take actions.

  3. Now that’s the funniest thing Griffin has ever said. What a maroon.

  4. Comedienne? Better description is professional whiner.

  5. Ann Coulter needs bodyguards to visit colleges. Cry me a river.