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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Why Fort Trump

The children of Washington were running around the Capitol and TV studios on Tuesday screaming that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a poo-poo head.

Meanwhile, President Trump hosted Poland's President Andrzej Duda. The two talked about the USA opening a permanent military base in Poland to protect it from Russia.

The meeting would have been on the back pages if not for Duda. He figured a way to cut through the din of dimwits discussing a false claim from last century.

He went Full Trump.

Duda told reporters, “I was smiling when talking to Mr. President, I said that I would very much like to ask to set up a permanent American base in Poland, which we would call ‘Fort Trump.’ I firmly believe this is possible. I am convinced that such a decision lies in the Polish interest and in the interest of the United States.”

Poland is willing to pay $2 billion to help build the base. President Trump is willing to consider it.

But Duda played the American press like a banjo. CNN's headline was "'Fort Trump'? Polish President urges US to consider opening base."

Vox reported, "While it’s a nakedly obvious ploy by Duda, it’s also a smart move.

"He surely noticed — as leaders in Saudi Arabia and China have — that flattering Trump is almost a surefire way to make him a close friend. Saying that Poland would pay $2 billion for the installation — and naming it after Trump — was likely a move to make Trump more amenable to the base idea."

Boy, those fellows at Vox sure are sharp. You cannot pull one over on them. They have this figured out. He is just sucking up to President Trump.


After two decades of trying to drum up support in the USA for an American base in Poland, President Duda figured out a way to get the press to give him some free publicity.

Like I said, Duda played the press like a banjo.


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  1. When I was young, Polish (and Aggie) jokes were commonly focused on how dumb they were. Now, we tell media jokes.

    1. As an A&M, Commerce, grad I could fully identify with your comment. Unlike the current PC generation we could laugh at ourselves. Liberalism worldwide has really screwed things up ... for all of us.



  2. The Donald ought to reciprocate for the Polish Fort Trump.

    Perhaps he could stake a Texas Duda Ranch?

    1. Back in the day, a Polish lass named Barbara posed me this question:

      “If the inhabitants of Poland are Poles, then what are the inhabitants of Holland?”

  3. Pull up stakes from Germany and put resources with a true ally.

  4. "The children of Washington were running around the Capitol and TV studios on Tuesday screaming that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a poo-poo head."
    Yesterday I saw a sticker on a cars bumper in the Midwest:

    "Trump Is Icky"

    Next to it was a sticker:

    "BERNIE 2016"

    1. Did they have duct tape holding the car together too.

  5. If you want media coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation to go away completely, have Duda announce to the press he's thinking about naming the new base "Fort Obama".

    1. Nope.

      That'll be the name of the base latrines.

      A huge sign, with pictures!!!!!

  6. This is great and I bet it works for Duda and Poland, which in turn works for America but for Germany, not so much.


  7. In other news, John McCain is still dead.

    1. Actually he is possession of Sen Flakes body now.

  8. 1) Compliment Trump
    2) Listen to Democrat "journalists" erupt in hatred for you
    3) Smile at the ignorant "journalists"

  9. Most politicians like being flattered, and will give you a better deal, or even some deal instead of none, if flattered.
    Trump does this with China, N. Korea, Russia.

    Poland notices, and does this with Trump.
    The "Trump style" works to get a deal.
    Deals made are usually win-win -- more deals, more winning.

  10. President Duda Pavlov rings the bell, and the liberal dogs immediately salivate.