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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Volume of lies sank Judge Roy Moore

I mistakenly assumed Marxist Democrats were using the Anita Hill playbook on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but never assume.

Political scientists in their Ivy League laboratories have perfected their plan to foul out and ruin any Republican they want.

They tested it last fall in the Alabama Senate race. The Marxist Democrats got a woman to spread the word that Judge Roy Moore fondled her when she was a teen and he was in his 30s.

The idea was preposterous, but as her claim folded like a chair under an elephant, Marxist Democrats unleashed other even flimsier claims by other women. That these were patently lies matter not. The sheer volume of claims was enough to defeat him and hand Marxist Democrats a Senate seat.

The argument was clever. All these women could not be lying, right?

Not being sexist, I know better. They lied because women are as evil as men.

Now the Marxist Democrats have deployed the same tactic against Kavanaugh because they got away with it earlier.

The attack on the judge is hideous.

But the next step is physical attack. Already these fascists hounded Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his family from a restaurant in DC -- a violation of local law protecting those with differing political views. It will not be enforced.

Jimmy Kimmel - the mouthpiece for the globalist Disney company -- softened the turf last night by "joking" about castrating Kavanaugh.

This is an experiment in political science.

They play for keeps.


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  1. Time we should.

    Next time a Democrat wants somebody confirmed, just do the same.

    In this case, however, I don't think it's working. I do believe the Demos have overplayed their hand.

    1. You are still stuck in the thinking of politics is game playing.

      Why is that?

    2. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

    3. MAGA is not the game of thrones.

      Constitutional Republic is founded upon the diminishment to rendered impotent this throne craving game of feckless, grafting fuckers.

  2. Assuming Don is right, the correct response should be obvious: invoke Rule 308 on the next accuser.

    1. You reference rule 308 as if you understand rule 308.

      You do not.

      Not even a bit.

      You do not even understand those who do understand rule 308.

      Nor do you understand how absurd you are to attempt to advise anyone, in any way, on the rule you do not understand.

      Do you understand now?

    2. I don't understand. Never heard of it before this. Please explain it to me.

    3. So, you are "Dave"?

      Or are you the sponteneous Dave surrogate?

      Or, perhaps, the Dave siamese twin?

      Or, maybe Dave's buddyguard?

      Dave's auntie?

      Dave's prog advocate?

      Or......a snob slightly snubbed and not liking it?

    4. Hey, Anon 3:04, 🖕🏿

    5. So, you are dave's siamese twin!!!!

      Two rectagular snob boxes, connected at the hip, no less.


    6. Dave's not here, man...

  3. Rule 308, had to look that one up. Unfortunately I think that may come. These "protesters" are getting close to the edge of physical violence. If they miscalculate, someone might retaliate against them with casualties. Or as they are now called, "collateral damage."

    1. Known in some parts of the world as Rule 303.

  4. I can remember when comedians were funny.

    1. They still are.

      They just don't get booked.

      Only pre approved humorless cretins get booked.

      It's a progressive thing.

  5. What happens when they hurt someone's child or wife..
    it is going to happen...

    1. What should happen:

      Law enforcement investigates, determines and indentifies offender(s), arrests made, charges filed, prosecuted, convictions obtained, sentencing and imprisonment(s) follow.

      What will happen?

      Crystal Balls on sale on amazon.

  6. I think it will still get worse before it gets better. I think that something bad physically (worse than Scalise) will have to happen to someone before it ends.

    1. You really think it will end then? Naive. As long as they get away with it, it will continue. The only way to handle bullies is to punch back twice as hard. And these fascists are bullies like all of their ilk.

  7. "They lied because women are as evil as men."

    Males, not actually Men, will, in doing evil, shoot you in the face, stab you in the heart, cut your throat, gut you, crack your skull like a ripe melon, douse you is gasoline and set you ablaze, etc.

    Females, not actually Women, will, in doing evil, get the males to do the above, by using whatever means and methods which succeed. Whatever means and methods.

    Thus, the female doing of evil is dependent upon inducing the male doing of evil.

    Confusing the male and female doers of evil with actual Men and Women is a deluding of self.

    In simple terms: the bitches start it only when they are confident they can get their cock puppets to do it.

    Animating a human form/body with penis does not ensure said inhabitant is not a bitch at core.

    Thus, bitches in bodies with penis attached are plentiful and recognized by their doings, not their dong possessings.

    Has there ever been a novel or motion picture titled, The Evil That Women Do.....?

    Or would this be akin to excessively horrific Not Suitable for human viewing, snuff film level horrific???

    1. hahaha Mangina alert! Da wimmenz are nothing but helpless tools of da patriarchy, it men are good, they would be good too.

      Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinem salute you

    2. You are funny, for a prog degenerate.

      You propose that the comment you reference means precisely the opposite of what the words mean, and you celebrate your self delusion as prematurely as your usual activity.

      English comprehension requires honest intention to comprehend.

      Honest intention ain't you.

    3. Yup I am accusing you of being a feminist which means I am progressive.
      Your analytical ability is as good as your writing. Your IQ is such that you will take it as a compliment.

    4. Try to get your insult words to be consistent in their meanings to your intended insult.

      I would parse you, but, I am feeling merciful, so you may parse yourself.

      Some would say that this is not being merciful, yet, knowing you will not parse yourself, I show mercy.

      Life is hard, mommy.....why is life sooooooo hard?????

      Shut up and eat your Cheerios.....

  8. Exactly, Don.

    Judge Roy Moore was a trial run, and the successful outcome was the impetus for the attack on Judge Kavanagh.

    Unfortunately, the RHINOs/NeverTrumpers played along with the dems, and may have even assisted in the hit on Moore.

    I find it increasingly hard to cut the RHINOs/NeverTrumpers any slack. They are truly Vichy republicans.

    1. Good phrase-- "Vichy republicans"!.

  9. I do believe there is a strategy here. Most don't like it. #MeToo. But.....

    The D's keep wallowing around in the gutter throwing excrement at anyone that disagrees with them. The MSM "legitimizes" their actions. When anyone fights back, the MSM, Dems, and Deep State dumps a big load on them, their family members, and even their friends/associates. McCarthyism on steroids.

    There used to be a Navy saying:

    "Stand by the structures and when the waters get rough, the structures will stand by you".

    Bob Dylan wrote/sang the same thing in a song:

    "May your hands always be busy,
    May your feet always be swift,
    May you have a strong foundation
    When the winds of changes shift."

    The structure in this case is:


    That is what all this is about.

    Judge Kavanaugh is another brick in the wall that the Left, Dems, Socialists, Globalists, Communists want to remove to further loosen the structure.

    If you get in the alley and fight with these devious bastards, then you give decent, law abiding Americans no where to go.

    Large things don't turnaround on a dime. The trend has been in our direction for over a year. This confirmation is accelerating it, which is why the scumbags are lashing out harder.

    Don't take the bait!

    Stand strong!!!

    - Ken

    1. The Vote, unreliably thoroughly honestly counted as it is, is the Foundation of the Foundation.

      Quantity is, thus, vital.

      To paraphrase:

      The duplicitous need not fool all of the people all of the time, but merely to fool just enough people at just the effective time, that time being Election Day.

      The People of Honest, Constitutional Republic Quality must tune their filters to the following specs:

      1. MAGA pass thru completely.

      2. All else redirect to humorous, mickey mouse bullshit show.

      Tightening up the input filter will result in both confident calm and much amusement.

      That is all.

  10. As for Judge Moore, the political issue was far more complicated:

    He had said and done a lot of things that would be fodder for the Left and MSM literally each day he served in Congress. And I'm not just talking the nonsensical sexual harassment charges. McConnell, Trump and others would have had to spend each week fighting them off.

    Not only would Judge Moore have been a punching bag for the opposition, he'd have completely split the Republicans in the House as well as the Senate.

    Like it or not, his defeat helped into the RINO's power weakening, McConnell getting behind Trump, and the MAGA influence slowly taking over the Republican party as the RINO's fade away.

    Moore's legacy to American voters is that combined with the Kavanaugh bullshit, the Democrats exposed themselves to the moderate and Independent voter for the true extremists they are. Next to them, President Trump comes off as a calm Centerist.

    Decides, Alabama is a red state. Jones can continue to be a bachbencher till the next election. Then, as Hawk would say, "he gone".

    - Ken

    1. Don't forget the other factor: Vichy Mitchy and the GOPe endorsed an outright crook named Luther Strange. When the runoff came down to Crook vs Moore, Moore was the only choice. Vichy didn't like that, so he helped the Democrats sabotage Moore.

    2. Some how I think you don't know Judge Moore. He has strong convictions, but he is no fool either. The one thing he was that scares the swamp is NOT FOR SALE.

    3. Too bad they shafted Mo Brooks then.

  11. Please don't feed the troll. I won't mention any names, I'll just let the person remain Anonymous.

    1. Begging suits you, fits you like a glove.

      Always the feeding the troll aspersion casting, from those who are displeased by conversation not in total agreement with their snob boxed opinions. That would be you, mikie.

      FYI: Using the word Please is making a request. A request can be: granted entirely or partially granted or denied.

      Using the word Please as a command line controller is duplicitous, at best.

      And begging, in this instance, is moochery.

    2. Dude, your posts are increasingly incoherent and nonsensical. You think you are incredibly clever when you spew out a random word salad. You are not.
      I would say you are embarassing yourself but it is not possible. You would need some wit and shame to be embarassed.

    3. First came the snob troll aspersion casting, then the snob anger issues aspersin casting, now the snob, aka, prog, casts the kill shot asperion, it's sincere opinion.

      This is what MAGA knows is degenerating our nation's Constitutinal Republic's Greatness.

      This snob shit.

      This delusion of fascist control freak domination craving as reasonableness.

      Bucko, I have looked directly into the eyes of Death, did not blink, and watched as Death winked at me and said, Catch You Later...., in a voice not possible to describe with words.

      You are merely amusing, albeit, feebly so.

    4. Getting back to what Mikey said-

      Don't feed the troll.

      Anybody that has something worth saying can add initials or use a handle; trolls only try to disrupt.

      I just ignore any unsigned rants, even those that at first glance seem to have something worthwhile to say.

    5. So, what you say is:

      1. You choose to ignore by applying your rule of: If the book has a blank cover, you conclude it is not worth reading.

      2. Any comment postings not fully compliant and conforming to your brilliantly thought out standards of worthiness for you to consider reading shall be ignored by your brilliant self.

      3. You offer your awesome wisdom on this to any who, because you have a chosen identifier monicker, will most assuredly be applying your standards in this matter and swallow your advice as if it is sweet nector.

      The choosing to willfully ignore is the essential definition of the ignorant.

      The choosing being your natural birthright, and the nature of your choosings being the definer of your chosen nature.

      Duly noted.

  12. It wasn't the volume, either in quantity of turds flung, nor in vquantity of the volume of the screechings of the turds, it was the snob factor.

    Less than a mere few generations ago, a mother and fatherbof a daughter would have been estactic upon learning of an accomplished, financially sound, early to mid thirty year old prospective son-in-law being intetested in their budding potential spinster with bastard offspring daughter.

    Why, this matching and mating of late teen females to late twenties to early thirties males is entorely the history of the human species gong back to before biblical times. And still is quite common most everywhere upon the surface of the earth to this very moment.

    For those who may now be sputtering within their disturbed minds, But, but, that ain't riiiiiiight!!!!, either you have failed to observe the results of this very recent obsession with serial sexual monogomy being the same as not slutting, OR, you like slutting and want to keep the supply of sluts growing and flowing. More sluts mean more opportunities to slut.

    And the very same snobs poo poo about all these kids without fathers present, yet choose to disapprove and denounce something as actually beneficial to children as having a father both present and capable, being not a horn dogging youngster, and a mother successfully spared the madnesses of youthful, vaginal cravings which demand serial hook-ups, like trying on shoes to see which fits most pleasurably.

    Conservative does not require snobberies.

    Conservative does require honesty.

    Honesty is facing what is true. Not merely what one truly wants to be true.

    A grown man showing interest in a not yet grown younger woman is normal human species survival of behavior.

    Only foolish snobs and duplicitous slut mongers will disapprove.

    1. And if you could translate the above for the English speakers among us, that would be appreciated.

    2. Why do you request what you do not want?

      And then lie about your appreciating, as well as your english speaking capabilities?

      Words have meaning. Words sequenced become sentences, which have meaning.

      If your capability of understanding both the meaning of the word(s), and the meaning of the sentence(s) is inadequate to the task you imply you sincerely are attempting to accomplish, disregard the comment. It appears to be too complicated for you to achieve your stated desire.

    3. ysv rao, what he said is that there is nothing wrong with an older man marrying a younger woman. My father was ten years older than my mom. One of my uncles was thirteen years senior to his bride. A few generations back, my grand fathers were still older than their brides. It was expected by a father that his daughter's suitors would be established men with good jobs, reasonable income, and good character. Then and only then was permission given to marry.
      Now we have kids who have never held a job impregnating girls who they then abandon to society. Children raised with out a father, no discipline, no example of a good work ethic. We as a nation are being crippled by that.

    4. An elegant, succinct, generous showing of mercy.

      In many ways, defined by whichever perspective a given reader chooses to take.

      In other words, precisely.

    5. @JeremyR Thank you. I kind of got the gist but the guy is such an awful writer that it is like wading through sewage to get to the end.

    6. You were shown mercy by the commenter you express gratitude to.

      Then, being a snobbish lad or lass, you just had to be yourself.

      Tsk, tsk, tsk.


      Not everyone is a pre school level reader.

  13. Keeping with the games context, I find it hard to blame the opposing team for playing as hard as they can. When they find that they can get away with bending breaking or skirting the rules I can't really blame them for doing just that.
    What angers me though is when the referee and the announcer make it clear that one team is going to be allowed to cheat with near impunity. Between the liberal judges and the press there is plenty to be angry about. And again, I expect the opponent to play hard and even cheat if they can get away with it. But The courts and the press are supposed to be relatively neutral and they are not. Trump is fixing the courts as fast as he can appoint fair judges. How the hell are we supposed to get a free and fair press?

    1. By not continuing to consider politics as a fucking game, not even in analagous manner such as your comment here.

      To tolerate cheating is to participate in cheating.

      To tolerate, let alone expect AND accept said dishonesties, is to be dishonest yourself.

      The fucking referees are Thee!!!!!!

    2. Yo man, never thought I would see somebody with more curse words per post than me. But I reluctantly give up my crown to you. Been trying to do better (cleaner) in that area lately. Got my seat on The Train in 2015 so I’m bona fide. MAGA.

    3. This anon dude seems to have serious anger issues.

    4. Curse words are merely words most accurate to the subject.

      As Carlin demonstrated so succinctly, in that bit on the wonderfully dominating quantities and various qualities of the base word "fuck", lo these many decades ago, a curse word is as subjective an experience as each reader/listener chooses it to be.

      Intent of meaning is also both in the mind of the expressor and the mind of the receiver of said expression(s).

      The editor is final on this.

      I appear only at the permitting of the editor. Neither editor approval or disapproval, nor agreement or disagreement is to be concluded from the editor permitting posting.

      Truly neutral.

      As in, not at all the msm mutts.

    5. Ah, first the snob troll aspersion castng, then the snob anger issues aspersion casting.


      Craving, since the beginning of time, to convince themselves that their shit only stinks a bit, not anywhere nearly as much as every body else's.



    6. Ah, first the snob troll aspersion castng, then the snob anger issues aspersion casting."

      hahaha Talk about projection. Trust me there is only one wannabe snob here and that is you.

      ALl your posts are really a cringe fest.

    7. And yet......and yet......your subject yourself to perusing what purpose?

      To complain?

      To criticize?

      To virtue signal your open mind?

      To what purpose do you peruse?

      For, as you say, you cannot be reading these comments, since, for you, they are cringingly unreadable!!!!

      You a lazy brain.

      You and your lazy brain require the pablum version of conversation.

      Your version of algebra is a single unknown element, max, or you find yourself lost in the complexities of multiple variables.

      Searching desperately for a simple understanding of even a mildly complex subject hurts your beaner.

      And others are supposed to pity your sloth and simplify the discourse to feed the baby?

      Another commenter did this and explained to you most generously.

      And still you persist in assuming the position of a proud and determined lazy brain?

      Who's on first?

    8. C-4 is easier to get but Semtex would send the right message.

  14. Folks, the Spanish Civil War was a pattern for today. Throw in Maoist red guards here in front of the cameras....well....death squads ain't too far off. China has been prepping for this war for a "long March". If you don't understand the references, history doesn't care.

  15. Roy Moore was a Democrat prosecutor who dated younger women in search for a beautiful young wife whom he married happily.

    Just like Sen. Blumenthal.

    The boot-strapping and echo-chamber is also the Dossier playbook. This is Kavanaugh's Dossier and its just as phony as the last one.

    But it's all these vicious scum have.

  16. Alabama's Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They nominated Moore- choosing him over Mo Brookes- but then failed to support him. They listened to the lies and bad press, when they should have known better. And now the whole country has to suffer because there's a Democrat in Moore's seat. Moore would have supported Trump's agenda. Nothing else should have mattered. Remember this cautionary tale, because the Marxists are going to be using this tactic again, all over the country, from now till November

    1. Brookes lost the first round because he had been starved of resources. You can thank Mitch McConnell, RINO in Chief, for that bit. When it came down to Strange and Moore, there was no choice and Moore won. Moore was then sabotaged by the RINOs as well as the pack of lies told about Moore that Moore didn't have the resources to answer.

      If you wish to blame someone, the voters aren't the ones to blame on this one. Look to the RINOs who are being increasingly marginalized. Even McConnell may have had a spine transplant.

    2. The voters are where the buck stops, being that the voters are where the buck starts, aka, the voters pockets being picked by the actions of those elected/reelected to authority of office that picks the voters' pockets.

      Thus, the voters, while the word blame is too much a perjorative, are the cause of the results of every election.

      It is the voters' obligation to know.

      It is not the voters' obligation to ignore, be conned, bamboozled, fooled, misled, misnformed, and generally scammed into electing/reelecting the very schmucks picking the voters' pockets.

      Pay as much attention to who you vote for as you do to which brand of toilet paper you prefer.

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    1. Now, that was funny.

      Even if you are being serious.

      Why, Thank You!!!!