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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Trump made the USA a safe harbor

Zero Hedge, the blog that loves to throw shade on the economy, had an interesting story, "Hedge Funds Suffer First Quarterly Outflows Since 2016."

People are taking more money out than they are putting in. That's not a good thing, but Zero Hedge put it in perspective.

"Despite investors withdrawing $1.2 billion in capital in Q2 2018, performance has driven hedge fund industry assets under management to a record high of $3.61 trillion as at June 2018," Zero Hedge reported.

The value of stocks rose higher than the draw downs did. In other words, there were enough paper profits to cover the losses.

But the real story is that the United States was immune to this. Our economy bobs along.

Zero Hedge reported, "North America was the only region tracked by Preqin to generate net inflows in Q2 2018: fund managers based in the region attracted an influx of capital totalling $22.0 billion, with 42% of North America-based fund managers witnessing inflows European outflows persisted for the second quarter of 2018, totalling $13.9 billion for the year so far. In addition, only 26% of Europe-based funds recorded inflows during Q2, while 62% were subject to net outflows. Asia-Pacific and Rest of World regions also recorded outflows amounting to $2.9 billion and $16.2 billion respectively."

So while the rest of the world's hedge funds suffered an outflow of $23.2 billion, North American hedge funds enjoyed an inflow of $22 billion.

And by North America, we mean the United States. Our economy is $20 trillion strong. Canada and Mexico combine for $2.5 trillion.

The world seems to be having a slight recession, China in particular.

The United States goes rolling along.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is working.

So are Americans. Unemployment is below 4% for only the third time in my adulthood, and I'm 65.


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  1. MAGA proves the value of MAGA.

    MAGA does.

    All else babbles.

    The dwindling megaphone of msm shall, as MAGA continues to do, grow ever more a distant bleetings of shorn sheep. Soon to be lamb chops.

  2. This isn't a complaint, just an observation...

    Sorry. When I read your blog post, Don, I heard the trombone sound of adult-speak in the Charlie Brown tv specials.
    Even tried reading it more than once.
    Maybe the seventh or tenth time will be a charm.

    1. So, you share an observation about yourself, and, of course, that cannot be as a criticism.

      Are you mimicking obama?

    2. I think Dan might have meant that as a humorous compliment. Because Don Surber always sounds like the adult in the room, you see.

    3. Perhaps.

      But.....was he mimicking obama?

    4. Nope. Just expressing my inability to comprehend.

    5. (Cue: Sad Trombone; Tune: Nobody Knows the Troubles Dan's Seen......)

  3. Zero Hedge is consistent, year in and year out, on yelling that the economy is about to tank and throw the world into a depression.