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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Trump is making Red China the pariah

President Trump is leading a backlash against Red China. The United States pushed back against Chinese investments, citing national security concerns.

Other nations are following his lead.

The South China Morning News reported, "As the United States grew more hostile toward Chinese investment in the country this year by blocking a handful of high-profile deals, many investors and advisers were confident China would find opportunities elsewhere.

"That confidence has proven premature.

"In recent months, Germany, France, Britain, the European Union, Australia, Japan and Canada have all joined an unprecedented global backlash against Chinese capital, citing national security concerns. Dealmakers now wonder whether this dynamic will run its course or should be taken as a new normal."

There is this thing in business called trust which you need in order to make a deal.

Red China has about as much credibility as CNN.

I can understand Japan being concerned, but Canada? But Justin Trudeau's government just said no to the sale of a construction company to Red China.

The newspaper is concerned, reporting, "China’s outbound direct investment dropped globally for the first time since 2002, to $124.6 billion, from a peak of $196.15 billion as recently as 2016, according to data compiled by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development."

That is a huge drop-off. Countries are telling Red China your money is no good here.

The newspaper reported, "The resistance comes as U.S. complaints about China — and its insistence that China was using investments to acquire critical infrastructure technologies — grow louder."

That is President Trump's doing.

He leads. He has picked up the mantle of Leader of the Free World that Obama ditched, and has shown the world that we don't have to take it.

The newspaper reported, "The drop in Chinese investment in the U.S. has been severe. In the first half of this year, Chinese companies invested just $1.8 billion, a plunge of more than 90 percent from the year earlier and the lowest level in seven years, according to investment consultancy Rhodium Group."

Under Bush 43 and Obama, Red China had free rein to undermine our economy.

That ended when we elected Donald John Trump as our president on November 8, 2016.


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  1. China's investing in south Africa and Venezuela -what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Commies, too.

      The only ones who will have them.

  2. China is a major investor in the movie industry. Combine that with the censorship of the big social media companies, Google in particular is in bed with the Chinese, the U.S. is being attacked by Communist (Progressive/Leftist) propaganda everywhere we turn. - Elric

    1. Even world-famous movie stars are feeling the censor's hand in China. I've been a fan of Li BingBing (aka Fan BingBing) since I saw her in "Forbidden Kingdom" (2008) with Jackie Chan; she has also starred in one of the X-Men films.

      Now she's gone missing: no one has heard from her on social media or seen her anywhere.

      There's fear that she has somehow not earned enough "points" on China's new Social Credit System, where every one of its citizens is rated with a numerical rating system based on their financial standing, criminal record and social media behavior.

      With Google, Facebook and Twitter rating each of us, I wonder how long until we also have such a system.

      Maybe we already do; several people have already been stricken from social media, haven't they; you or I might be next!

  3. Now this is a lovely bunch of coconuts.

    World class communists investing in communist cousin countries.

    Why, it's almost as if this is what a world class communist regime should have been doing all along.

    Sharing their communist produced wealth with other like minded communist cousin countries.

    Why, perchance, did it take a Trump Presidency to get this communist balls rolling?

    He Schlonged them.

    That got them to get woke.

    Offers of appreciative gratitude from all those cousin communist countries, now being included in the premier communist country's sharing of their communist wealth, shal reliably be arriving on Our President's desk anytime now........

    Or they could just tweet him their thank you's......

    1. Those cousins are in worse shape than the Reds.

      They're going to be expected to be Welfare Daddy. Guess who loses?

  4. That is President Trump's doing. He leads.

    As Abe said of Hiram, “I can't spare this man; he fights.”

  5. Both political parties shared technology with China (missle, computing, superconductors, nuclear warheads).

    Bill Clinton took Chinese money for his reelection. W closed the last factory for high end magnets used in computers and misskes. They went to China. We allowed Chinese national companies, using an US front, to buy out smaller companies making these magnets. It started under Clinton and was final under Bush.

    China makes what Japan tried in the 1980s look like child's play.

  6. Weird. Less than a year ago, this was a good thing.

    Don Surber said so.

    1. So, uhh, one cannot change or modify stances depending on the situation?

      It is a good thing for places like W Virginia to get more jobs via Chinese investment as the link from earlier demonstrates.

      However, it is not good if they steal technology and, in essence, abuse the US and the deal.

    2. Another nonsense bit of only half of this commenter's ass.

      Let us present the other half, of this commenter's ass:

      The thieves of china "investing" a portion of their harvestngs from the U.S. of A. back into the American economy is a good thing. That was Then.

      This is Now: the thieves of china will be leaving much of their harvestings here, as, if they choose to sell their American assets so acquired in the past, they will be doing so in a Buyer's Market. Why?

      President Trump is Schlonging them.

      So, the omitted half of the original commenter's ass is revealed.

      Fugly, indeed, as it be.