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Sunday, September 23, 2018

This year's Cindy Sheehan

She may be a Ford but the woman lying about Judge Brett Kavanaugh is this year's model of Cindy Sheehan.

Remember when they pretended to care about Cindy Sheehan? "Absolute moral authority."

Ah yes. Miss Sheehan. She camped outside President Bush 43's ranch in the summer of 2005, a gift to bored reporters who traveled to the president's rustic home in the middle of nowhere in Crawford, Texas, population less than Poca, West Virginia.

(Note to Mike Pence: Don't come to Poca for your White House retreat. We have to travel to Nitro or Eleanor for some excitement at Dairy Queen.)

Sheehan's son, Specialist Casey Sheehan died on April 4, 2004, while rescuing soldiers in Iraq. He had volunteered for the mission. He received a Bronze Star.

His mother protested the war. Columnist Maureen Dowd awarded her "absolute moral authority" because she was a Gold Star mother. While certainly we should respect her, other Gold Star mothers supported the war.

Gradually the left lost interest in Cindy Sheehan. Her absolute moral authority ended with her arrest in 2010 for protesting the Obama administration's war efforts. She later called the killing of Osama bin Laden a hoax. She ran for and lost the Socialist Party USA's vice presidential nomination.

Sandra Fluke fared little better. She became a heroine of liberals and journalists in 2012 when Republicans refused to let her testify to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about free contraception for women. Rush Limbaugh called her a slut several times, which gave her a brief moment in the sun.

Fluke was hardly poor. At the time she was a law student Georgetown, having graduated from Cornell after majoring in policy analysis and management, as well as feminist, gender and sexuality studies, the latter being navel gazing below the belly button.

Two years after trying to testify, Fluke ran for the state Senate representing West Hollywood. Fellow attorney and Democrat Ben Allen defeated her by 22 points. By that time the fame had worn off from being called a slut by Limbaugh.

The Jersey Girls predated them in 2004, and actually accomplished something.

Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Lorie Van Auken, and Mindy Kleinberg lost husbands in 9/11 and lobbied to establish the 9/11 Commission.

Unfortunately, it became the CYA commission highlighted by Clinton national security flunky Sandy Berger shoving incriminating documents in his pants and socks. Later, he destroyed the evidence. Years later, he apologized and surrendered his law license. The government never prosecuted him.

And by government, I mean the bipartisan swamp.

The Democratic convention of 2016 featured many grieving parents. The fact that their grief came under a Democratic president seemed lost in the media.

"Among the sainted moms of the Black Lives Matter movement who will speak on Hillary Clinton's behalf are Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; and Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland," Michelle Malkin wrote at the time.

"Each of these cases lumped under supposedly unjustified gun violence and systemic racism is complicated and distinct. For starters, Bland hanged herself when her friends and family wouldn't bail her out of jail after she had kicked a police officer. Two of the children involved in police shootings (Brown and Hamilton) had assaulted cops during their fatal encounters."

Where are all these women now? Democrats don't care. Socialists view people as tissues to be used and discarded.


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  1. Sheehan had even been flown to Venezuela to rally with their communist dictator.

    She continued her protests in earnest when Sotero became president, but the media immediately shut her down.

    I disagree Don. The democrats don’t use these women like tissues. They use them like toilet paper.

  2. That Ford is an Edsel.

    Wish I had thought of that, but didn't.

  3. In all honesty, the comparison is unfair ... to Cindy Sheehan. She lost her son in a war. This may have driven her over the edge, but it's forgiveable given the root cause. And Ms. Sheehan was legitimately anti-war and not merely a partisan hack. Compare/contrast with leftist college professor Ford who is behaving as a partisan hack.

    Again, Sheehan lost her son. Ford claims that a drunk boy tried to kiss her at a party when she was a teenager, resulting in almost 40 years of trauma and the need to totally suspend the presumption of innocence. Ford is not even this year's Anita Hill, as at least Ms. Hill put herself out there to answer questions about her allegations.

    Ford is this year's Crystal Mangum. Totally and completely.

    1. I think the point was Sheehan was sincere but was used by the liberals and then discarded after Sotero became president.

    2. Did Sheehan raise her son? I know the parents divorced and the Dad remarried. They were proud of the son but were ignored by the media.
      Who had custody?

  4. Speaking of the Swamp, Obama and Clapper gave National Intelligence Medals to British Spy Chief Robert Hannigan and Australian Spy Chief Paul Taloni for wiretapping Donald Trump.

    No wonder the Brits and Aussies objected to Declassification. It wasn't just about Christopher Steele and Amb. Downer. They would have had access to the NSA files--but, then, who didn't?

    Obama used the British and Australian intelligence agencies so there would be no record of him ordering American agencies to break the law. Then he paid them off with medals on the way out the door.

    You know, the Way the Founders Intended(tm).

    Major Andre was just ahead of his time.

    1. Naive as I am, I query:

      How fucking feckless do the british and australians, cousins in the most literal sense, have to be before being defined as truly foreign countries to America?

      As foreign as, say, most countries never having had any form of government closely resembling even a feeble democracy?

      Why, it is almost like these two countries are wanna be russians.

    2. 'Why, it is almost like these two countries are wanna be russians.'
      I won't speak for the Brits, but most of our leaders here in The Great South Land are more likely to aspire to Merkel status.

  5. Don, I think you were reading my mind today. I have been angry at Ford for a week, but then in the last day or so I have come to see how she is being used by the cynical left.

    Once she has served her purpose, I shudder to think what will become of her. I hope this is wrong, but what percolates through the press coverage is the image of an unstable woman who may have had substance abuse or other issues over the years.

    When the notoriety ebbs away, as it inevitably will, what will the effect on that unstable person be?

    Some of us may be sorry for her, but it most certainly won't be the people who milked her story for what it is worth.

    1. Sympathize with pre puberty cancer victims.

      This individual has earned, at best, pity.

      And that presumes her to be effectively mentally damaged, not just a duplicitous, vindictive, opportunistic, aging bitch, like the hillary, only sans hillary's total cuntness.

  6. Interesting that six of the seven moms cited in the Black Lives Matter group, did not share the same last name as their sons. I have often stated that 'black lives' will only truly matter when young black men care enough about their children to marry their mothers and stay to support and raise them.

    1. It's a cultural tradition now.

      Embracing the instinctive behaviors of some of the lower species.

      Fuck it, impregnate it, forget it, move on to the next it.

      On the birthing side, crave it, get it, push it out, collect on it, repeat.

      The difference between the lower, animal species and this, not at all limited to any given racial category, cultural mutation is that the lower animal species actually can't not earn their daily meat. Thus, their multitude of offspring do not die in greater percentage than survive to continue the tradition.

  7. The expected 2nd accuser was revealed tonight.

    Creepy Porn Lawyer client.

    The US Congress is not CNN. America is not one big college campus.


    1. Not the Creepy Porn Lawyer Client. Avenatti claims he has a third woman on the hook. Kavanaugh is through. His nomination is DOA. It doesn't matter whether the accusations are true or false. His reputation is now a complete mess. He'll be lucky if he can resume his seat on the DC bench. Trump should have nominated a woman after having named Gorsuch. Trump's luck has finally run out. Blue wave coming in November. Get your life jackets on.

    2. Having a boring time tonight?

      Cut that first wet fart of the evening and that familiar sensation inspired this posting?

      Or just feeling isolated and yearning for the proper quantity of attention you crave?

      Is that you, chrissy?

    3. "It doesn't matter whether the accusations are true or false. His reputation is now a complete mess."

      I see.

      Tar and feather him, huh?

      Even before this Michael Moore knew the Dems would "get our asses kicked" in November. The party of slavery has exposed itself.

      The Dems tank everywhere at record levels in November.

      Thanks, Obama!

  8. Why is Ford being kept incognito? Why is she never seen in person?

    One can’t help but suspect that her lawyer considers her too twitchy or crazy-eyed to appear in public before the cameras.

    Of course, there’s a simple way to disprove this.

  9. She's a wrath.

    Only Bilbo or Frodo can see her.

    The nasty burden of the pure of heart.

  10. After Kavanaugh is confirmed, Trump will have one to three more additional SCOTUS vacancies to fill. The Dems have proven their unworthiness to participate in a traditional confirmation process. The next Trump Justices should be confirmed by a simple up or down vote. No more "hearings" consisting of grandstanding by retarded Dem Senators. No more fraudulent witnesses. No freakshow demonstrators. Just a vote.

  11. I say again: Just vote, baby. Just vote.

  12. "(Note to Mike Pence: Don't come to Poca for your White House retreat. We have to travel to Nitro or Eleanor for some excitement at Dairy Queen.)"

    I can attest to that true fact. I lived in Poca for 5 years, starting back in 2000. After a few months there, my family and I were craving some hamburgers and drove to Nitro Dairy Queen to load up. Except they didn't serve burgers. At all. Color me shocked. Every DQ in Texas serves up the best local burgers around, and in West-by-God-Virginia, just ice cream and occasionally a hot dog. Dang.

  13. Note the contrast to Trump who maintains contact with Sabine Durbin and the other Angel Moms/Dads.