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Thursday, September 20, 2018

This year's Boo!


  1. Actually, we're not all white on the inside.

    About 25 years ago, there was a T-shirt much in evidence among young blacks.

    It said, "Marcus, Martin, Malcolm, and Me. It's a black thing. You wouldn't understand".

    Moses, Madison, Monroe, Magellan, Monet, Michelangelo, Marshall (George), MacArthur, Miltiades, Mill, Mozart, and that's only the Ms


    Aesop, Aristotle (you get the idea)


  2. Probably posted by Dianne Feinstein.


  3. WTF?? Who writes this low IQ shit??

    1. Some genius did.

      Nobody is going to reason a leftard out of the completely unreasonable positions he holds. So do like Mel Gibson did to the jumper on the ledge in the first Lethal Weapon movie. Cuff yourself to him and make the leap.

  4. You know, inside the long legs bones are the marrow cells, so actually I guess we’re all Red on the inside.

    That’s REALLY gotta gravel the Democrats.

  5. Color matters not.
    Culture matters.

  6. Color matters not to me. I despise people who are lazy. I despise people who drink too much, do drugs,lie,steal, prostitute themselves or others,abuse women or children and other such behaviour. If you want that for your cultural identity,y yo are a fool.

  7. I'm multi racial and show it. I get darker than Cory Booker mowing my lawn. The left's association with skin color is as old as
    the KKK. Yes, bones are white, who really gives a Dam' . Every time I have some lib wanting to figgure out what I am as in category, or class I want to simply punch them..
    My family put up with the KKK in Oregon when they cam here from the south Granma was a Cherokee.-Granpa it turns out, may have been also- I just am in the process of discovery- at least part.The KKK were held at bay by Granma's 12ga and herd of border collies.TG

    1. One other thing.
      The KKK is exactly the same as Antifa
      except Antifa doesn't have to wash the sheets..
      Or themselves.

    2. Boy, this site really needs a thumbs up or like button.

      5* to you.

  8. Joining in the fun of Halloween is USA Today: "Sexy 'Handmaid's Tale' Halloween costume sparks outrage."

    The snowflakes are all melting down at the thought that a Handmaid's Tale costume could be made sexy, and worn by other than blue-haired land whales.

    I guess they're already in that distopian fictional future where women can't wear what they want, but have to obey their masters; and those masters certainly have no sense of humor, and don't like sexy women!

  9. I guess I never really questioned why they only used white people's skeletons. Perhaps it's harder to see black people's bones?