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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Beijing panic

Red China's economy is tanking. President Trump's imposition of tariffs and his promise to lay even heavier tariffs on Red China are taking a toll.

Even the New York Times noticed, running a story, "China Once Looked Tough on Trade. Now Its Options Are Dwindling."

Excuse me while I laugh.

You see, Red China's communist leaders for years thought that our trade deficit put us at their mercy.

But President Trump is a businessman. He realized they are addicted to a trade surplus. Losing us as a customer would tank their economy.

They started out trying to match us on tariffs. We would stop buying some of their stuff, they would stop buying some of our stuff.

But quickly, they ran out of things to stop buying, while our list went on and on.

"President Trump imposed tariffs in July on $34 billion in Chinese goods. China matched them dollar for dollar with its own," the Times reported.

"Then he hit an additional $16 billion in goods in August. China matched that, too.

"Now, Mr. Trump has made his biggest move yet, announcing 10 percent tariffs starting in a week on $200 billion a year of Chinese goods. But this time, China can’t match them all — and that crystallizes a growing problem for Beijing."

Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda, a trade specialist at UCLA, told the Times, China's communist leaders are confused.

"They don’t know what to do. They worry that the tit-for-tat model is playing into Trump’s hands," the Times reported.

In the strip joint/tattoo parlor of life, President Trump has more tits than they have tats.

Paragraph 8 admitted it, "China does not import nearly enough from the United States to target $200 billion in American goods — let alone the additional $267 billion in Chinese goods that Mr. Trump has threatened to tax."

We have been told by the globalists that nobody wins a trade war. I say, only if that nobody is named Donald John Trump.

And the Times reported, "The tariffs may be here to stay. Mr. Trump is suffering from weak approval ratings and could lose influence in congressional elections in November. Democrats have opposed most of his agenda, but many have supported his attacks on trade with China. Even if Mr. Trump leaves office in two years, there is little guarantee that his China trade policies will be changed."

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported, The "Shanghai [stock index] closed at 2651.79, its lowest since November 2014."

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 26,405.76 -- less than 1% under its record high set in January.

We once made America great without Red China. We can do that again.


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  1. Read today that an adviser recommended to the Chinese government to prepare for a 10 year trade war.

    Americans are learning that goods produced here are of higher quality and don't cost anymore once the payoffs to politicians here and around the world via the CoC are not needed.

  2. I've worked for firms that either bought Chinese-made goods or had their own factories in China. They found it intensely frustrating. Without their own people there to oversee the process, quality control was non-existent.
    But who would be surprised that Chinese producers rip off their foreign buyers? Ten years ago the dairy companies were busted adding melamine to the milk that China's own children were drinking.

    1. More important is the ONE-WAY trade model with manufacturing anything in China - 51% of the business is owned my Chairman Mao's government. They demand we pay 100% for the product before it is loaded on the ship/aircraft. Here, a supplier does not get paid for 30 / 45 days ( "Net 30 terms") and if the product is not the quality / specs requested, they don't get paid... China junk gets here, too bad, so sad for the American company as they already paid for it. THEN, there is what happens if the container falls of the ship, or is flooded with sea water..

  3. So Apple products were excluded from the latest rounds of tariffs Trump imposed on China. Didn't Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, have a private dinner with Trump very recently? I wonder what they talked about. Was it anything like the private meeting Loretta Lynch held with Bill Clinton in her airplane on that out-of-the-way tarmac? Did PDJT give Tim Cook a heads-up? Hmmm. It's 👌by me, I'm just wondering, that's all.

    1. Our President: Sit down. Relax. You got a chance, here, to not be Schlonged.

      Timmy: Uhhhhhhh......

      Our President: Yep. You get the picture. Have a wine spritzer, you look a bit, uh, queezy....

      Timmy: Uhhhhhhh.....

      Our President: Okay. Now that that's settled.....

      Timmy: Uhhhhhhhh.......

      Our President: So, Timothy, how they hanging?

      Timmy: Duh.......

      Our President: Yeah. Thought so.

      (Fade to Orange Glow......)

    2. Trump is holding an ace card back: "China has said that it will retaliate dollar for dollar with tariffs on US products imported into China. Trump has threatened that, if this happens, tariffs will be extended to almost every product imported from the country – including iPhones.

      China has also threatened to completely block the sale of Chinese components to US-owned companies, which could potentially see iPhone production halted once supplies run dry.
      Apple’s reliance on Chinese suppliers would make it extremely challenging to source alternative components from other countries."

    3. 20, 2018 at 2:48 PM

      IF Chairman Mao's government blocks all sales of iPhone components to Apple, then Tim Cook should be fired - The US Auto industry learned the hard way not to "single source" any component. This is "manufacturing 101"...

  4. We may even see a free China in our lifetime.

    In the strip joint/tattoo parlor of life, President Trump has more tits than they have tats.

    Nifty. Right up there with, "just like my wife, short and sweet".

    No relation to Noel Coward?

    1. lol


      China has had thousands of years of infighting between hundreds of groups of people. It is because of a strong tyrannical government that it is relatively at peace with itself today. Lots going on there that we don't know about.

      Please do not put American values on other countries. The closest that comes to us is Israel, and they have lots of disagreement within their borders. With all due respect to Bernie, Norwegians are pretty much neutered. Not much fighting within, but appears to have more alcoholics per capita then any country on earth.

  5. The Chinese don’t innovate. They make for others and then steal designs to make copies. Low cost is the objective. There are other low cost countries besides them, and they may be less corrupt. Their economy must support over a billion people. They must either comply with our demands or they will collapse. They may collapse even if they do comply.

  6. Circa 1980's:

    Buy American bumper sticker on my '66 Ford F250.

    Bought Estwing hammer: $27.

    Passed on china made hammer: $3

    Am still driving nails with that hammer.

    1. China attracted consumers with Cheap.

    2. Short sighted, aka, greedy, jumped onto the cheap train and imported cheap while exporting decent waged jobs.

    3. Unemployed compelled, by the juggernaut of continued living, to buy cheap china stuff. The slippery slope.

    4. The graft gangs, democrat and repubs alike, keep the cheap train rolling.

    5. Several generations are produced, American citizen, Lawful immigrant and illegal invaders alike, and cheap train continues to roll; over all working Americans.

    6. The blessing of the obamanation brings to the forefront, with the lovely internet's newly enabled commnication explosion, the feckless natures of the previous several decades of the cheap train's heinous effects upon America.

    7. And then....... Viola!!!! MAGA!!!!

    The begining of the ending of the raping of America.

    Sorry, china, only the free get to be MAGA.

    1. Buy cheap, buy it again sooner with inferior capability and performance.

    2. This sounds like a recomendation for wife shopping.......or at least girlfriend with benefits.......

      I hesitate to ponder further......

  7. Reagan: I defeated the Soviet Union!
    Trump: Hold my Diet Coke...

  8. "...Red China's communist leaders for years thought that our trade deficit put us at their mercy."

    If you owe the bank $10,000 and can't repay, you have a problem.

    If you owe the bank $10 million dollars and can't repay, the bank has a problem.

    China has a problem.

    -- Katydid

  9. Wal-mart had a buy American program from the mid 80s until the early 90s. Not everything was made in the USA, but lots of stuff was.
    When Sam died, that program seemed to die as well.

    1. That was a premature attempt to fake concern for the American worker. A classic bait and switch play.

      Without the eager influx importations of cheap china, this entire past few decades of vampiring the American economy could not have occured.

      Our President is merely removing the leeches, as tedious a task as this is, by the elegant means of impeding the continuation of their vampirings and inducing the reversing of the flow.

      Mathematically balanced trade is a wonder to behold.

      China sucked too much for too long, with the enthusiastic participation of both grafting political party prevaricators.

      Our President is the Vampire Slayer.

  10. There was a scary quote in "Fear" where Gary Cohn tells Trump that China made 96.6% of the antibiotics used in the US. We don't even make penicillin? That kinda brought me up, esp since I'm getting surgery here shortly. If true then we may be paying a lot more if we buy from third party countries.

  11. Can you possibly be more confusing?

    If you threw in multiple typos, you might actually make more sense.

  12. There's an old econ saying: If you owe a bank a million bucks, you have a problem. If you owe a billion bucks ... the bank has a problem. (All the Japanese banks have had "a problem" since the Tokyo real estate bomb dropped in '89...)

    The Chinese have been dumping and protecting their workers, using exports to the US as an employment strategy. They are production addicts -- but who will buy, if not Americans?

    Trump has declared a desire for Free Trade -- China can end the "trade war" by going for Free Trade.

    It's my guess that there will be much lower Chinese tariffs by next year. Trump, and America ... and even China, all gaining, but more fairly.

  13. Why are we worried about a trade war with China?

    Too much stuff, includung military/police gear and uniforms come from there.

    What happens if we get into an extended shooting war with China?

    What if we have to defend Taiwan or take back the old Long Beach shipping yard/navy base?

    What if China blockades the Panama Canal, throws the US Navy out of the China Sea?

    It is only theory that economic ties prevent war.

  14. So, we continue to bend over, cheeks spread wide, and take it?

    So, we do what, to soothe your concerns and worries?

    Too much stuff from china, you say?

    And how did this come to be?

    Fucking Grafting politicians.

    An extended shooting war?

    WTF are you tripping on, meth?

    Economic ties are your theoretical only preventative of war?

    Again, WTF are you mainlining?

    Feckless, traitorous politicians, and their feckless grafting pals are what leads to armed conflict.

    Worry all you please, bubba, as the market rises, employments blossom and the MAGA train rolls right over the feckless.

    That china stuff, being what enriches the bitches specified above, can sit in china warehouses and gather china dust.

    The sky may be falling for the feckless, but MAGA Americans don't give a fuck.

    1. And your problem is what?

      My reply in no way states what you say it does.

      Some are freaking out over trade. I assert there should be no worries over that

      BECAUSE ...

      if we do get into a war with China, trade is null and void in the first place.

      Thus, don't worry about a trade war.


    2. And, you see, as if by magic, you clarify.

      The perils of using question marked sentences is presuming all readers are thinking their thoughts substantially as you are thinking your thoughts.

      That is echo chamber presuming.

      Unless your original purpose was to induce a response which would present you with the opportunity to clarify, specify and define clearly your meaning.

      Our President keeps things frisky by utilizing every aspect of communicating to coax out clarity frm even the most stubborn prevaricators.

      A Maestro of drawing out the authentic natures and intentions of anyone.

      All we have to do is:

      Vote MAGA.

      Vote as close to MAGA as possible.

      See the pro politicians for the scheming, steaming, Grafter creatures they are.

      No matter what, we now have the opportunity to reject the Grafters' games, played with their cohorts as greedy as Grafters are, and begn the sincere striving to MAGA, aka, restore our Nation to the Original Intended Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States, Of the People, By the People and For the People.

      New century = We Decide. We Define. We Determine. Americans All.